Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 592 - I’ll Give My Mother Face, And Not Haggle Over This With You

Chapter 592: I’ll Give My Mother Face, And Not Haggle Over This With You

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Kanwu’s eyes resemble Elvis the most, as blue and deep as his. Gu Mengmeng caressed the tiny face of her son, “Kanwu is really a brave child. But did you know? The blood of snakes are poisonous, so you could have been poisoned when you bit into Ellie’s throat like you did today. If not for…”

If not for Snake giving his blood to the three little ones while saving her, perhaps she would have had to face the pain of losing her children when she woke up.

Jialue came forward and hugged Gu Mengmeng’s thigh, his tiny face looking up at his mother, “Mother Beast, don’t worry, we will definitely think of more ways to protect you in the future, I won’t let my brothers get hurt nor let Mother Beast worry again. I want to be the smartest Jialue for Mother Beast and live up to the name that you gave to me.”

Gu Mengmeng kissed Jialue’s tiny face, gently rubbing his furry little ears, “Jialue is so sensible.”

Elvis carried Gu Mengmeng up, looking coldly at the three wolf cubs.

He could not help but say, these little things just knew how to gain the affection of Gu Mengmeng. He could not appease Gu Mengmeng no matter how hard he tried, but her spirits were lifted just by their words.

With their ability to speak now, they have become much bigger threats.


For the first time, he felt lucky that he had the three wolf cubs around.

If it were not for them suddenly transforming and holding back Ellie for a while, Snake might not have had sufficient time to save Gu Mengmeng.

“Your Mother Beast is tired and needs rest. Go outside.”

“Why?” Kanwu took a step forward, glaring at Elvis with a face of furious, “We want to stay by mommy’s side and protect her.”

Elvis ground his teeth, “I will protect my own female.”

Kanwu did not back down, “Really? Then where were you when she was in danger?”

Elvis felt his chest emptied, his fists clenched but incapable of saying a word.

Gu Mengmeng patted Kanwu’s little head, “Kanwu, you cannot speak to daddy like that.”

Although Kanwu felt wronged, but he did not want mommy to be angry, so he lowered his head, “Alright mommy, I know.”

Gu Mengmeng squatted down and looked at her three sons, “Your daddy is very brave. It was because of him and Lea tried their best to clear the trap that Cole had set, that Snake could rush back successfully in time to save us. Although they weren’t able to appear, but it did not mean they did not do anything. So, you cannot think of daddy like that, alright?”

Kanwu raised his head, looking at Gu Mengmeng then at Elvis, “I’ll give my mother face and not haggle over this with you.”

Elvis frowned, wondering why this little one seemed more and more annoying.

Hede pulled Kanwu, “Alright, stop disrupting mommy’s rest. Let’s go outside and wait for Daddy Lea’s return.”

Gu Mengmeng raised her brows, asking, “What did you guys call Lea?”

The three little ones replied unanimously, “Daddy Lea.”

Gu Mengmeng was amused. They did not even call Elvis “Daddy”, but called Lea “Daddy”?

“Why so?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

Hede replied, “Although he did not mate with mommy, but he is a family member approved by you and Beast Father, so we call him Daddy Lea.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded, the term “Daddy Lea” truly sounded very much different coming out of the children’s mouths compared to her own.

“Go.” Gu Mengmeng patted Kanwu’s tiny butt, then watched as the three brothers exited the cave.

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