Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Arrow in the knee?

"What was that sound?"

"Hurry and check! Move it!"

A commotion broke out in the village . Twenty village guards rushed to the explosive site . The villagers woke up and opened windows to check what was going on .

Tong continued running towards the North while glancing at his HUD map . The red dot in the East was chasing him from behind, while the other two switched target towards each other . After another minute of running, the three red dots reduced to two . The other two red dots, which Tong initially thought they were crashing into each other, were also reduced by one .

'Good . From a 3-on-1 situation turns into a one-on-one now . '

Tong stopped his feet and turned around, then he gauged the distance between him and the red dot .

'60 meters . . . 55 … 50'

'He's coming out in front . '

Tong took out a grenade he looted from the grenade boy and put his other hand on the pin, standing by to throw the grenade at the moment he had the visual of the enemy .

The cloud of the night sky moved, revealing the full-moon . The moonlight shined down the land, a boy with a sword showed up . He was charging at Tong without stopping .

Tong noticed that the boy was clenching both hands on his sword while running awkwardly . He didn't seem to be in a position to release a magic skill or range skill . The boy screamed a war-cry and continued charging .

"You have no idea that you are already dead!"

"There is nothing in this world that I cannot cut!" The boy proclaimed .

Tong tilted his head to the side in amusement . His face and eyes were mocking the boy in front of him .

'Are you serious?'

'He's not trying to fool me or make me let down my guard, right?'

'What's with that cheesy lines? Middle-school syndrome? A chunni?'

'Welp . I can't look down on him . I'm a chunni too . Wasn't my skill created based on J*jo?'

Tong put down the grenade his was preparing and drew his blade .

'Since my opponent seems to be a melee type, then let me abuse my [Plot Armor] . '



Name: Bai Chi

Age: 16

Lifespan: 450 Years

*Passive Skill List*

[Sword Master] Cannot be leveled up

- Master all kinds of swords . Increase all attributes by 10 times if the host is using a sword .

- If the host kill an enemy, increase the host lifespan by the remaining lifespan of the killed enemy .

System Note: Idiot number two .


"There is nothing in this world that I cannot cut!" Bai Chi shouted as he was charging at Tong .

Bai Chi jumped to mid-air, raising his sword overhead, and then swung down .




"I told you that there is nothing … eh?"

Bai Chi was sure that he got an easy kill . He had been using his swords to hunt down gangsters since he was eight . He had confident in his passive skill . He believed that once he could get closed to any opponent, then that opponent would be as good as dead . He never lost in the close-range fight even once .

However, Bai Chi sword was grabbed by a bare hand . Tong just simply raised his hand and grabbed the blade part . The sharp edge couldn't cut his hand .

Tong yanked the sword towards himself . Bai Chi, who was unprepared, was dragged forward .

As Bai Chi lost his balance, Tong stabbed his blade through Bai Chi's neck, claiming another kill .

[*Ding* *Ding* Double Kill!]

A confirmation announcement sound made Tong sighed a relief . He was lucky that both of the enemies were physical attack type .

Tong looked around and glanced at the map to confirm his location . He planned to return home for now because the bomb commotion was getting more hectic .

He didn't like the presence of the otherworlders here in this village . This is Zhang Jiao's secret operation base pre-uprising . Tong couldn't afford to have any otherworlder messing up with the trend of the history here .

Tong planned that he would get rid of the rest of otherworlders during the day or tonight since there was enough time . There was only two otherworlders other than Tong remained here .



Before Tong could walk a step back to his house, a bright arrow flew up from a dark alley and headed straight into Tong's left knee . A sharp pain sensation that Tong hadn't experienced as of late was running from his stabbed knee into his brain .

"Ahh!" Tong cried in pain .

He looked below and found a shining arrow getting stuck in his left knee .

'Fudge! It's magic! Magic Arrow!'

Instinctively, Tong leaped using the last remaining good-condition right leg and rolled behind a cover, a cart filled with tied straws .

Another arrow flew through the location Tong was standing . If Tong didn't rolled away, the arrow would have pierced his heart . However, the arrow curved in mid-air and made a U-Turn towards Tong .

Seeing that the arrow was still coming back for him, Tong cursed in his mind .

