Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: Psionic Power Theory

Chapter 46: Psionic Power Theory

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The Emerald Tomb, the Holy Land of the Watcher, gave Li Wenyuan a strange feeling.


This kind of feeling was quite idealistic, so much so that he had to look at a few more scientific and technological drawings filled with a materialistic atmosphere before he could drive out this strange feeling.

Looking from space, the green made up a large proportion of the area. Even the ocean could hardly be seen. Even the ice sheets that should cover the north and south poles due to the temperature were also replaced by green.

Just like its name, it was filled with emerald color.

“Then, how did its ‘tomb’ come about?” Li Wenyuan pondered as he looked at the planet, thinking about the information he had read before.

The research on the origin of the name Emerald Tomb had been drowned out in the ocean of history. It seemed that it had been called Emerald Tomb from the beginning, but no one knew who gave it the name.

Is it the Watcher?” The easiest to think of was the Watcher who regarded this place as a Holy Land, so it didn’t seem inappropriate to name it after them.


“So, what is buried here?”

Thinking so, Li Wenyuan ordered the research spaceship to release the drone and began to scan the entire planet.

And then, as expected, he didn’t find anything unusual.

After all, the Holy Land planet was very famous in the Milky Way, and many tourists had come here.

If there were any obvious abnormalities, it would have spread throughout the Milky Way long ago. How would he have the chance to investigate?

However, Li Wenyuan wasn’t discouraged by this.

“If it’s a human relic, it’s normal that it won’t be easily discovered.”

So, he continued to scan the planet with the drone and let the synthetic humanoid land on the planet.

He felt that there might be something that he had to go up there personally to find out. He might not be able to find the problem by just relying on an external scan.

The landing module slowly landed on the surface of the Emerald Tomb, and a synthetic humanoid walked out.

Its eyes were dull at first but soon became bright again. Li Wenyuan had taken over its body.

After they landed on the planet, the deathly silence they felt in space became more and more intense.

This place was also filled with a large amount of vegetation, but it was different from Bao and Planet Gaia, which were filled with tall trees. From small weeds to large trees, this place had everything.

But a strange feeling followed.

The synthetic humanoid scanned the plants and the soil, but it didn’t find any sign of animals.

Li Wenyuan picked up a handful of soil and popped a tube from the synthetic humanoid’s arm. He put the soil into the tube and began to test it on the spot.

The results were also very shocking. The density of microorganisms here was infinitely close to zero, which meant that there seemed to be no other life forms here except for vegetation.

This was no doubt very abnormal. It should be known that even the harsh environment of space could have bacteria living in it. The Holy Land planet had such a good environment, but there was nothing.

The strangeness only grew. With doubts in his mind, Li Wenyuan controlled the synthetic humanoid to explore the surroundings.

A drone flew over the forest. The scanning equipment it carried could easily penetrate the cover of the vegetation at this distance and detect what was below.

However, technology could sometimes make mistakes.

For example, there was a group of people trekking under the forest.

They looked like aliens that evolved from crocodiles, and their tails had degenerated to short and thin to adapt to living upright.

There were almost no clothes on the surface of his body, and in its place was a kind of iron plate that connected all the key parts of the body.

They were all connected by highly ductile circuits, which eventually connected to a battery-like backpack on their backs.

It was a device to regulate their body temperature. As frigid animals, they could only rely on external objects to adjust their body temperature.

Although the genetic research on how to turn them into warm-blooded animals had already begun, over the years, they had no choice but to continue to use the warming Bags that had been used since the primitive era and had been improved countless times.

Logically speaking, if aliens were detected, the drones would have sent the news and followed them for observation.

However, all the scanning equipment of the drone showed that everything was normal. Even the life force detector that was specifically used to detect living things did not find anything.

It was as if he really didn’t see anything. He didn’t notice the group of aliens that were less than 100 meters away and flashed over the forest.

The group of aliens had no choice but to stop after advancing for a while due to fatigue. They took a short break on a relatively flat piece of land in the forest.

“It looks like the mother planet has completely abandoned us, otherwise it would be impossible for there to be no rescue after so long.” “The signal transmitter we set up is also blocked. Is it because of the magnetic field of this planet? Or was there some other reason? In short, we have no choice but to rely on ourselves.” “And don’t you think that this planet is getting weirder and weirder?”

