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Chapter 593 - Congratulations

Chapter 593: Congratulations

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Gu Mengmeng turned around to look at Elvis. She did not say anything, only pulling his arm.

 Elvis took the opportunity to hug Gu Mengmeng in his arms, kissing her hair, “You just recovered, and still need to rest well.”

 Gu Mengmeng shook her head, “I have great recovery capabilities now, and already don’t feel odd anymore. Furthermore, I don’t want to sleep. Everytime I close my eyes, I have Snake’s memories. Do you know… I can even see the previous messengers of the Beast Deity…”

 Elvis lowered his head, gently rubbing Gu Mengmeng’s temple, “Not only did you inherit Snake’s memories, you also inherited all the memories from his family?”

 Gu Mengmeng nodded helplessly, “Hmm, but many images are still very blurry, perhaps due to inability to clearly remember because it was too long ago, but the memories of Snake and his father remains very crisp in my head. Then… it seemed like I once loved the male of the previous messengers of the Beast Deity, then I was lonely for a thousand years, followed by falling in love with my own male… Weird isn’t it? I’m even starting to wonder, who exactly am I?

 Pain filled Elvis’ eyes, as he hugged and kissed Gu Mengmeng, “You are my Xiao Meng, my mighty Queen.”

 Gu Mengmeng’s fingers softly brushed against Elvis’ chest. The scar there had not fully faded, showing the vast difference in healing abilities between a fifth-level beast and the Beast King.

 “Does it still hurt?” Gu Mengmeng asked.

 Elvis held Gu Mengmeng’s little hand that was brushing against the scar on his chest, shifting it to the left, “Yes.”

 Gu Mengmeng felt the beating of his heart from her fingertips. She looked up and into the deep, mystic blue eyes of Elvis, pursing her lips, “I don’t want to lie and tell you that I’m fine. After waking up from that nightmare, I became a thousand years older. I’m very confused, uneasy, and I don’t know how to face the fact that Snake sacrificed his life for me. However, I can assure that I will slowly get better. Be it for you, our sons, Lea and the tribe… or for Snake.”

 Elvis held Gu Mengmeng’s hand, nodding, “I know you will get better, you certainly will.”

 Gu Mengmeng did not respond to Elvis anymore, only looking up towards the entrance of the cave.

 Now… she has excellent hearing.

 “Lea is back.” Gu Mengmeng said.

 Elvis asked, “Do you have anything to say to him?”

 Gu Mengmeng nodded, side-eyeing Elvis, “I know I promised to only have you as a partner in this lifetime, but… now I understand how persistent a male is once they are in love. Snake barely knew me for a month, but Lea… has been by my side for half a year. If you blame me…”

 Elvis smiled, and did not let Gu Mengmeng continue, only gently kissing her hair, “I will never blame you. I will support you no matter what you do, and will find whatever you are searching for you.”

 Gu Mengmeng nodded, contemplating whether to say “Sorry” or “Thank you”.

 After hesitating for a while, Gu Mengmeng finally said, “Hubby, I love you.”

 The edges of Elvis’ lips raised, “I know. And, I love you too.”

 With that, Elvis let go of Gu Mengmeng and exited the cave after looking longingly at her.

 Elvis and Lea met at the entrance of the cave. Elvis patted Lea’s shoulder, telling him, “Congratulations.”


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