Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 33 - Mastering Instant Flash!

Chapter 33: Mastering Instant Flash!

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The next day, the battle for the top thirty-two spots began.

An hour before the match, Jiang He actually saw his opponent. The latter wore square-rimmed glasses, had greasy hair, and a messy beard. He looked a little disheveled. Additionally, he was holding a thermos bottle. It was quite similar to the one owned by Jiang He. He was definitely a formidable opponent!

The large dog beside him with dark blue fur and thick limbs was the Star Mastiff.

It was called the Star Mastiff because its fur would glow faintly at night.

Jiang He had done his research last night. He knew the Star Mastiff had also taken the assassin’s path.

The Star Mastiff’s skills included Swift Steps, Instant Flash, Charge, Bite, and Surging Dark Tides. They were somewhat similar to Ziyue’s skills.

In a battle between assassin-type beasts, it all came down to speed!

Whoever landed an attack first would win!


The Moonlight Elf in his arms looked a little tired.

It was still used to sleeping during the day and training at night.


The little fellow thought to itself, ‘Sigh… Life isn’t easy. Why can’t they hold the matches at night? With the support of the moonlight, I could go toe-to-toe with the warlord-level Star Mastiff! Now, the odds of winning are even slimmer.’

‘Ziyue, don’t feel dejected. Just enjoy your battles.’

Jiang He encouraged the Moonlight Elf through telepathy.

After all, their original goal was only to accumulate combat experiences. That way, they could improve their own shortcomings.

The prize money was important, but money could also be earned in various different ways.


The Moonlight Elf was actually complaining for no reason.

In fact, the little fellow was still full of fighting spirit and confidence.

So what if it was a warlord-level beast?

The matches from here on out would be given a lot of attention.

There was still half an hour before a match would start. However, all the seats were already filled.

Gu Xueni and her best friend were among the crowd.

Today, they had a “mission” to carry out. They wanted to film all the Moonlight Elf’s matches, edit them, then post them on the fan club forum.

Sitting next to them were students from the special training class.

“Besides me and Jin Yi, he’s the only one who made it into the top 32.”

Zhang Weiyan said somewhat excitedly.

Ever since his junior was defeated, Zhang Weiyan had started paying attention to Jiang He. His Moonlight Elf was always full of surprises.

They were the only three remaining students from Haiping City High School!

“Unfortunately, Jiang He’s chances of winning against a warlord-level beast is close to zero. The Youth Tournament had been held for over a hundred years. There were very few instances where a servant-level beast had bested a warlord-level beast. It only happens when the servant-level beast has advantageous attributes or is incredibly talented.”

“Perhaps a miracle will happen?”

Ding Lei, who was beside him, totally believed in Jiang He. After all, he had personally witnessed the Moonlight Elf’s growth. He would not be surprised if Jiang He wins the tournament.

Besides, there was something peculiar about the Moonlight Elf!

“It’ll only happen if the Moonlight Elf has a breakthrough. Jiang He is already doing very well. He definitely has a chance of winning in next year’s tournament.”

During the two minutes of “conversation”, neither Jiang He nor Zhang Qizheng said a word.

Jiang He tried to stimulate the battle in his mind.

He wanted to ensure the Moonlight Elf could do its best.

On the other hand, Zhang Qizheng disliked using psychological tactics against opponents weaker than him. It was a matter of pride.

“Let the match begin!”

The Star Mastiff immediately released its spiritual pressure.

It was not holding back!

That was the biggest difference between a warlord-level and a servant-level beast.

A warlord-level beast had spiritual pressure!

This phenomenon would occur when energy was highly compressed. The density of the surrounding air would increase.

Ziyue could feel the spiritual pressure from afar. Its breathing was slightly disrupted.

When fighting against a warlord-level beast, spiritual pressure was useless. However, it was very useful against servant-level beasts.

Fortunately, the little fellow had a month of gravity training. So, it quickly adapted to the situation.

“Godly Speed!”

“Swift Steps!”

The two subdued beasts simultaneously charged at each other. Their fighting styles were very similar, such as using skills to increase their speed at the beginning.

