Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 30 - Breathing Fire!

Chapter 30: Breathing Fire!

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After lunch, Jiang He went to the second arena and found a seat.

The Moonlight Elf was on his lap.

They began thinking about their opponent.

Fire Dragons were purebred familiar. They had the word “dragon” in their names, but they had nothing to do with dragon-type familiars. Most of them had the potential to become low commander-level.

Additionally, they prefer the strong offensive route to completely destroy their opponents!

“After dodging, it can counterattack. Moreover, a Fire Dragon has strong defenses because its body is covered with thick red scales. Wrong Light Claw might not be able to defeat it instantly.


“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

There was a message from the “Special Training Group” chat.

[ Bai Shan: Second round opponents’ information (file) ]

[ Bai Shan: Use it as a reference. ]


[ Zhang Weiyan: Instructor Bai, with this information, I feel that my winning rate has increased by 100%. ]

[ Wang Ping: Thank you, Instructor Bai. ]

[ Bai Shan: Don’t be careless. This information is actually public. Your opponents also have information about you. ]

There were even people selling information, but Jiang He thought it was unreliable.

Only Instructor Bai was completely trustworthy.

Jiang He accessed the file and found that everything was sorted by name.

He checked his own details.

At the same time, he found a video.

[ Beastmaster ] : Xia Huohuo

[ Talent ] : Breath Of Fire

[ Subdued Beast ] : Fire Dragon

[ Skills ] : Fire Tornado, Fierce Claw Strike, Spark, Charge, Iron Wall

[ Remarks ] : Xia Huohuo’s talent could increase the power of fire-type skills for a short period of time.

The video’s content was Xia Huohuo’s previous matches in other tournaments.

After watching it, Jiang He could roughly figure out his opponent’s fighting style.

“I didn’t expect the contestants’ information to be made public.”

Jiang He felt like he had another advantage.

He was practically a blank sheet of paper. His opponent did not know Ziyue’s capabilities.

Furthermore, he might let his guard down after seeing that Ziyue was “level five”.

‘I definitely have a chance at winning!”

In the second arena, the first two afternoon matches ended very quickly because they were rather one-sided.

By the time Jiang He and the Moonlight Elves finished warming up, it was their turn to go on stage.

His opponent had not arrived yet. Jiang He looked around.

There were a lot more spectators in comparison to the morning matches.

Most of them were probably here to watch Xia Huohuo.

After all, his subdued beast was powerful and his talent complimented it well. He was basically guaranteed a spot for the fourth day.

Surprisingly, Gu Xueni and her best friend were also there.

Anyway, Xiao Huohuo only arrived two minutes before the match started.

He was almost six feet tall and his short red hair stood out.

Somehow, his red hair looked very natural.

His subdued beast, the Fire Dragon, was beside him. It looked like a giant lizard.

The Fire Dragon’s body was covered in a layer of reddish-brown scales. Its eyes were dark red, almost like burning flames.

“You have two minutes to talk with each other.”

“You’re quite lucky. You managed to advance to the second round with a level 5 servant. Unfortunately, you have to face me now.”

Xia Huohuo acted like an expert.

Jiang He did not respond. He was busy coming up with strategies.

Upon seeing Jiang He’s serious expression, Xia Huohuo “kindly” comforted him.

“Relax. Don’t feel pressured. I’ll try my best to not hurt your subdued beast.”

“Okay. Thank you for your kindness, senior.”

Jiang He came back to his senses.

“Let the match begin!”

Ziyue’s feet immediately lit up with silvery-white moonlight. The little fellow used Godly Speed to get closer to the Fire Dragon. However, it was slower than usual.

Jiang He did not give his orders out loud. They were communicating telepathically.

“Interesting. It actually dares to attack first. Fire Tornado!”

Xia Huohuo could only sigh and praise the Moonlight Elf’s courage.


The Fire Dragon spat out a powerful stream of flame.

A fiery “snake” rushed toward the Moonlight Elf.

“He wants to end this match with one move.”

Upon seeing this, Jiang He smiled slightly.

Everything was just as he had predicted.

First, Ziyue would approach the Fire Dragon at a lowered speed. He wanted to make sure the Fire Dragon would be able to keep up with the Moonlight Elf. This way, his opponents would underestimate them.

Just as the snake-shaped flame was about to devour the Moonlight Elf, the latter suddenly disappeared.

Instant Flash!

Ziyue had easily dodged the Fire Tornado.

Out of nowhere, the little fellow’s speed suddenly increased. It was almost like a bolt of lightning!

The Fire Dragon did not expect the Moonlight Elf to dodge its attack.

Ziyue’s speed was also astonishing! Who would have thought a “level 5” servant could achieve such feats.

By the time it reacted, the Moonlight Elf was already within reach!

Dark purple shadow energy condensed into claws. A hit landed on the Fire Dragon’s head.


The Fire Dragon was sent flying by the shockwaves. Its scales were shattered and three wounds appeared on its body.

“Do you think a pig can eat a tiger? I’ll finish you off in one move!”

Xia Huohuo became heated after his Fire Dragon was injured.

His irises fiercely expanded outward. At the same time, golden flames surrounded the Fire Dragon’s eyes.

“Beastmaster talent – Breath Of Fire!”

The Fire Dragon’s fire-type skills immediately powered up.


It spewed out even hotter flames.

Even though the Moonlight Elf was some distance away, it could still feel the intense heat!

At this moment, the Fire Dragon Beast was as strong as a warrior-level beast.

However, there was not the slightest hint of nervousness in the Moonlight Elf’s eyes.

It was only worried that its beautiful fur would be burnt.

This time, the Fire Dragon did not use long-range attacks. It sped up and ran towards the Moonlight Elf.

Even though the Fire Dragon looked heavy, it was not slow at all.

As it ran, its claws turned lava-red.

Fiery Claw!

It was an intermediate fire skill.

The Moonlight Elf did not dodge. Instead, it ran towards the Fire Dragon. A silvery-white light appeared on its claws.

“This… You want to fight me head-on?”

Xia Huohuo was a little confused.

Was the Moonlight Elf courting death?

Nonetheless, he could not afford to be careless.

He was already fooled by “level five” before.

With that being said, since Xia Huohuo had no information on his opponent, he did not know what the Moonlight Elf was planning!

The moment Wrong Light Claw and Fiery Claw collided, the former suddenly disappeared.

It was just an illusion!

The Fire Dragon’s Fierce Claw left three scorch marks on the ground.

Suddenly, it felt piercing pain coming from previous wounds!

“No.082 Fire Dragon can no longer fight. No. 609 Moonlight Elf has advanced!”

The referee announced the result in a clear voice.

Ziyue had won again!

Pleasure points: 100%

A five percent increase.

“You’re very strong…”

Xia Huohuo did not expect to lose this round at all!

Although it was largely because he underestimated his opponent, he had to give credit where it was due!

Jiang He and his Moonlight Elf worked really well together.

“Xueni, it seems like you didn’t lose in vain.”

Gu Xueni’s best friend comforted her.

“That Moonlight Elf is really dashing!”

Gu Xueni was completely mesmerized by the Moonlight Elf.

“How about its owner?”

Her best friend teased with a grin.

“You’re asking for a beating!”

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