Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Appearing in a Dream

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“Use the Dream Appearing Talisman immediately!”

With a thought from Romo, the Dream Appearing Talisman exploded into a ball of golden light which spreaded out. Romo was stunned. Then, he saw himself standing in the ancestral hall with intact hands and feet.

Since when have I got a physical body? No, this is not reality. I’m in Norton’s dream. I only have a physical body in the dream realm.

It turned out that Romo had actually entered into Norton’s dream.


“Ah ~ ~ ~”

At this moment, Romo heard the sounds of fighting and poignant screams were coming from outside the door. The sounds were very familiar. They were the screams of Romo’s descendants.

Romo opened the door and walked out. He saw flames outside soaring into the sky. Romo’s clansmen were being slaughtered wantonly by a group of people. Although they had tried their best to fight back, it was useless. The other parties were too strong. Besides people from the Grimm family and the Campbell family, there was also a person who exuded a powerful aura. However, his face could not be seen clearly. Nonetheless, it was certain that this person was a Great Archmage. With one casual wave of his hand, he was able to slaughter a clansman from the Nicholas family. No one could stop him.

In just a short while, almost everyone in the Nicholas family clan had been slaughtered. Only Norton was left struggling hard, trying to hold out. He had watched his clansmen die one by one. His eyes were about to split open as he glared at the Great Archmage and howled, “I’ll fight it out with you!” Then, he charged forward, not caring if he could fight him. He was determined to die.

Ai, it’s actually a nightmare and such a tragic one. It looks like the two other large family clans of Winterfrost and that unknown Great Archmage have all caused tremendous pressure to Norton, being the head of the family. Otherwise, he would not have such a nightmare. Also, I can’t let him fight to the death with that Great Archmage. Otherwise, he may really die in his own nightmare.

With this thought in mind, Romo exerted his thought and a golden light immediately radiated outward. Everything seemed to come to a standstill as if time had stopped. The power of the Dream Appearing Talisman not only allowed Romo to enter a person’s dream, it also allowed him to do whatever he wanted in the person’s dream.

Norton was charging towards the Great Archmage whose face could not be seen clearly. However, his attack went right through the person’s body.

Norton was startled. What is going on?

He looked carefully and realized that all the sounds around him had disappeared. Everyone around him had stopped moving, and then they vanished like ash.

What is going on?

At this moment, a beam of golden light rose up. It had caught Norton’s attention. He saw a person with a golden glow walking over from the ancestral hall. The person was looking at him with a benevolent smile.

“You… you are…” Norton was flabbergasted for a moment. Then, he looked at the other party in utter disbelief because the person before him turned out to be identical to the portrait of the Old Ancestor left behind by his family!

“I am your ancestor, Romo Nicholas!”

Romo looked at Norton with loving benevolence. That’s right, it was benevolent love. Romo was his old ancestor. Although Norton was already over 70 years old and was an old man, he was still Romo’s 15th generation descendant.

“This…..This…!” Norton exclaimed in disbelief despite Romo having identified himself.

“Are you really the Old Ancestor of the Nicholas family clan?”

“Yes, I’m real indeed!”

Upon hearing Romo’s words, Norton collapsed to the floor and started bawling. “Old Ancestor, why didn’t you manifest earlier? If you had shown yourself earlier, our clansmen wouldn’t have been slaughtered. Now, I’m the only old man left. What’s the use of you showing your spirit, Old Ancestor!” Norton was bawling his eyes out in grief. Romo did not know whether to laugh or cry. Norton had not realized that this was just his dream.

“Don’t cry, the other clansmen aren’t dead. This is only your dream, not reality!”

“Ah? My dream? Not reality? Does this mean our clansmen are still alive?”

“Of course they are still alive.”

“It’s good that they’re alive, it’s good that they’re alive,” Norton said, with his heart still palpitating. Then, he remembered that the Old Ancestor was still in front of him. He had actually sprawled himself on the ground and wailed, and really embarrassed himself before the Old Ancestor. He quickly stood up and said, “Old Ancestor, why have you manifested?”

At the mention of this, Romo said exasperatedly, “It’s all because of you guys. Back then, I had left behind a large family clan, and it has been reduced to such a miserable state by you guys. I cannot stand it anymore, so I have to appear in your dream in order to help you all.”

“Old Ancestor, I…..” Norton’s face was filled with guilt.

“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. I’ll teach you a high-grade silver-tier meditation technique called the Wave Meditation Technique. It can be coupled seamlessly with your current meditation technique, and you can cultivate it directly.”

After Romo had finished speaking, he took out the Wave Meditation Technique right away and then patted Norton’s head. Instantly, the Wave Meditation Technique turned into specks of golden light and entered Norton’s mind. Norton felt a powerful cultivation technique being imprinted directly in his mind. All the doubts and difficult parts all became clear as if this cultivation technique had been created by him.


This cultivation technique started to work automatically. Immediately, magical power surged from Norton’s body, forming mysterious magic runes. There were a total of eight magic runes. However, when the Wave Meditation Technique was working, a new magic rune was rapidly formed. Moreover, this newly formed magic rune was more complicated and mysterious than the previous eight magic runes. Its power was naturally also much stronger.


After the ninth magic rune had been formed, Norton’s magical power more than doubled. His strength directly advanced to that of a level-9 Mage in the dream.

Norton gradually opened his eyes, and he saw the Old Ancestor smiling at him.

“Thank you, Old Ancestor, for teaching me the divine technique!”

Norton immediately kowtowed to express his immense gratitude.

“Alright, alright. We’re all family. There’s no need for that. Quick, get up. I still have other techniques to impart to you.”

Hearing this, Norton quickly got up and sat down obediently. One single meditation technique had already enabled his strength to advance to another level, something which he had failed to do for many years. If he had other cultivation techniques, they would definitely be of even greater help to him.

Romo said, “What I’m about to impart to you is a medium-grade, silver-tier meditation technique called the Seven Kills Meditation Technique. This meditation technique is very murderous and isn’t suitable for you. However, you can memorize it and impart it to the clansmen.”

After he had finished speaking, Romo started to teach it to Norton line by line, word by word. This Seven Kills Meditation Technique was not a product of the System. It could not be imparted to Nortan instantly with just one pat to the head. He had to memorize it line by line, word by word.. To be able to learn it later on would require one to be enlightened himself.

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