Unsurprisingly, the Star Mastiff’s speed was a notch higher.

Just as the two were about to exchange blows, the Star Mastiff and the Moonlight Elf immediately executed Instant Flash.

After swapping positions, they launched their attacks at the same time!

Blue waves appeared around the Star Mastiff’s claws. It slashed down fiercely.

As for the Moonlight Elf, its claws flickered with shadow energy. It swapped from offense to defense, intercepting the Star Mastiff’s attack in midair.


Both energies collided with each other, creating a huge explosion.

The Star Mastiff only took a step back while the Moonlight Elf was sent flying. The latter flipped a few times in the air before landing on the ground.

In terms of strength, the Moonlight Elf was at an absolute disadvantage!

The first clash seemed to be evenly matched but after the subdued beasts landed on the ground, Ziyue’s front claws were slightly trembling. There was a dark force that made its muscles go numb.

[ Surging Dark Tides, an intermediate water-type skill. Water power is attached to the user’s claws. ]

The description of this skill popped into Jiang He’s mind.

He did not expect the other party’s attack to be so nimble and fierce!

The Moonlight Elf used Moonlight and began to heal its injuries.

Naturally, the Star Mastiff would not let go of this opportunity to attack. Its claws shone with sharpness. Once again, it charged toward the Moonlight Elf.

Ziyue used all its might to unleash Godly Speed, turning into a white phantom. (TN: Metaphorically.)

By mastering Moonlight, the healing power would track its target automatically.

Hence, Ziyue could still run around while being healed.

Meanwhile, the Star Mastiff’s speed was even faster than when it used Swift Steps!

In a blink of an eye, it had already caught up with Moonlight Elf.

Without wasting any time, it immediately used Charge!

A light-like substance appeared on the surface of the Star Mastiff’s body. It was like a layer of protection.

Master-level Charge!

The Star Mastiff ran faster and faster. It leaped high into the air when it got close to the Moonlight Elf. Then, it turned its speed into strength!

Just as it was about to pounce on the Moonlight Elf, the latter’s figure suddenly became blurry. Then, it disappeared right in front of the Star Mastiff’s eyes.

Instant Flash!

Even though the little fellow had used Instant Flash to dodge the Star Mastiff’s fatal claw, a sense of danger welled up in its heart.

In a flash, the Star Mastiff’s figure appeared behind the Moonlight Elf. There were water currents attached to its sharp claws and it attacked again!

The Star Mastiff had also used Instant Flash!

“This time, you won’t be able to escape!” said Zhang Qizheng.

The Moonlight Elf tried its best to activate the moonlight energy in its body. It wanted to use Instant Flash to dodge again.


The Star Mastiff’s claws were fiercely slammed onto the ground, creating a cloud of dust.

It missed!

Once again, the Moonlight Elf’s figure disappeared.

Consecutive Flash!

Under extreme pressure, the Moonlight Elf mastered Flash!

‘Master-level Flash?’

Zhang Qizheng was deep in thought.

“You’re just delaying your defeat. Beastmaster talent – Wild Call.”

Zhang Qizheng put down his thermos bottle and roared into the sky like a werewolf. His unruly face became even wilder.

The Star Mastiff also roared into the sky. A primitive wild power erupted from its body.


The Star Mastiff’s five senses got even sharper, and its strength and speed were greatly enhanced.


Ziyue had just recovered, but another round of attacks was already launched at it!

Since it could not dodge everything, it blocked using Shadow Claw.

Under the Sar Mastiff’s frenzied attacks, the Moonlight Elf could barely breathe.

Nonetheless, it remained calm the entire time. It was doing its best to find the Star Mastiff’s weakness!

Jiang He was very worried for the Moonlight Elf.

Why was his talent a support-type? If it was a battle-type, he could help the little fellow out.


Ziyue suddenly felt a burning sensation coming from the moon pattern on its forehead.

Due to the frequent use of Shadow Claw, its shadow energy was almost used up.

At this moment, the remaining shadow energy quickly flowed into its body.

It was heading towards where the moonlight energy was stored!

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