Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Wait, WHAAAAT!!??

7 AM in the morning, January 1st, 181AD .

Hua Shi sat on a chair in front of the inn her family booked, relaxing and smiling . Her face and skin reflected the sun light and appeared more glossy than usual .

Such sight of an innocent-looking young girl bathing in the sunlight in the morning attracted many men in the area . However, if they could read her thought, they would scram away in fear .

'Fresh brain fried with the rice wine was awesome . '

'A pity that the blood was too thick . That guy ate too much fat and meat . There was a taste of alcohol in the liver too . '

'Heck, he was only a child and he already drank wine? How did his parent raise him?'

'His parents should be ashamed of such an immoral child . '


'But the fat part in the thigh was okay, I guess?'

'Good thing that he didn't work out too much or the meat would be harder . '

She reminisced the taste of her breakfast and let her thought ran wild while smiling .

Hua Tuo, who was standing next to her, looked at his daughter with the corner of his eyes . He had a complicated look on this face .

Last night, after the midnight, he woke up because of the explosion sound and then found out that his daughter went missing . Then he dressed up and exited the inn to search for his daughter, only to find that his daughter was on her way back, carrying blood-soaked-cloths wrapping around several chunk of mysterious meat-like objects, with the bloody stench coming out of the cloths .

Hua Tuo asked his daughter what the meat in the cloth bags were and got answered that they were wild dog meat . Because Hoa Tuo experienced treating many patients by surgeries and other kinds of treatment, he got used to the bloody scenes and gore . He recognized that those meat wasn't likely extracted from a wild dog, but humans! But Hua Tuo kept his mouth shut .

And this morning, his daughter insisted that she would cook her own breakfast, and Hua Tuo's wife, Zhan Ru, permitted it . Then Hua Tuo noticed that the meat that his daughter brought back was all gone .

It wasn't hard for Hua Tuo to guess what happened to the meat . He wasn't stupid .

Still, Hua Shi was his daughter . Even if she did something immoral, he couldn't allow her to be arrested or anyone to find out about her secrets . But she needed to have a good talk with him .

"Shi'er, we need to talk . "

Hua Tuo spoke while looking at his daughter with meaningful eyes .

"Sure, I also have something to tell you and mom, too . " Hua Shi replied .



Name: Hua Shi

Age: 16

Lifespan: 1,119 Years

*Active Skill List*

[Medical Gift] LV . 2 EXP( 35/200 )

- Diagnosis a patient and automatically find a solution for the treatment, or create a medicine for the sickness found .

- Can create two medicine tablets or 20 milligrams of liquid medicine per one use .

Skill Consumption: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: Can only be used when treating a patient .

System Note: I told you she's mental!


After the midnight, Hua Shi completed the mission for not reveling any future events and got her lifespan increased by 1,000 years .

Now she was waiting for the sun to set and end the day . Then she would get another 10,000 years more from the mission reward into her lifespan pool .

With her abundant lifespans, she could either used her skill without care or continued living on this world like an immortal .

"So, you ate it all … . "

"Yea, sorry dad . I couldn't resist . "

Hua Shi confessed everything to her father . She was panic when Hua Tuo started interrogating her about her meal . Since she was about to tell her father a supernatural story later anyway, she didn't hide anything .

Hua Tuo took a deep breath and sigh . This was a first for him to deal with an immoral act of his daughter . She used to be docile and gentle for all these years they lived together . Then suddenly, her dark side submerged to the surface and Hua Tuo found it hard to handle it mentally .

"Well, dad, I still have something to tell you . This is very important . Let's call mom here, too . "

Hua Shi spoke with solemn face . She was dead serious .

In this morning, she checked the HUD map and observed the last red dot . The red dot already went inside of a resident, and that resident was none other than Zhang's family resident .

Hua Shi suspected that Zhang Tong was an otherworlder since his body seemed unusual and he was in similar age as hers . The system told her that everybody was sent here in this world at the same time, which meant that all otherworlders should have the same age .

