Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 314 - Appearance of the Opportunity, Sacred Spirit Transformation  

Chapter 314: Appearance of the Opportunity, Sacred Spirit Transformation

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At this moment, the Hera ghost puppet was the only one in the magic formation used to trap the ghost puppets.

Romo’s eyes became even gloomier.

The group of ghostly puppets that had besieged Freddy earlier had arrived!

Seeing that it was another large group of ghost puppets, the gray-haired old man’s expression turned ugly. He could not help but advise, “Senior, why don’t we leave first…”

Romo had also sensed a large group of ghost puppets coming from behind. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he casually waved a cluster of black Soul-Devouring Nether Flame behind him. After the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame left his palm, it immediately turned into a large piece of black Soul-Devouring Nether Flame in the shape of a fan. Then, he swept it gently at the large group of ghost puppets chasing after him!

In just an instant, the large group of ghostly puppets that had pounced on them from behind were reduced to nothingness by the black Soul-Devouring Nether Flame!!

—Strange Sacred Flame, Soul-Devouring Nether Flame!!

The gray-robed old man was dumbfounded. He watched this scene in horror, his eyes almost popping out!

Even Corsia was shocked. She stared in shock at the strange black flames that were rapidly dissipating.

“What kind of magical secret technique is that?!”

Just when the gray-haired old man and Corsia were extremely shocked, Romo suddenly raised his eyebrows, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

The Soul-Devouring Nether Flame was also the strongest trump card that Romo, as a soul, had. He had not used this trump card this time when he entered the mystic realm of the Lost Spirit Sea.

Just now, he had been momentarily irritated, so he casually threw it out. In the end, it had brought him an unexpected turn of events!

This discovery was extremely important to him, who urgently needed to resolve the restraining curse!!

Romo looked up to the left. There was a ghost puppet, which had not caught up with the main group earlier, flying toward them.

Romo raised his hand, and a cluster of the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame jumped happily in his right palm. As he willed it, it shot out. The ghost puppet which was charging over at great speed paused slightly, and it actually revealed an indescribable fear. The ghost puppet immediately wanted to dodge, but…

The Soul-Devouring Nether Flame was extremely fast. In an instant, it landed on the ghost puppet and suddenly expanded, instantly enveloping it completely!

Unlike the previous time, the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame did not instantly devour the ghost puppet. Instead, it only enveloped its surface.

The ghost puppet, which was wrapped in it, seemed to have a pause button pressed down. It did not dare to move at all. Apart from this, there was no other abnormal reaction, including self-destruction!

The ghost puppet did not self-destruct!!

At this moment, a trace of black Soul-Devouring Nether Flame, so faint that it was difficult to see with the naked eye, seeped into the body of the ghost puppet and went straight into the depths of its soul. It wrapped around the deeply hidden seal imprint, preventing the seal from issuing the order to self-destruct!

Romo was instantly overjoyed!!

After carefully confirming that he had not missed anything, he ignored the guinea pig and looked at the Hera ghost puppet in the magic formation. He was decisive.

A cluster of Soul-Devouring Nether Flame shot out and subdued the ghost puppet of Hera’s incarnation in an instant, just like earlier!

Romo flew down and landed in front of the Hera ghost puppet. He looked at the motionless puppet wrapped in the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame with a grave expression.

Although he had successfully restrained her, he still did not know the method to save her. He probably had to find the person who had been controlling the ghost puppets to self-destruct…

[Ding! Found the soul of the family clan’s old ancestor. It can be transformed into the family clan’s Ancestral Sacred Spirit. Do you want to transform it?]

[This transformation will consume a million Faith Points.]

As Romo was thinking, the System notifications suddenly sounded in his consciousness. He was a little stunned when he heard the contents.

The soul of the old ancestor of the family clan?! The Ancestral Sacred Spirit of the family clan?!

In the next moment, Romo immediately reacted.

