Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 34 - Shadow Form

Chapter 34: Shadow Form

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The moonlight energy and shadow energy quickly came into contact.

Then, they fused together!

A Taiji pattern was formed within the Moonlight Elf’s body!

All the spectators saw Ziyue’s pure white fur turning black.

However, it quickly reverted back to white, then black again, then white again, then black again, and repeat.

The temperament of the Moonlight Elf also underwent a huge change.

It felt cute before. Now, its aura was like a proud king.

At the same time, spiritual pressure surrounded the Moonlight Elf.

This was the sign of a warlord-level beast!

However, the Moonlight Elf did not have a soul crystal in its body.



In a blink of an eye, the Moonlight Elf’s appearance changed.

The Star Mastiff continued running toward the Moonlight Elf at full speed. Water currents gathered between its claws. It was ready to launch its final attack!

In the Ziyuef’s eyes, the Star Mastiff’s speed had somehow slowed down a lot.

Anyway, just as the Star Mastiff’s Surging Dark Tides was about to hit the Moonlight Elf, the latter dodged it effortlessly.

It could easily counter the Star Mastiff’s attacks now!

“How can this be?”

Zhang Qizheng was completely shocked.

The Moonlight Elf’s current speed was even faster than the Star Mastiff’s even though it was in the “Wild Call” state!

Was it breaking through on the spot? Perhaps a secret skill?

He did not know too much about Moonlight Elves.

Even Jiang He had a dumbfounded look on his face.

He glanced at the book of contracts. Ziyue’s interface had already changed.

[ Subdued beast ] : Moonlight Elf – Shadow form

[ Race ] : Cat Beast

[ Age ] : One year and five months old

[ Spirit affinity ] 89

[ Spirit ] : 912

[ Physique ] : 184

[ Rank ] : Tier 1 warlord

[ Evolution path ] : Moonlight Elf – Three-tailed Civet – Nine-tailed Cat Emperor ]

[ Moonlight Elf – Night Shadow Cat – ??? (Shadow path) ]

[ Moonlight Elf – ??? – Moon shadow path ]

[ Skill ] : Silver Moonblade (proficient), Moonlight (mastery), Moon Prayer (proficient), Shadow Claw (proficient), Wrong Light Claw (mastery), Godly Speed (proficient), Instant Flash (mastery)

Moon shadow path?

There was another one?

Jiang He did not have time to think. The battle was still ongoing.

A silvery-white shadow was condensed into the Moonlight Elf’s claw. There was also dark purple shadow energy flowing around the edges!

Wrong Light Claw and Shadow Claw had somehow been fused together as the two energies entangled!

This was the Moonlight Elf’s first counterattack!

The Star Mastiff used Instant Flash to dodge but just as it appeared behind the Moonlight Elf, it felt a sharp pain coming from its chest.

As usual, the first Wrong Light Claw was just an illusion. The real Wrong Light Claw was hidden in the dark.

However, this time, the Wrong Light Claw also contained the energy of Shadow Claw.

The Star Mastiff’s chest was slashed three times. Then, the shadow energy immediately exploded.


The Star Mastiff was blasted away by the shockwaves. It took a lot of energy for it to stand up. There were also many wounds on its body.

All the spectators watched silently. They were even holding their breaths.

The Moonlight Elf had managed to turn things around. Now, it had the advantage!

After sending the Star Mastiff flying, Ziyue quickly condensed a silvery-white Moonblade. The edges also emitted dark purple shadow energy.

It was another light-type move mixed with shadow energy!


The Silver Moonblade flew toward the Star Mastiff.

For a moment, the Star Mastiff felt helpless.

“Quickly dodge it!”

Zhang Qizheng shouted.

The Star Mastiff snapped back to its senses and used Instant Flash to dodge the Silver Moonblade.

However, it did not expect the Silver Moonblade to move like a boomerang.

Once again, it was under attack!

The Star Mastiff wanted to use Instant Flash again, but it was currently too weak.


The Silver Moonblade left a mediocre wound on the Star Mastiff’s back and dark blue blood began flowing out.


Following Zhang Qizheng’s command, the Star Mastiff prepared to make its final move.

It began running faster and faster. A transparent light enveloped its body.

“Instant Flash!”

The Moon Elf knew that it was at a disadvantage in terms of strength. Hence, it had no plans to clash head-on with the Star Mastiff. Instead, it used Instant Flash to dodge.

Another wound appeared on the Star Mastiff’s body and shadow energy erupted.

The Star Mastiff took a few steps back before finally caving in.

“Jiang He’s Moonlight Elf wins!”

The referee announced the result.

Upon hearing that, the Moonlight Elf turned around and gave Jiang He a proud smile.

However, it suddenly felt dizzy. The surrounding sight and noise were disappearing.


The Moonlight Elf’s vision went black and it fainted.

Jiang He quickly rushed to its side.

Ziyue’s body was very hot and its fur was still changing color.

“Doctor! Someone call a doctor!”

The reporters were very excited. They quickly took notes using their smart devices.

[ Shocking! In the Youth Tournament, a servant-level Moonlight Elf had defeated a warlord-level star Mastiff! ]

In Haiping City’s Imperial Veterinary Hospital, a conversation between two middle-aged women could be heard.

“Did you hear? A servant-level Moonlight Elf had defeated a warlord-level star Mastiff!.”

“It had a breakthrough on the spot but passed out after the match, right?”

“What happened to the rest of his matches?”

“What else can he do other than dropping out? It’s a shame. He had already made it into the top 16.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang He became even more frustrated.

The emergency room’s door was tightly shut. His heart was filled with a great deal of sadness.

“Don’t… Don’t worry! The Moonlight Elf will be fine.”

Ding Lei tried to console him.

Finally, a white-robed doctor and his healing-type beast, Lightfeather, came out of the emergency room.

Jiang He hurriedly asked, “Doctor, is my subdued beast alright?”

“The Moonlight Elf is fine. It was just not used to the new form of energy. It’ll slowly recover.”

“Will there be any complications in the future?”

“This is the first time I’ve encountered such a situation. I can’t guarantee anything and can only say things will be fine for now. By the way, you don’t have to worry about the medical fees this time. The tournament’s committee has covered part of it and the rest was paid by your teacher.’

Bai Shan had also visited the hospital earlier.

However, she left due to an urgent matter.

Jiang He did not expect his teacher to be so generous.

“Thank you. Can I go in now?”

“Of course! Oh, and one more thing. It’s best if your subdued beast doesn’t participate in any fights for the next week.”

The doctor advised.

Jiang He finally got to see Ziyue again.

After two rounds of treatment by Lightfeather, the little fellow’s body temperature had returned to normal.

Unfortunately, it was still unconscious. Its fur would also change color every once in a while.

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