Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Psionic Archive

Chapter 47: Psionic Archive

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Psionic theory, a technology with a strange name, finally appeared in Li Wenyuan’s technology tree.


He took a quick look and found that many of these technologies were operated around the special energy of psionic power.

However, the scientific research zone had yet to provide a reasonable explanation of what this psionic power was and where it came from.

Other than that, there were many other technologies related to Czero. He could probably use Czero correctly now, and not just exclusively for the idealistic civilization.

“So, the idealistic civilization has always been researching this?” Instinctively, Li Wenyuan thought of those strange idealistic civilizations.

In many ways, they were actually consistent with materialistic civilizations. They also needed to grow food, mine minerals, build power generation facilities, and use fuel to break the shackles of gravity. They did not just say “1 think this ship can fly” to make the battleship fly.

The biggest difference between materialistic civilizations and idealistic civilizations was that the latter had always believed that there was a special space in the universe. An individual could enter this space directly by training their consciousness and then using the matter in this space.


The materialistic civilization, on the other hand, thought that this was nonsense and demanded that the idealistic civilization produce evidence to prove the space they spoke of.

In the end, the idealistic civilization failed, and because of this, they were laughed at.

However, the idealistic civilization did not give up. After all, there was still the lost empire that might have reached the end of its idealistic path.

This role model had always inspired them and allowed them to find a possible path.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before all the materialistic civilizations in the Milky Way would be shocked.

“Did I indirectly confirm the possibility of the idealistic civilization?” In the virtual world, Li Wenyuan’s expression was a little strange.

The unique psionic technology on the technology tree did not look like it was made up. It was obvious that the research zone recognized their existence.

And through the introduction of many technologies, the source of psionic power was indeed vaguely pointing to a special space that had not yet appeared, or had already existed but had yet to be proven.

“But can robots dream of electronic sheep?” Not to mention that he was a program, he had not even slept for a day since he came to this universe.

The description of the psionic power basically limited only organisms to be able to use psionic power. His idea of trying to make synthetic humans master psionic power might not be realized.

After thinking for a while, Li Wenyuan changed his mind and focused on the Emerald Tomb.

His main goal now was still to find the human relics on this Holy Land planet. However, he did not give up on the idea of studying psionic power. After all, it was exciting to think about robots that could use psionic power.

“The psionic theory just appeared after I arrived here. Can it be that psionic energy just appeared here?”

Looking at this extremely strange campsite, Li Wenyuan had such a thought.

However, the synthetic humanoid’s detector did not detect anything. It was likely that psionic power could not be detected by conventional means.

So, after some thought, he studied all the new technologies related to psionic detection.

Among these technologies, the highest level was only level three, and it would only take a few minutes to complete the research in the upgraded research area.

However, it would take a few days to produce and transport the corresponding components. Therefore, Li Wenyuan continued to control the synthetic humanoids to explore the Emerald Tomb, hoping to find something while waiting for the new components to arrive.

During this period of time, the idealistic civilization was also in the midst of preparing for the big event.

The Duncan Race, a pacifist civilization that was well-versed in the Path of Inner Saints, had launched a Great Awakening movement.

They called on most of the idealistic civilizations to carry out this experiment with them. The specific manifestation was to gather a large group of experts and scholars who had studied the spiritual world on a planet and let them dream together.

Before going to bed, the scientists went through a round of overall hypnosis and suggestion in order to enter a deeper world in their sleep.

After that, the Duncan Race used scientific methods to make everyone’s brainwaves have the same frequency. They hoped that this group of people could find the world they had been searching for a long time through the collective dreamscape.

Time passed day by day, and the group of dreamers had been in a deep sleep. The life-support equipment prepared in advance kept their life form stable, and there was a continuous supply of sleeping liquid to maintain their sleep state.

On Li Wenyuan’s side, the drones and synthetic humanoids equipped with the psionic detector had finally found the human relics in the Emerald Tomb.

“That’s…” Looking at the familiar building in the drone’s scan, Li Wenyuan was quite shocked.

The synthetic humanoid he controlled could not “see” the building in the open space directly, but with the help of the psionic detector’s image feedback, there was indeed such a building.

He really felt that it couldn’t be more familiar. He had seen similar buildings on earth in the past, and he had also seen buildings in the opposite direction on earth.

Now that he saw the building again, he felt like a ring was closing.

It was a pyramid, with golden boulders piled up from all four sides, forming a huge pyramid-shaped building.

Next to the pyramid was a sphinx. He felt that no one except humans would do such an abstract thing.

The psionic detector restored the appearance of the two buildings to the virtual world by calculating the data it had received. However, in reality, he still could not see them with his synthetic human.

The pyramid and the sphinx seemed to be in another dimension.

In addition, he also remembered the archeologist at home called Cooper.

His father had once escaped from an alien ruin, but he had died in an accident in a short time. He had left nothing behind except for the manuscript.

There was a lot of useless information in the manuscript, not even the coordinates of the ruins, but a very detailed map of the ruins was drawn: The pyramid and the sphinx.

Now that he saw this, he suddenly thought of Cooper’s father. Could this be the ruin they were exploring?

However, more and more doubts followed.

Did the Watcher know that there was such a strange ruin on their Holy Land planet?

How could Cooper’s father and his team see and even personally enter such a relic?

Had anyone else discovered this relic? If they had discovered it, why had there been no rumors about it in the Milky Way?

After taking a deep breath, Li Wenyuan controlled the synthetic humanoid to take out Czero.

Ever since he knew that the place he was going to was the Holy Land and that there were ruins that were closely related to humans, he had a hunch that he would need this magical thing.

Although synthetic humanoids couldn’t make use of Czero yet, the basic method was still feasible.

He opened the can that was filled with compressed Czero and let the purple gas spread out.

Then, something unexpected happened. Czero began to immerse himself in this mysterious space, and he could vaguely see what this place looked like.

Looking at the situation, he quickly scattered all the Czero gas he brought around, even ready to use the reserves of his mother planet at any time, afraid that there would not be enough here.

Fortunately, a large amount of Czero filled the color of the place, making the pyramid visible to the world.

Under the cover of the purple gas, this place seemed to be another dimension. Czero was like a nebula, and as it moved, one could see many strange and indescribable scenes.

Without further hesitation, the synthetic humanoid entered the pyramid.

There seemed to be a voice whispering around him, but this existence probably didn’t expect a robot to come in, so it couldn’t feel the words that went straight to its mind.

The tunnel went all the way to the end, and at the end, there was a floating purple crystal.

It might have come from a very long time ago, but in this strange space, it had not decayed with time.

All kinds of images flashed on the surface of the crystal. Vaguely, Li Wenyuan saw the images of humans.

The crystal was like an archive that recorded stories that happened a long time ago. It was likely that there was a part of human history in it.

After a moment of hesitation, he touched the crystal and saw the image projected in the space..

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