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Chapter 591 - Just You Wait

Chapter 591: Just You Wait

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Perhaps she was affected by Snake’s memories, but it was difficult for Gu Mengmeng to stir up much emotion. As for Ellie, Gu Mengmeng did not wish to bring her up much either, only continuing to Wabei, “Do you really not wish to stay in the Snake King valley?”

 Wabei’s expression darkened, “Stay here to remind myself, that I will never surpass him?”

 Gu Mengmeng watched Wabei silently, then sighed, “Then what plans do you have from here on?”

 Wabei replied, “Aren’t you planning to return to Saint Nazaire?”

 Gu Mengmeng nodded.

 Wabei responded, “I will go back with you.”

 Gu Mengmeng raised her brows, looking at Wabei, “You know I hate…”

 Suddenly, Wabei sprang up, “Didn’t you inherit Snake’s everything? My challenges are included in his everything. Let me tell you, unless I defeat Snake, you have to fight me every time I look for you.”

 Gu Mengmeng stared fixedly at Wabei. She knew, he was probably the most upset that Snake was gone.

 So, Gu Mengmeng grunted indifferently, “Overconfident.”

 Startled, Wabei looked at Gu Mengmeng, not saying anything for a long while. He only sat quietly beside her, furrowing his brows slightly.

 “I know you hate snakes that look like shit, so I will try my best not to reveal my original form in front of you. If only you occasionally… speak to me in Snake’s tone like you just did, fight with me when I can no longer hold it in, and that would suffice for me.”

 Gu Mengmeng smiled gently, stood up, patted her hands then slapped Wabei on his back, so hard that he flew out of the cave. She raised her head, “So annoying.”

 Turning around, Gu Mengmeng did not look at Wabei’s expression.

 She only heard him shouting behind her, “Just you wait, one day I will defeat you and throw you out of the Snake King valley!”

 Gu Mengmeng knew, Wabei was crying…

 The huge commotion outside had the three little wolves awake. They wanted to come out to see Gu Mengmeng, but were blocked by Elvis.

 When Gu Mengmeng returned to the cave, the emotions she was feeling was a little difficult to express.

 Her son, who was barely a year old, was standing right beside Elvis and staring at herself. He still had the body of a child and looked like he was about four or five.

 Memories inherited from Snake told her that the children’s physical abilities spiked when they saw her life in danger and leveled up forcefully. Such rushed, forceful methods of upgrading have always possessed damage to bodies.

 Gu Mengmeng caressed her sons’ faces, trying to recognize, “You are Hede?”

 Out of the three, the one who seemed the most learned nodded, taking a step forward, chanting, “Mother Beast.”

 Gu Mengmeng forced a smile, “I saw, you were the first to transform and bring your two younger brothers to rush over. However, in the future, I hope you will bring them to escape. If it weren’t for Snake rushing in time, the four of us would have died right there and then. In such special situations that challenge my capabilities, it is only wise to save as many of us as we can, understand?”

 Hede shook his head, “We are males, we should protect the females in the family. If we cannot even save our own mother, then we might as well die.’

 Gu Mengmeng wanted to say something, but the youngest Kanwu took a step forward, “Mommy, don’t worry, we will work hard to become even stronger, so we will never let you experience such things in the future.”

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