'Not just ordinary magic arrow, but a homing magic arrow!'

Tong lifted his blade and managed to block the arrow . But another *whish* sound came from a distance and another arrow was flying toward him again .

Tong lifted himself up and ran while limping into a narrow alley . Then he turned around and blocked another arrow with his blade .




Three more arrows were shot and flew in mid-air . All of them made a turn and flew straight at Tong as if they have eyes attacked on the arrow head .

'Not to my freaking self! Don't you ever, and I meant never let your freaking guard down after a victory again!'

Tong self-cursed while shrinking himself small to minimize the area that arrows could hit him, and swung the side of his blade to block the arrows . He glanced at the map to find the location of the archer .

The red dot flashed 30 meters away, South-West of Tong's location . Tong then check the route if he could get a vantage point . Tong stayed in his current position, planning his next move .

The archer realized he couldn't kill Tong by shooting at his current position . The arrows consumed his lifespan so he couldn't waste it recklessly . He moved eastwards to block Tong's escape route and to find an angle on Tong .

However, Tong surprised him . Tong climbed the alley up to the roof of a wooden house, and threw something in his direction . A can-shaped object made an arc and dropped on the ground, 10 meters away from the archer .

"Shit! Grenade!? A grenade skill!?"


The archer jumped away and lied down in prone to avoid the explosion . But the shrapnel still hit his back and grazed a finger-size fresh from his left thigh . Blood gushed out of the wounds and the sensation of pain ran through his nerve into his brain .


The archer gritted his teeth and moaned in pain . He looked at the map to confirm the current Tong's location .



A dagger struck into his right thigh . Tong threw his two daggers towards the archers, but one of them hit while the other hit the ground next to the archer .

After throwing the daggers, Tong rushed over to the archer without caring about the pain in his knee . He jumped down the roof and continued dashing while limping .

The archer, seeing that Tong was approaching him, flipped around . While the archer was still lying down on the ground on his back, he activated his skill and a bright arrow appeared on his hand . He nocked the arrow with his bow and was about to release the string .


Another explosion sound came from the south . The archer was distracted and his hand slipped . His arrow was successfully fired, but the aiming was off . Tong swiped away the arrow with his blade and activated his trump card .

"Time Stop!"

It was the last words that the archer heard before his vision went black forever .

Tong lied down, panting .

The pain from his knee was killing him when he pushed himself to run . The landing from the 2 . 5-meter-high roof also shook his inside . He felt like his internal organs and his brain were hit by a hammer .

'I'm immune to physical attack but not immune to the gravity?'

This was a new discovery for Tong . He made another mental note, not to jump down from the high ground . Tong once had a dream about himself jumping down from a city wall like a certain open-battlefield action game, which seemed impossible to achieve with his current constitution .

Tong turned his head to look at the corpse of the archer . Tong's blade pierced through his heart and stayed stuck in the archer's body . And then look at the south where the sound of explosion came from .

'Somebody probably triggered that booby trap . '

'I feel sorry for the villagers . But I didn't have enough time to disarm that . '

[*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* TRIPLE KILL!]

[Wow! You are such an overachiever! Well done!]

[Should I revive a dead meme for this situation?]

[I was once a main character like you, but I got an arrow in the knee . ]

" . . . "

[Oh well, don't mind the lame joke . The action scenes was plain boring . I'm just brightening the mood for the audiences . I have the responsibility to keep this show going, you know?]


[Anyway, have fun and enjoy your mini chicken dinner!]

"… Damn system . "

Tong cursed and continued lying down on the ground on his back . His body, which had just become 16-year-old in less than an hour, was already at the limit . He didn't have any strength to raise himself up .

Tong looked at the HUD map to check the last red dot . The red dot was over 500 meters away and already went inside a building . It seemed that the person already killed an otherworlder to meet the mission requirement and went back to rest .

Tong sighed in relief . He couldn't fight any more for the time being .

Villagers already noticed the commotion and rushed to Tong's location . Tong mustered his last bits of strength to get up and escaped into a dark shade of an alley . On his way back, he tried to think of an excuse to explain to his father about his injury .

"First day of the New Year is always a shitty day …" Tong grumbled .

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