Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Megastructure Project

Chapter 44: Megastructure Project

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The news that there are really aliens in this world spread across the entire planet.


After the Star Devourers were destroyed, the mysterious alien fleet left.

Not long after, a group of aliens who called themselves the Pyro Alliance arrived on this planet.

They provided some help to the people here to speed up the reconstruction of the planet. At the same time, they also told them some basic information about the galaxy.

After gifting them a technology called a hyperspace engine, the Pyro Alliance also left this place.

The planet gradually recovered from the apocalypse, and a special atmosphere enveloped everyone there.

They felt that instead of fighting to the death on this small piece of land, it was better to see the wider sky.


The impact of the aliens was indeed too violent, but it also made the cohesion here unprecedentedly high.

From then on, the unification of planets might no longer be just a theory. One day, they would also touch this starry sky.

As a genius, Digg easily skipped the remaining courses in high school and was accepted by a famous University.

He was busy every day. Even without the system’s reminder, he was working hard to become the Chief Scientist.

“Why do you suddenly have such a great drive? Is it the apocalypse that affected you?” Before he left, his childhood sweetheart asked him about this matter curiously. She did not understand why this young genius who had always been very lazy had suddenly changed his behavior.

Digg laughed and explained, “The starry sky is so beautiful. If I can’t see it for myself before my body rots, wouldn’t I be left with regrets? Since the aliens have given me hope, I’m willing to take the risk. Perhaps I’m the only scientist left?”

His childhood sweetheart didn’t express his opinion, obviously not believing his words.

However, Digg did not mind. To him, he was determined to continue down this path until civilization left this planet.

Li Wenyuan, who had completed his mission, also withdrew his fleet from the Bott Galaxy. At the same time, he was slightly happy.

Not only did he eliminate a threat and demonstrate the strength of the lost empire, but he also obtained two new technologies from the remains of the Star Devourers.

[ Star Devourer material synthesis ]

[ Technology level: 5 ]

[ Introduction: research on the remains of the Star Devourer has shown that this material is very beneficial for the burning of stars. We can artificially synthesize similar components and throw them into the Star to extend the star’s life. ]

[ Possible technology: None ]


[ Star Devourer’s eggshell reuse ]

[ Technology level: 5 ]

[ Introduction: Through the recovered Star Devourer egg sheath, we might be able to domesticate a group of miniature Star Devourers that can cause great damage to a star without attracting attention. ]

[ Possible technology: None ]

These two technologies were independent of each other in the technology tree. At first glance, they might not seem very useful, but Li Wenyuan believed that they might be needed one day.

In addition, he was also very happy about the completion of the megastructure project technology.

After the expansion, the efficiency of the scientific research zone increased significantly. After thinking for a while, he chose the next research direction to be gate builder research.

Of the other Level 6 technologies, he didn’t have any special needs for the time being, so he chose one to study based on his interest.

The Level 7 technology that was exponentially more difficult to research was not something he could do.

Just like the galaxy miracle, although Li Wenyuan was very greedy for the various stronger megastructures it could unlock, it had been a Level 7 technology research project for as long as 500 years.

Obviously, his research ability did not meet the requirements of a Level 7 technology. Instead of spending 500 years on Level 7 technology, he might as well finish as many Level 6 technologies as possible.

After the mega-structure construction project was completed, he also had many blueprints of the mega-structure that could be built.

Finally, he locked his eyes on two megastructures.

The desolate Carlo Galaxy had once again welcomed its new ruler.

There was an abandoned but slightly repaired sentry formation here, and Li Wenyuan had decided to build the megastructure in this galaxy.

The star base here had been armed and upgraded in advance by him. Various defensive weapons were installed on it, and it had become a motionless space fortress.

A large number of engineering vessels began to get busy here, and all kinds of transport ships carrying construction materials were also constantly going back and forth to this galaxy.

Two megastructures that were no less powerful than the sentry formation were gradually taking shape in the galaxy.

One of them was greatly beneficial to the speed of scientific research, while the other could significantly improve the production efficiency of the ship.

They were the ‘science hub’ and the ‘giant dock’.

The science hub, as a megastructure, could significantly provide research benefits, and its components could play their roles independently during the construction process. They did not need to be fully built to enjoy the benefits of scientific research.

The only drawback for Li Wenyuan was that if a large number of researchers could live in it, its research benefits would be further improved.

However, Li Wenyuan didn’t have that many scientific researchers, so he could only use the automatic function for the time being.

The giant dock was built to enhance his military power.

Li Wenyuan’s second unmanned fleet was already in full swing, but he was still not satisfied with the production efficiency that was already ridiculous in the eyes of other civilizations. He felt that he would only feel a little safer if he had at least seven or eight fleets.

Therefore, a giant dock that could produce 20 to 30 battleships at the same time was very necessary.

This way, even if they were caught in a war, he could continuously replenish his troops.

Just like that, the unassuming Administrator began his journey of wonder.

However, no one in the Milky Way noticed this, because they were now attracted by another major event.

“Someone has colonized the Holy Land of the Watcher? When Blenning, who was far away in the No. 13 trade enclave, heard the news, he almost fell out of his chair.

This was indeed a major event because it basically meant that the Watcher was about to make a move.

As one of the remaining four, no, five lost empires in the Milky Way, the Watcher maintained their usual style and was basically indifferent to the outside world.

Although it was said that the idealistic civilizations were under the protection of the Watcher, in reality, the war between materialistic civilizations and idealistic civilizations would not attract their attention.

They seemed to only interfere in the war between the socialites.

However, after the blood and tears of countless Interstellar civilizations, they understood that the Watcher still had a bottom line that could not be crossed.

That was their Holy Land.

At this moment, near the territory of the Watcher, an interstellar civilization that had just risen into space was still curious about everything around them.

They had just found a planet that was very suitable for living and decided to make it the first colony of civilization.

Countless colonists who had dreams of the universe came here, but they didn’t know that they were about to face a disaster..

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