Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Sleepless Night

There was six red dots . And all six dots were in his village!

It was obvious that those six were the otherworlders .

Tong's heart shook as he was nervous . He didn't afraid fighting the natives but he was afraid of the unknown ability that otherworlders had .

'What should I do now?'

'If I run into someone with range magic skill, like a fireball or a magic missile then I'll be screwed . '

'But I have more than 50% chance of victory if I can force one of them into a one-on-one fight . '

'And those that have physical skills are not my match!'

'… Fudge! Calm down my heart!'

His heart was beating 2-3 times per a second, as if he was about to have a heart attack .

This was the first time in this life that Tong had to prepare to face a life-and-death situation, which death meant he would return to Hell without any memories of his previous life, life in Hell and this life .

Tong was never afraid of death because he died many times in Hell already . But he would never want to become a retard for an eternity in an immortal body . The stake was too high!

Tong tried his best to regulate his breathing . He took deep breath and close his eyes to meditate for a couple minutes . Then he slowly opened his eyes .

'No need to be afraid . I have two trump cards . '

'I can stop time and I'm immune to physical attacks . '

'Medusa even trained me for almost 50 years in martial arts . '

'I can do this!' Tong motivated himself .

Tong made up his mind that he had to kill at least one otherworlder right now before the sun rose . If he didn't it, the degree of difficulty would be higher .

Tong couldn't possibly kill someone in the broad daylight or he would be arrested, which usually resulted in execution later on . Or if he waited till the sun went down, all otherworlders might had already left the village or there would be no one left to kill .

Tong dressed up and packed two daggers and a blade . Then he exited his room .

Tong sneaked out of the Zhang resident without being seen by the resident guards . He didn't want to drag his Father and his men into the fight of the otherworlders .

Zhang Jiao would need every single personal he had to strike down several major cities and strategic points in the early stage of the rebellion . And then Zhang Jiao would be in control of the central plain and became the Yellow Turban uprising leader as in the history .

'I don't really want to support his cause . '

'There will be those opportunist bandits and thieves mixing in . I'll find a way to get rid of them later . '

'But he is still my father . I even vowed that I will protect him . I can't tolerate abandoning him now . '

Tong dashed from narrow alley to another narrow alley . He avoided all open area such as main streets and plazas . Within 10 minutes, he arrived before a shabby shed .

Tong glanced at the HUD map . One of the six red dots were right in front of him within the shed . The other three dots also rushed onto his position from the South, East and West . But they were still a few hundred meters distanced away . The other two appeared at the same location, attaching to each other . Tong guessed that the two dots were probably in the middle of fighting against one another .

It seemed all of them woke up from the loud trumpet intro music and coming out to chase down other otherworlders .

All of them had the same thought, they rushed to the closest red spot .

Because Tong rushed here too fast, the nearest red spot stopped moving and hided in a shed while the other three were coming from a different direction in a distance away .

And Tong would now be pincered in every direction by four otherworlders if he didn't move away from his current location . He had run straight into the box of death .

'I've done goof . I shouldn't have rushed here . '

Tong realized his mistake . If he were to wait a bit longer in Zhang's resident, all of them would have crashed against each other and exhausted all of their strength . Then Tong could have come out fresh and reap their life .

'I'll remember this mistake . Plan before action . No rushing into a battlefield without planning . '

Tong made a mental note to himself . Then he glared at the shed in front of him .

'Let's not be reckless again and charge blindly into that shed . '

'That person knew I'm here but he didn't come out to fight . '

'To use this strategy to fight, if I were him what ability and tactic would I do?'

'I'll use a process of elimination . '

'He's definitely not a range type or he would fire something at me before I could get this close . '

'A direct melee type is also unlikely, or else he would come out and clashed with me . '

'A surprise attack or a trapping type?'

'Waiting and baiting, what tactic could be used . . . '

'He knew I was here but he neither retreated nor fight . Just stay still …'

'It's either a trap or a surprise attack . '

'Then I'll just test the water . '

Tong looked around and found a hand-size rock . He grabbed it and threw it at the nearest shed window facing him, aiming to destroy the window .