She wanted to tell Hua Tuo to take all family members and get away from this village as soon as possible . She didn't want to risk herself being here any longer and got herself killed during the night .

Hua Shi had long been planning to tell her parents everything that was about to happened in the next few decades, the Yellow Turban Uprising, Dong Zhuo's tyranny, chaos in China and the Three Kingdom era .

She wanted her family to move away from the chaos in the central plain and settled down in an imperial city like Xu Cheng or Xiang Yang, which didn't get much involve in the civil wars in the history .

Hua Shi narrated everything, almost . She skipped the part that she was a sinner in Hell and her previous life hobbies . And told everything about Heaven, the trial, this world, what was about to happen in the future and the otherworlders .

Hua Tuo listened on while frowning . He was in deep thought .

"The loud sound from last night, was it you who did it?"

"No, as I've told you . All of them were fighting because of the mission from the Heaven . One of them probably caused it . "

In Hua Shi's story, she changed the system missions to Heavenly Mission . The natives here believed in Heaven and Earth and existences beyond the Heaven so it wasn't hard to understand the context . However, If Hua Shi were to use the context as "System Mission", then the natives wouldn't be able to understand .

"You can increase your lifespan if you complete the mission and you'll die if you're not . "

"Yes . "

"And Zhang Tong was also a being that was sent from the Heaven?"

"Yes, you can say so . "

"And what is it about the superpower you mentioned? Can you show it to me?"

Hua Shi thought what to answer her father to avoid the topic but then she gave up .

She lift her long sleeves and tucked it on her shoulder, revealing her slender white arms .

Hua Shi opened her palm and show it to her parents .

"Look at my palm . There is nothing here or anywhere on my arm, right?"

"Mhm . " Huo Tuo nodded .

Then light flashed from her palm . Two white medicine tablet appeared on her palm out of nowhere .

"This is my power [Medical Gift] . I can create medicines out of nothingness . "

Huo Shi's parents were shocked . Their eyes were opened wide . They couldn't believe their daughter's story at first because they thought it was some kind of children fantasy . But now they had to believe it .

"What does this pills do?"

"It's call 'paracetamol' . It can be used for treating simple fever or relieving pain such as headache, just like what you are having right now . "

"How do you take these? Dissolve them in a water pot?"

"No . Just swallow it without chewing and drink some water . "


"I've been using this power to treat other children back home . You should notice that the children were very healthy, right?"

"… Yes, they were . "

"So, do you believe me now?"


Hua Tuo were silent . He closed his eyes and recollected his thought . What he was thinking is unknown to his wife or Hua Shi . Then Zhan Ru opened her mouth .

"You said that Zhang Tong were sent from Heaven with you, right?"

"Yes . "

"Then he also has this power?"

"No . Each person has a different power . It probably has something to do with his body since it was too glossy and too healthy . "

Hua Tuo was still not out of his thought . But he heard what his wife and his daughter talked about . A new thought popped up in his mind .

"He has a power … he knew the future yet he stays"

"They fought … Zhang Tong lives …"

"Heaven and missions … then our daughter …"

"Heaven … Shi'er?"

"Zhang Tong … rebellion?

"The rebellion … Heaven and missions …""

"Heaven … mission … future … Shi'er and Zhang Tong?"






Hua Tuo suddenly blurted out, laughing out loud and confusing both his wife and his daughter .

"Well, Shi'er . I believe you . I believe you wholeheartedly . "

"Really? Then can we get out of here and move our home? I want to live in-"

"I want you to do what I'm about to tell you . Then I and your mom will move away from Pengcheng to somewhere else . "

"Sure! Sure! I'll do anything! You see, I want to go to Xu Cheng or-"

"No, Shi'er . You are not going anywhere . "

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, my wife, you said you liked Zhang Tong yesterday?"

"Hmm? Yes I like him . " Zhan Ru replied .

Hua Tuo clapped his hands .

"Then, it's simple . Shi'er . "

"Yes, dad?"

"You're going to marry Zhang Tong . "

"Oh that's easy! I'll do it! … Err Hmm?"

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