Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: The Emerald Tomb

Chapter 45: The Emerald Tomb

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“Have you heard? Recently, a new interstellar civilization called Secchi colonized the Holy Land!”


“Holy Land? Where’s the Holy Land – you mean the Watcher’s Holy Land?” “Isn’t that so! 1 heard that there’s movement at the border of the Watcher. They might have already made their move!”

“Oh my, what a pitiful civilization…”

Although they said that they were pitiful, these people did not have any sympathy at all. Instead, they were gloating.

For these old-timers who had been in the galaxy for a long time, what they were most happy to see was all kinds of new Interstellar civilizations violating the taboos of the Milky Way and getting beaten up.

Of course, not all of the people in the Milky Way had fun.

At the same time, many civilizations that had suffered before summarized these ‘taboos’ and spread them in the Milky Way, hoping that these newborn interstellar civilizations would not take the wrong path.


However, there would always be unfortunate people or self-satisfied people who would try to violate these taboos.

The Secchi civilization was such a civilization.

Due to the intelligence of their race, their civilization basically did not encounter any obstacles and smoothly developed into space.

They felt good about themselves and even thought that they were the first race to rush into the universe, which made people wonder if their intelligence had been artificially modified into pride.

All in all, with pride and curiosity, they included a Holy Land planet in their colonial scope.

And this Holy Land planet was known as Emerald Tomb in the Milky Way. ‘”Emerald Tomb’?” Li Wenyuan, who was busy, stopped his work and looked at the information presented by his archeologists with a thoughtful expression. According to the information they had excavated from the ruins, humans had left behind a very, very important thing in a certain place, so much so that on his star map, there was an unusually bright point marking a galaxy.

The content of the information was vague, like the nonsense of a madman. Other than the coordinates of the planet, there was no other useful information.

The coordinates of that planet were also very familiar to Li Wenyuan, who was gradually getting familiar with the information about the Milky Way. It was the Holy Land of the Watcher of the lost empire’s guardians – Emerald Tomb.

“Why would it be in such a place…” In the virtual space, his brows were tightly furrowed. He tried to deduce the possibility of incomplete information, but in the end, he found nothing.

He knew that humans must have had some interactions with idealism because one of the necessary conditions to restart those ancient facilities on earth was the special gas Czero that could only be properly used by the idealistic civilization.

But if the Watcher was involved, then things would become even more complicated.

As one of the most ancient civilizations in existence, the Watcher was also an unknown level in the Milky Way.

Other than the fact that it was an extremely idealistic civilization, there was very little information.

The few Holy Lands near its territory were only confirmed after the personal experiments of countless civilizations.

However, over a long period of time, other civilizations in the Milky Way had also tested the degree of tolerance of the Watcher towards its Holy Land planet. Just passing by, sightseeing on the Holy Land planet, or even declaring the entire galaxy as part of their territory would not attract the Watcher’s punishment.

However, once they colonized the Holy Land planet and destroyed the original ecology of the planet, they would incur the terrifying attacks of the Watcher.

As for what would happen if they destroyed the planet, no one knew.

“No matter what, we still have to send someone there to investigate.” After assessing the potential threat of the Emerald Tomb, Li Wenyuan decided to explore it.

He didn’t think he would have a conflict with the Watcher. There had been tourists who had brought their robot servants to visit the sacred land before, so it was not a problem for him to let the synthetic humanoids go there.

Moreover, this place seemed to be hiding an important secret about mankind. If he could really find something there, it would definitely be of great help to him.

After all, the whereabouts of the humans in this galaxy had always been a mystery that had troubled him until now.

After making up his mind, Li Wenyuan’s research spaceship, which was equipped with synthetic humanoids, also started to operate its propeller.

The Watcher’s territory was very far away from him, and he had never been to the Emerald Tomb before. Without the specific data of the place, he could not directly use the warp drive to go there.

Fortunately, an interstellar civilization nearby had built a stargate, and one of the exits of the space network connected to this stargate was near the Emerald Tomb.

This kind of man-made wormhole-like passage would allow him to get to the Emerald Tomb quickly.

Of course, he had also camouflaged the spaceship to a certain extent. With the help of the backdoor he had left in the Craybow network, he had disguised the spaceship’s signal as a member of the megacorp.

In that case, even if the spaceship was destroyed for some unknown reason, in the eyes of the other civilizations, it would only be a Craybow spaceship that had exploded, and it would not affect him.

And so, the Craybow spaceship headed towards the galaxy where Emerald Tomb was located.

At this time, a one-sided war was happening in this Galaxy.

Not long after Secchi started colonizing Emerald Tomb, the Watcher’s punishment fleet suddenly arrived.

As an extremely idealistic civilization, even the Watcher used their fleet as a weapon of war. This was also one of the reasons why materialistic civilizations generally hated idealistic civilizations.

They felt that the idealistic civilization was a group of fools who ate the dividends of science and still did not acknowledge the existence of science.

On the other hand, the idealistic civilizations felt that the materialistic civilizations were a group of fools who were trapped in their world and were unwilling to accept the New World.

The two sides went back and forth, cursing at each other in the Milky Way for many years.

It wasn’t until the last science convention that the two sides reluctantly sat down and discussed for a while, only to find out that the other side was a group of hopeless people. Thus, they directly fought at the venue and parted on bad terms.

After that, most of the idealistic civilizations in the Milky Way fell silent, as if they wanted to make the materialistic civilizations submit to them.

On the other hand, the materialistic civilizations scoffed at this, saying that a group of quacks dancing around is nothing to be afraid of.

Li Wenyuan shifted his gaze back to the galaxy where Emerald Tomb was located.

A large number of battleship wreckages floated here. They were of the same style and seemed to have come from the same civilization.

In the center of the galaxy, there was a fleet that was constantly emitting purple light.

The purple light came from their shield, which looked mysterious and ethereal. It was a thin layer, but any cannonballs, missiles, and lasers were like stones sinking into the ocean, unable to cause a single wave.

The fleet’s shape also looked very dreamy, as if it came from a dream. There was a reality in the illusion, making people subconsciously want to look at them.

After the prideful Secchi civilization was attacked by the Watcher, they launched a counterattack with the strength of the entire nation.

They believed that they were under an alien invasion and vowed to defend their colony.

They were naturally intelligent and had a good level of space combat, but their skills were useless in the face of absolute power, and the wreckage of the battleships was the best proof.

In the end, after paying a heavy price and almost exhausting all the resources on his mother planet, Secchi finally realized how weak they were and gave up the colony here, leaving the people who were still in the Emerald Tomb to fend for themselves.

A new star that was supposed to rise on the Milky Way stage in a hundred years had been delayed for hundreds or even thousands of years.

On the other hand, the Watcher’s fleet didn’t clean up the Secchi people on the Emerald Tomb, as if they were not worried that the remaining people would affect the Holy Land much. They believed in the self-regulating ability of this place.

Not long after the one-sided battle ended, the research spaceship controlled by Li Wenyuan arrived at the Emerald Tomb.

This planet looked very beautiful and lush. Even Planet Gaia, where Bao was from, was slightly inferior to this place.

However, it was this planet that gave Li Wenyuan a strange sense of death..

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