The shed window was made by straws cover and old dried bamboos weaved together . The rock smashed through the window . A hand-size hole can be seen and a few fractured parts collapsed .

The window size was almost in 50cm x 50cm dimension . Through the window, a young boy, similar age as Tong, could be seen .

"Dammit!" He cursed .

The boy then escaped through the back door of the shed, leaving Tong .

'He ran away?'

Tong was surprised . He guessed that the person that was retreating should have laid a trap inside of his shed .

Tong circled around the shed to chase him, but he stopped his feet . A can-like object was thrown at Tong . It was a can with a handle on top . The can was already rolling on the ground, 10 centimeters away from Tong's feet .

'Fudge! Grenades!'


The boy who thrown the HE grenades looked back and smirked .

'Fool! I was a pro in P**G, do you think I didn't have an exit plan?'

'Ha! With this I'll have another 10,000 years to live! I'll be an immortal!'

'Thanks for the tips, noob!'

The boy mocked Tong in his mind . He believed that Tong wouldn't be able to come out of that alive .

The boy stopped running and checked his status .



Name: Shou Liudan

Age: 16

Lifespan: 29 Years

*Active Skill List*

[Create Grenade] LV . 1 EXP( 4/10,000 )

- Create one explosive grenade .

Skill Consumption: 200 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: None

System Note: Idiot number one .



The boy checked his remaining lifespan . It hadn't increased .

"The mission is not completed?"

The boy muttered to himself . He didn't notice that the red dot in front of him was approaching .


The boy felt something cold went through his neck . Then he couldn't sense his lower body nor could breathe . His vision became yellow and then black . His body collapsed and his head rolled on the ground .

[*Ding* *Ding* Congratulations! You've got the first blood!]

[Your rewards will be given after the time limit ended . ]

[Please do your best to score some more and aim for the additional prize!]

'Whew! One down . Five to go . '

'Fudge! That was scary . I thought I was a goner . '

'Praise the [Plot Armor]!'

After beheaded the grenade boy, Tong padded his torn cloths to put out the small fire .

Because Tong braced the explosion head-on . Pot-holes and burned mark, which was damaged by the explosion and shrapnel, was visible everywhere on his cloth . His cloth was in tattered .


*Passive Skill List*

[Plot Armor] Cannot be leveled up

- Immune to all natural disease, poisoning and physical attacks .

- After the host become 20 years of age . The host shall be forced summoned back to the Netherworld .

System Note: God mode too OP! Nerf PLZ!


Tong was glad that he had this OP skill on him . Any attack from weapons in this era or even the weapons from the 21st century were treated as physical attack .

The passive skill protected him from head to toes . Any attack wouldn't cause any pain or scratch or a dent on him the slightest .

Tong knelt down and search the boy's body . He found two HE grenades in his cloth . Tong then checked the HUD map . The three red dots were getting closer . The dot from the West was 150 meters away . The South was roughly 170-180 meters . And the East red dot was only 70 meters away .

Tong looked at the two grenades in his hands and smirked . Then he turned back and looked at the inside of the shed through the back door .

On the front door, a grenade was tied between the door and the nearby wall . It seemed that the boy placed a booby trap and waited for Tong and others to chase after him .

Tong ignored the booby trap and retreated to the North . He couldn't afford to get pincered here .

Moreover, the commotion from the explosion awoke the villagers and the guards . He couldn't afford getting himself into a complicated situation with the local .

At another location in the corner of the village…




Hua Shi was sitting beside a body, a dismantled body . She was prying open the skull of her victim .

[*Ding* *Ding*]

[You've completed the mission! Although you didn't get the first kill but it's still an achievement!]

[You can continue to hunt down the others for a chance of the additional prize or rest until the day is over . ]

[Good luck! Ciao!]

'Oh? He finally died?' Hua Shi shrugged .

'I have to hurry, or the brain will lose taste . '

Hua Shi glanced at the lifeless body . He was an otherworlder that she killed .

'There's four more but that's no longer important . '

'I've done everything I could and I don't have any more tranquilizer with me . '

'I'll just take this brain and be done with it . '

'At the very least, I've finally got my favorite ingredients for my breakfast today . '

Hua Shi hummed as she scooped the brain out of the skull .

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