The ghost puppet in front of him was Hera! Like him, Hera was the original old ancestor of the family!

Moreover, the System had a way to turn Hera’s soul into the Ancestral Sacred Spirit!

This meant that… Hera could also become an existence like Romo!!

Romo was overjoyed and confirmed in his heart, “Transform!”

[Command Confirmation: Consumed 1,000,000 Faith Points. Transforming into Ancestral Sacred Spirit…]

Romo had not used his Faith Points much recently. At this moment, he had already saved 1.6 million Faith Points. He was already overjoyed that he could turn his late wife into a special existence like him. He did not care about the price.

He could save up Faith Points again if he ran out. If his wife was gone, then everything would be gone!

At the very least, he could afford this price!

As the System’s transformation process advanced, the energy, which only Romo could sense appeared again, enveloped Hera in the Soul-Devouring Nether Flame!

In the next moment, the thick black fumes that had wrapped around Hera quickly dissipated, and even the surface of her body started to melt and peel off, turning into black fumes and dissipating…

Looking nervously at Hera, who was being transformed, countless scenes suddenly flashed before Romo’s eyes.

The first scene was of her being torn apart by a giant beast at the periphery of the Lost Spirit Sea…

Then, in the endless darkness, countless souls fought with each other. It was like nurturing parasites, and “he” was swept into it. He had no choice but to fight with his life on the line. One by one, the souls dissipated, and “he” who was still alive became more and more…

The endless battle continued for an unknown period of time. Suddenly, a powerful force appeared, and a black shadow flashed past…

“Sister Hera!!”

The surprised cry brought Romo back to reality. In surprise, he looked ahead and saw that the original human-ghost puppet had disappeared. What appeared in front of him was his slender and beautiful dead wife in a long dress—Hera!

Under the unknown effect of the System, the mutation in Hera’s body was directly dissolved, and she returned to her original soul form!!

However, his wife’s originally lively eyes were a little dazed…

She did not react to Romo and Corsia who exclaimed in surprise.

In the next second, Hera’s figure slowly disappeared before their eyes.

At the same time, in the ancestral hall of the Nicholas family, a new tablet suddenly appeared beside Romo’s tablet at the head of the table. On it was engraved the Sacred Tablet of Hera, the old ancestor of the Nicholas family clan!

Hera’s soul had successfully resided in this Sacred Spirit tablet with the help of the System!

[Transformation into the Ancestral Sacred Spirit has been successfully completed.]

[First name: Hera Nicholas]

[Gender: Female. Identity: Family Clan’s old ancestor.]

[Status: Sacred Spirit (Special)]

[Magical Power Level: Level 2 Divine Realm]

[Overall Talent: Advanced (Details). Personal Luck: High Intermediate.]

[Life Experience: (details)]

A series of System notifications sounded. Romo was happy and relieved. This was great!

However, Romo then used his divine sense to probe into Hera’s Sacred Spirit tablet. When he probed Hera’s soul again, there was no response.

It was like a sleeping person that could not be woken up no matter what.

Romo became nervous. He called the System in his heart, but he did not hear any response from the System notification.

“Romo? Where’s Sister Hera?! Did you do this?”

Corsia’s series of questions sounded beside him. He quickly turned around and saw that the other party’s face was full of doubts and worry.

Romo had used the System to save Hera in just a few seconds. At this moment, Corsia was naturally uncertain.

Romo smiled at her and said, “Don’t be nervous. Hera is already in a very safe place…”


Before he could finish, a loud cry sounded. Romo’s expression froze, and he immediately looked up into the distance!

This instant earth-shaking tremor almost spread throughout the entire mystic realm space. The entire Laha Island suddenly shook violently, and the towering withered tree in the center of the island collapsed!

After a shocking explosion at the base of the withered tree, a beam of green light shot into the sky!

In the green light, there was an indescribably powerful aura!!

Even Romo could not help but be shocked. “Heavenly Divine Realm!!”

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