Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Family Predicament

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Romo immediately used the Ancestral Protection Talisman on little Arthur. He was now the treasure of his family and had to be protected.

Upon using it, the Ancestral Protection Talisman turned into an invisible golden light and entered little Arthur’s body. If he were to run into danger, the talisman would come into action.

“Discounted items are so sweet. System, will there be discounted merchandise for sale each time the entire clan worships the ancestors?”

[Certainly not. Discounted items are only sold once a month. It will be useless, host, even if your entire clan worships the ancestors daily.] The System immediately saw through Romo’s thoughts and refuted him callously.

In the main hall of the Nicholas family clan.

“What? Someone has wanted to harm our Nicholas family? Who is it? Is this the Grimm family or the Campbell family?”

A middle-aged man said angrily. His name was Zoro Nicholas, the eldest son of the family head Norton. He was in charge of the most profitable family tea business. He was not at home last night, so when he heard Norton telling him about what happened last night, he immediately said this indignantly.

The Grimm family and the Campbell family were the two large family clans in Winterfrost. They were local family clans in Winterfrost with extensive influence, and were much stronger than the Nicholas family clan. As the Nicholas family clan were not locals, the two family clans had not been friendly to them. Therefore, when Zoro heard about the incident, his first reaction was that the two family clans were behind it.

Norton did not say anything, but the other person, a blonde woman said, “That would not have been the case. Such an obscure luck-plundering attack can only be cast by someone with at least the magical power of a Great Archmage. How could the two family clans have such powers in existence? Otherwise, they wouldn’t have stayed in Winterfrost.”

This blonde woman was Sonia Nicholas. She was Norton’s second child and had been smart since young. Although she was a woman, she was better than Zoro in strength and also in business. Even her husband was a live-in son-in-law. Norton often lamented how good it would be if Sonia was a man, then he could hand over the family head position directly to Sonia, and he would be able to enjoy his time behind the scenes leisurely.

“What? Great Archmage? Why would such a powerful person make things difficult for us? Would such a person come again to make trouble for us?” Zoro said worriedly, upon hearing Sonia’s words.

If a Great Archmage were to really take vindictive actions against their family clan, they would surely die. This had invitably caused them to worry.

Norton sighed and said, “I don’t know either. The realm of the Great Archmage is too far away from us. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Let’s take it one step at a time.”

Seeing that even Norton, the pillar of the family clan, was helpless, a dark shadow enshrouded everyone’s heart. Their hearts became heavy.

Upon seeing this, Norlin said, “Everyone, there’s no need to be so worried. Aren’t we protected by our ancestors?” Despite hearing this, the shadows in their hearts did not dissipate much.

Ancestral protection? Was there really such a thing? They were all grown-ups and obviously did not believe in such unrealistic things. In order to break the depressing atmosphere, Norton asked, “Zoro, Sonia, how’s your business?”

Zoro replied, “The teahouse business is doing well. I’ve found a new type of tea which tastes excellent. If I can bring it in, it will definitely make money.”

Norton nodded. He knew Zoro had always cared about face. Everything he said had to be discounted. If he said the business was doing well, it meant it was just so-so, he had not lost money, and that was all.

Then, Norton looked at Sonia who ran a women’s clothing store. She had high taste and knew how to manage the business. Her business was even better than Zoro’s teahouse business. Every month, she would send life-saving money to the family and would sometimes even help Zoro’s teahouse. If it had not been for Sonia, the family’s livelihood would definitely be much more difficult. These were the two main businesses of the Nicholas family clan.

Everyone in the family clan basically worked in these two businesses. However, the profits were not great to begin with yet there was also oppression from the two large family clans. All of them had put nearly all their energy into the businesses and did not have the time to cultivate. This had caused the overall strength of the family to be very weak. The family head Norton had wanted to change the status quo but he was powerless.

The short family meeting had ended very quickly. Everyone then departed separately. When Norton was the only one left, the worry in his eyes became more intense. The hostility from the other two family clans in the city had already made him feel immense pressure. Now, there was even an unknown enemy of the Great Archmage realm. How could he, a mere level-8 Mage, deal with this?

Sigh, if only he had the protection of his ancestors. With this thought in mind, he looked in the direction of the ancestral hall. At the same time, Romo had also sensed Norton’s worry. He looked over and saw Norton’s worried gaze.

Romo had also heard the conversation in the main hall, so he naturally knew what Norton was worried about.

It looks like I have to use the Dream Appearing Talisman as soon as possible and teach him the high-grade silver-tier Wave Meditation Technique, as well as the soap-making method, so that the family can get out of this predicament as soon as possible and increase their strength. Otherwise, this old man Norton will surely be worried to death.

The sun set and the moon rose. Soon, night fell. Norton sat cross-legged, practising the Waterfall Meditation Technique. However, there were too many trivial matters weighing down on his mind. No matter how hard he tried today, he was unable to enter into meditation. This forced him to stop. If he forced himself to meditate, he might go berserk.

“Why are you unable to enter into meditation?” Norton’s wife asked worriedly when she saw Norton still not able to go into meditation after a long time.

“Sigh, there are too many mundane things. I can’t calm my mind,” Norton said with helplessness.

“Then take a nap. You’ve been using meditation as a substitute for sleep for so many years. You hardly sleep anymore. Perhaps sleeping is even more effective than meditation.”

“Ai, that’s all I can do now.” Norton lay down as his wife gently massaged his temples. Norton soon fell asleep.

On the other side, Romo had been waiting for Norton to fall asleep and enter dreamland. Then, his Dream Appearing Talisman could be used. Not long after Norton had fallen asleep, the System notified Romo.

[The target has been detected to have entered dreamland.. Dream Appearing Talisman can be used.]

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