The last sentence made everyone fall into a brief silence. In the end, it was the person who seemed to be the leader of the team who stood up and said,” “Don’t be so suspicious. Where has the intelligence of us Secchi people went?

Even if there’s something that we can’t understand, it’s because our technology hasn’t reached that level!”

Yes, this group of people was the Secchi people who had come to the Holy Land planet to colonize.

After their defeat, they were left here to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, the battery storage of the heat conditioner had always been one of their research focus, so they could still travel long distances during this time.

However, as they spent more and more time on this planet, the planet gradually changed from a habitable planet to a terrifying one.

The hallucination was considered small. This group of people was originally a large group of thousands of people, and there were dozens of large groups like them.

However, as time passed, one or two people went missing. This did not attract anyone’s attention.

Then, dozens of people went missing, and they also found an excuse to cover up this matter.

It was not until one day, when a large group of thousands disappeared overnight, that they began to panic.

They couldn’t understand why the people had disappeared, but their belongings were still on the ground.

In the end, the large group became a pile of loose sand, and everyone fled in different directions. This group of people was one of them.

There was another round of silence.

The heavy atmosphere only dissipated when someone grumbled in hunger.

“You’re hungry again,” someone laughed. “You’re the one who ate the most among us.”

The hungry man also laughed awkwardly, “I can’t help it. The meat of those native lifeforms is too delicious. 1 drool just thinking about it.”

Just as the other person was about to say something, his eyes suddenly focused. Without looking back, he pulled out his weapon and pressed the switch in one direction.

There was a loud noise, and then something fell to the ground.

Everyone looked over and saw a native lifeform that looked like a deer lying on the ground. It was already dead.

“The old hunter’s hands are really steady! Tonight’s meal is settled!”

These people laughed and began to cut the creature’s body into pieces, roasting it over the fire.

However, it didn’t take long before they heard another abnormal noise from the forest.

The relaxed crowd instantly became alert and looked in the direction of the strange movement.

They saw an alien about their height slowly walk out of the forest while constantly looking around.

“Hey! Who the hell are you!” The hunter from before couldn’t help but shout as he pointed the weapon in his hand at the alien.

However, the alien did not seem to hear his voice. It was still looking around as if it did not even see them.

“If you come any closer, I’m going to attack!” The hunter continued to shout, but his hands were shaking as if he was scared of seeing an alien.

However, the leader from before suddenly raised his hand, indicating that they should not act rashly. Then, he walked to the alien.

However, even at such a close distance, the alien still did not show any signs of seeing him.

The leader was silent for a moment before he reached out and touched the alien.

Then, everyone’s eyes gradually changed from nervousness to shock. Because they saw the leader’s hand pass through the alien’s body.

Li Wenyuan, who was controlling the synthetic humanoid, who was regarded as an alien, looked at the empty camp with confusion.

There were all kinds of alien devices piled up here and there, and in the middle of the space, there were a bunch of inexplicable bonfires.

He didn’t see any aliens but felt like someone had just been there.

It was also when the leader’s hand passed through the synthetic humanoid’s body that the movement database received a message.

[ New technology has been added to the technology tree ] “What?” This sudden new technology stunned Li Wenyuan, and he immediately pulled up the interface of the technology tree.

He scanned the room and did not find any new technology.

But then, he noticed that among the Level 1 to 4 technologies that he should have lit up, there were suddenly a large number of “gray technologies” that he had not studied.

In the end, he discovered a new technology at the Level 1 technology level.

All the unresearched gray technology was an extension of it and formed a brand-new technology tree.


And this Level 1 technology that was the founder also made Li Wenyuan’s heart jump.

[ Psionic theory ] [ Technology level: 1 ] [ Introduction: Thoughts are a reflection of the universe itself in many aspects. It is a microscopic world. Although not all species can reach this level, it does exist in this universe objectively. Perhaps the only truth we can know is our existence. ] [ Possible technology: Psionic theory (99.9%), Mind vision (99.9%), Czero’s trial (99.9%) ] “It’s really unbelievable…” He looked at the technology and didn’t know what kind of expression he should show..

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