Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 31 - Breaking Through Before the Competition. Isn’t That Too Much?

Chapter 31: Breaking Through Before the Competition. Isn’t That Too Much?

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By the time Jiang He returned to his seat, his heart was still pounding.

The Moonlight Elf looked excited as well.

They had defeated a level nine servant! The other party was even powered up!

In fact, the overall strength of the Fire Dragon was higher than the Snow Wolf!

Additionally, the progress bar had reached one hundred percent again.

Jiang He had been struggling to increase the pleasure points because New Moon Clinic was closed.

Without any hesitation, he immediately extracted his rewards.

[ Moonlight Barrier Fragment *1 (2/4) ]

[ Silver Moonblade Fragment *1 (4/4) -Can be synthesized ]

[ Miniature moonlight energy pack (Could be used on Moonlight Elves) ]

Finally, Jiang He had collected all the Silver Moonblade fragments.


However, he was not in a hurry to use it. There were too many people surrounding him.

He turned on his phone to check on the others.

The “Special Training Group” was already in an uproar.

[ Lu Zhen: How are you guys doing? I’ve already lost. I had to face a level nine opponent in the first round. ]

[ Wang Ping: Same. *tear emoji ]

[ Wang Xue: Nobody’s luck is worse than mine. My opponent was a rock-type beast that had mastered Hardening. I couldn’t even scratch it! ]

The students appeared to be quite miserable.

However, there was also good news and the atmosphere changed.

[ Hu Xiaodie: Lady Luck was on my side! Both my opponents were only level six! ]

[ Liu Meng: I barely won. *praying emoji ]

After a month of special training, everyone had become much stronger. A number of students had won their first two matches.

[ Zhang Weiyan: Jiang He, did you defeat Xia Huohuo from Haiping No. 1 School? @Jiang He ]

Jiang He’s phone vibrated because someone had tagged him.

He was a little confused.

Logically speaking, his match with Xia Huohuo should not have attracted a lot of attention.

[ Jiang He: I won by a fluke. Senior, how did you find out about my match? ]

[ Zhang Weiyan: Xia Huohuo is my junior *laughing and crying emoji. He said that our school’s secret weapon had eliminated him. ]

[ Jiang He: He was just too careless. ]

[ Zhang Weiyan: I know my junior’s strength. Even if he was careless, an ordinary subdued beast would not be able to defeat his Fire Dragon. By the way, you only contracted your beast two months ago, right? How scary! *shocked emoji ]

[ Lu Zhen: Big brother, you’re so terrifying! ]

[ Liu Wei: You’re the final boss! ]

[ Ding Lei: The final boss is to be feared! ]

Jiang He felt completely helpless.

His peers were all unified.

Even Ding Lei was making a ruckus. The others were such bad influences!

Anyway, Jiang He brought Ziyue to the outdoor training ground. Participants could use this area for warm-up.

He synthesized the four Silver Moonblade fragments.


The Moonlight Elf tilted its head. It seems like Jiang He was going to use magic again.

Just like the last time, an inexplicable amount of knowledge rushed into its mind.

The moonlight energy in its body began to flow. Then, a silvery-white Moonblade appeared in front of the little fellow. It was sharper than before.

At the same time, Ziyue could control the Moonblade’s movements!

Originally, once a Moonblade was launched, it could no longer be controlled.

On the other hand, the Silver Moonblade was like an extension of one’s hands and feet.

The Moonlight Elf could even control the Silver Moonblade while it was flying!


The Silver Moonblade kept circling in the air. Ziyue was having fun.

‘Why does it feel like a sword technique from martial arts novels?’

Jiang He thought to himself.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Jiang He’s phone vibrated again. It was a message from Gu Gu.

[ Gu Gu: What are you doing? ]

[ Jiang He: I just finished my matches. I’m going home. ]

This person nicknamed “Gu Gu” was White Pigeon.

After the “giant whale incident”, White Pigeon decided to add Jiang He’s contact information. After all, she might need his help in the future.

If Liu Hao knew about this, he would probably go crazy.

[ Gu Gu: The Youth Tournament? ]

[ Jiang He: Yes, how did you know? ]

[ Gu Gu: I was a student in Haiping City High School too. Back then, I was the champion for three consecutive years! *proud emoji ]

[ Jiang He: Seriously?! *shocked emoji ]

[ Gu Gu: Yup. ]

[ Jiang He: Since you’ve already graduated from high school, should I call you Senior Sister? *laughing emoji ]

[ Gu Gu: Ah! Don’t expose my age! *blushing emoji ]

[ Jiang He: Actually, you look like a first-year high school student at most. ]

[ Gu Gu: You’re pretty good at sweet-talking. *patting head emoji ]

Even though White Pigeon was a celebrity, she was not arrogant at all. In fact, she was very cute.

It almost felt like she was not a real person.

[ Jiang He: By the way, what happened to the New World that descended from the East China Sea? Did it sink into the abyss?

Jiang He still could not forget about the “movie” he had seen through telepathy. He wanted to know what happened to the giant whale.

[ Gu Gu: The investigation team just returned yesterday. Apparently, there is a primeval forest in that New World. They had also discovered the existence of aborigines. However, the aborigines disliked outsiders, making it difficult to form a connection. ]

[ Jiang He: There’s still people in that New World?! Is the giant whale still alive? ]

[ Gu Gu: I’m not sure. Due to a barrier, even powerful beastmasters could not enter. So, we couldn’t make much progress. ]

[ Jiang He: Barrier? *puzzled emoji ]

[ Gu Gu: Yes. The barrier has an automatic identification function. If a person’s strength exceeds a certain threshold, they won’t be able to pass through. Only those below warlord-level can enter. ]

[ Jiang He: Thank you for the information, Senior Sister. If you need any help, just let me know. ]

Jiang He still wanted to level up his talent for free.

[ Gu Gu: Are you addicted to the “Spring Of Elves”? ]

[ Jiang He: Ahem, I just want to help. ]

[ Gu Gu: Well, you might have a chance soon. ]

[ Jiang He: ? ]

[ Gu Gu: This is not public information yet, so keep it a secret. The Regulatory Bureau is letting the top 16 winners of this year’s Youth Tournament participate in the upcoming New World expedition. ]

[ Jiang He: Will our safety be guaranteed?! Isn’t this too bold?! ]

Jiang He did not expect to hear this at all!

The initial exploration of a New World was the most dangerous. Usually, the death rate would be very high!

[ Gu Gu: It’s not forced. You can give up your spot to others. Besides, the investigation team had already explored certain parts of the New World. Safety is not an issue. ]

[ Jiang He: Senior Sister, you think too highly of me. I’m not even sure if I could make it to the top 16! ]

[ Gu Gu: Belief in yourself. You can definitely do it! ]

[ Jiang He: The prize money… Now this… Ugh… ]

Jiang He had to really focus on tomorrow’s matches.

His desire to be in the top sixteen sky-rocketed.

Having the option to go into the New World was important.

Jiang He and the Moonlight Elf had a good afternoon sleep once they returned home.

When night fell, they woke up and began their special training.

Ziyue needed to get used to the Silver Moonblade. It could be made into a lethal long-ranged attack.

“The committee has changed your level to 8,” said Jiang He after checking the tournament’s schedule again.


The Moonlight Elf sighed.

It had lost one of its advantages.

“Don’t worry. I’ll cast another spell later. You’ll upgrade to a level 9 servant.”

Jiang He said with a smile.

Breaking through at the last minute should be fine, right?

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