Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Ancestral Worship by Family Clan

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But this time, a Destiny’s Child had come into their family. This was of great significance to the family clan, so it was normal for them to worship their ancestors.

When everything was ready, the entire family looked solemn and respectful. They were led by the head of the family clan, Norton. Following behind him was the 17th generation descendant, John Nicholas. By seniority, he would not have stood behind Norton. However, he was carrying his son, the star of the day, Arthur Nicholas.

The ancestral worship ritual was held for him, so he had to stand at the front. However, he was just a newborn baby, so his father, John Nicholas, had to carry him.

Those who were behind followed a very typical order; they were all arranged according to seniority.

After the 20-30 people had entered the ancestral hall, the family clan head Norton lit the incense and spoke in a loud voice, “Ancestors of the Nicholas family, your unfilial descendant, Norton Nicholas, leads the entire family to pay respect to our ancestors. May our ancestors bless our family forever. May our 18th generation descendant, Arthur Nicholas thrive and grow, and become the lion of our family!” After he had spoken, he offered incense to the ancestors.

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 20 Faith Points. Lighting of the Faith Candle has doubled the Faith Points. Additional 20 Faith Points received.]

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 18 Faith Points. Lighting of the Faith Candle has doubled the Faith Points. Additional 18 Faith Points received.]

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 15 Faith Points.]


The System notifications sounded continuously making Romo very happy. Before the worship began, Romo had lit the Faith Candle. Instantly, all the Faith Points had doubled. This enabled Romo to reap a full harvest. As Romo listened to the System notifications, he looked at his descendants.

Each of them had contributed a different number of Faith Points. Romo had learned from the System about the rules on the contribution of Faith Points. The number of Faith Points produced from paying respects corresponded to the person’s devotion. The more devout the person was, the more Faith Points he would contribute.

Presently, it seemed that the one who had contributed the most Faith Points was the family head Norton, which meant that he was the most devout.

In addition, each descendant could only contribute Faith Points once a day. This made Romo’s plan to let his descendants worship him continuously, so he could obtain Faith Points, fail completely.

Also, for worship, it was not necessary to be in the ancestral hall to worship. As long as their worship was sincere, he would be able to receive Faith Points even if they were at the ends of the earth. Based on the number of Faith Points each descendant contributed, Romo would then be able to judge the extent of their filial piety.

[Ding… Worship by descendant. Received 10 Faith Points!]

Hmm? Why so few? When Romo heard the notification, he was stunned.

Previously, the lowest had been 15 Faith Points, but now, this person has breached the lowest limit with only 10 Faith Points. Does this mean this descendant is unfilial to him? No, I must see who this unfilial descendant is.

Romo looked at the person who was paying his respects and was stunned. This person was none other than the 17th generation descendant, Ron Nicholas.

Damn, what’s going on? I had thought so highly of you and even wanted to save up money to buy you a magic medicine to heal your injuries. Are you going to repay me in this manner?

Romo was saddened. However, he soon understood. It was probably because when he used the gold-tier Ancestral Protection yesterday, all the other clansmen had seen that light arrow except Ron who had stayed in his room because of his injuries, and had not seen the light arrow. Moreover, he had been injured for two years and had become depressed. That was why when he paid his respects to the ancestors, his heart was not devout enough. Sigh, knowing you are injured, I won’t hold it against you. Romo thought magnanimously.

Soon, the worship ritual ended. With the help of the Faith Candle, Romo obtained more than 1,000 Faith Points.

[Ding… The entire clan’s ancestral worship ritual has been completed. Four random items will be on discount. This will be valid for 24 hours. Host, please purchase them as soon as possible.]

Oh? There are discounted items for sale after the entire clan has performed ancestral worship? This is great!

After hearing the System notification, Romo immediately opened the System Shop. Sure enough, there were four items displayed at the top. The words “50% discount” were written at the back.

[A random silver-tier secret manual. Current price: 10,000 Faith Points.]

[A random trade secret. Current price: 500 Faith Points.]

[A random gold-tier Magical Item. Current price: 50,000 Faith Points.]

[One Ancestral Protection Talisman. Current price: 100 Faith Points.]

There is actually a silver-tier secret manual!

Romo was overjoyed when he saw it. His family was in desperate need of a high-level secret manual. Currently, the meditation technique used by his family clan was only a bronze-tier meditation technique. This was utterly a commonplace item. If he wanted his family to rise up, strength was the most important. Hence, Romo needed to find a high-level secret manual for them urgently.


Although Romo did not have many Faith Points now, in order to increase the strength of his family as soon as possible, he bought the silver-tier secret manual. After buying it, Romo used it immediately.

[Ding… Congratulations on obtaining a high-grade, silver-tier meditation technique, the Wave Meditation Technique.]

Hehe, his luck is pretty good. It is actually a high-grade item. From the name, one can tell that it is a water-based meditation technique. The meditation technique currently used by the family clan is also a water-based meditation technique. It is just nice that they can be coupled seamlessly without any side effects.

Romo took a closer look at the Wave Meditation Technique. The main characteristic of this meditation technique was that after cultivating it, one’s magical power would become exceptionally great. It would be equivalent to twice or more magical power than those of the same level. Furthermore, it had healing effects. It could be said to be a very powerful cultivation technique.

The random trade secret only cost 500 Faith Points. He had to buy it too so that his family could earn more money.

[Ding… Congratulations on obtaining the method for making soap.]

The method for making soap? This is not bad either. 

Making soap was the first choice of many transmigrators who wanted to establish themselves by peaceful means. Unfortunately, Romo did not know how to make soap, so he did not make soap back then. Now, he got the System to make it up to him.

With soap as an exclusive business product and the addition of 20 points to his family’s luck for wealth, the family clan should be able to earn a lot of money very quickly.

He had really wanted the third item, the gold-tier Magical Item, but he did not have 50,000 Faith Points. As such, he had to give it a miss regretfully.

The last one was an Ancestral Protection Talisman. It only cost 100 Faith Points, so he bought it decisively.

Romo was very satisfied with the effect from using the gold-tier Ancestral Protection previously. The effect of this Ancestral Protection Talisman certainly could not match up. However, it would still have some effect. Since it cost only 100 Faith Points, Romo would not be too harsh on it.. It was better than nothing.

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