Bank of the Universe

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Normal People And The Holy Land

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In the Northwest region, there was a big city within the mountains.

Different from small cities like Taicang City, this large city could house millions of people. It was surrounded by mountains with many curved mountain paths, making it hard to enter. This was why this large city had four teleportation formations!

This city was called Spirit Illusion City.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land was between the mountains in the distance, which was why even though the city was secluded, there were still many who visited.

Li Xiandao walked out from the teleportation formation, and right away, he saw the logo of Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s control of this large city could be seen from all of this!

Spirit Illusion City was really busy, especially since Spirit Illusion Holy Land was about to switch Sect leaders. As such, many people from all around were invited to witness it.

Spirit Illusion City was the place where people had to arrive before they were able to enter Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

Li Xiandao stood on the streets and looked at the many happy Spirit Illusion Holy Land outer sect disciples. The huge Holy Land was split into the inner sect and outer sect; the inner sect was split into normal disciples and core disciples. There was a clear distinction between each, so without talent and resources, one could forget about crossing over into the next grade.

Luckily, Li Xiandao didn’t have to go through all of this. Looking at all this, all these people would be his slaves from now onward.

Thinking about it, Li Xiandao walked towards Spirit Illusion Holy Land excitedly.

They wanted to bind the Heaven Emperor Brush that belonged to him, how preposterous!

He had to teach them a heavy lesson!

Li Xiandao strolled forwards and didn’t remain in Spirit Illusion City. Instead, he walked toward the endless mountains in the distance.

The area beneath each of these mountains was an ancient battlefield. Throughout these 100,000 years, Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s Ancestors used their strong skills and abilities to shift many mountains over, forming Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

This was why Li Xiandao was able to see these endless mountains.

On the way there, Spirit Illusion Holy Land was filled with a joyous atmosphere. Some outer sect disciples discussed whether or not the new Sect Leader would manage to bind to the Heaven Emperor Brush.

This was a Celestial Artifact!

In the entire Dali Land, there were only a few Celestial Artifacts. After all, the weakest land in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands was Dali Land.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land was able to stabilize themselves through the rebellion largely due to the strength of Heaven Emperor Brush.

A Celestial Artifact helped to support the luck and destiny of a Holy Land, so who would dare to offend them?

The Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s ceremony would be held 15 minutes later. Now, most of the guests had arrived and the square was filled with people. Everyone came to see the Sect Leader bind with the Heaven Emperor Brush!

Over these 10,000 years, everyone knew that Spirit Illusion Holy Land had such a Celestial Artifact, but no one had seen it before.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land had never taken it out and used it during this period, which was why the Sect Leader’s attempt to bind with it was his way of sending a message.

”Feng Luo, are you confident?” Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s current Sect Leader asked in a serious tone.

The newly appointed Sect Leader was called Feng Luo. He wasn’t that old; he was just 500 years old and had reached really high cultivation. He was supported by all the elders and was deemed the Sect Leader, who had the highest hope of reaching Celestial Realm.

”Sect Leader Luo Shui, don’t worry. No matter how amazing Heaven Emperor Brush is, it still belongs to our Spirit Illusion Holy Land. I am about to become the new Sect Leader, so naturally, I should be able to bind with it.” Feng Luo said confidently. In his heart, he was really proud.

500 years wasn’t much to a cultivator. He had cultivation that was top of the world and was now about to take over the position of Sect Leader. He was also about to acquire a Celestial Artifact as his weapon. Since he had such a smooth life, naturally, Feng Luo felt really proud.

Luo Shui looked at Feng Luo and worry flashed across his brow.

He couldn’t tell him that Heaven Emperor Brush didn’t belong to them.

That year, he had paid a heavy price to get the Heaven Emperor Brush, which was long overdue. Also, the Heaven Emperor Brush stopped caring about him.

”10,000 years have passed and the Bank of the Universe seems to have disappeared from the world without a sound. So, it should be okay that we aren’t following the contract.” Sect Leader Luo Shui had some hope in his heart.

He did not want to return the Heaven Emperor Brush.

Spirit Illusion Holy Land was still very weak now!

That rebellion 10,000 years ago.

It was one that a large number of elders joined in. Although he got the Heaven Emperor Brush to suppress the rebellion, it also caused Spirit Illusion Holy Land to lose half its strength.

10,000 years and they still hadn’t recovered.

Till now, Spirit Illusion Holy Land was still only 70% of what it was at its peak.

In Dali Land, if they only had such strength, then Spirit Illusion Holy Land should have already lost their title of Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

The reason why it still had that title was because of the Celestial Artifact!

Heaven Emperor Brush!

The moment Heaven Emperor Brush was collected by the Bank of the Universe, that would be a destructive blow to Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

This was why Sect Leader Luo Shui would hold onto some hope that he could try to go against the contents of the contract and keep the Heaven Emperor Brush in Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

Even if the Heaven Emperor Brush didn’t care about anyone now, it was still a huge threat when placed in Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

”Heaven Emperor Brush isn’t so easy to use.” Luo Shui reminded Feng Luo.

Feng Luo didn’t care at all and said confidently, “Sect Leader, although my strength isn’t at your current level, I have reached the level of other Sect Leaders in Dali Land. I don’t think I can make it recognize me right away, but I just hope that I can borrow some of its strength to deter the masses.”

Feng Luo was very confident about being able to do this.

Luo Shui looked at the confident Feng Luo and he didn’t know what to say.

When he signed the contract, there was a privacy agreement.

The Bank of the Universe wasn’t allowed to reveal to anyone.

Of course, since Luo Shui went against the contract and kept the Heaven Emperor Brush for 10,000 years, they wouldn’t care about that clause.

However, deep down, whenever he wanted to talk about the Bank of the Universe, he would feel terrified.

Like the next second, the moment he dared to say that out, a terrifying punishment would descend to destroy him and the Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

”Go prepare.” Luo Shui waved his hands, he was filled with worry but he couldn’t say it out. He could only pray that this time the Spirit Illusion Assembly would be a success.

”Then, I will head out. The assembly has begun, Sect Leader please come out soon.” Feng Luo turned around and left.

A person appeared at the foot of Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

A young man!

A young man who gave off a different aura!

A young man with no cultivation at all!

The main mountain of Spirit Illusion Holy Land was a dragon-like mountain peak that stuck right into the clouds, standing high above.

Li Xiandao was just a normal person, a person with no cultivation at all.

A Holy Land was right in front of him and the mortals stood before it.

Mortals looked through the clouds, like they could see through the layer, and see the supreme Celestial Artifact at the main hall!

Heaven Emperor Brush!

”This is a Holy Land?” Li Xiandao placed his arms behind his back and said calmly.

”It is only so!” Li Xiandao’s eyelids drooped down and he used his heart to sense the Heaven Emperor Brush!

Just at that moment, in the most important main hall of Spirit Illusion Holy Land, numerous people looked at Feng Luo.

Feng Luo was trying to bind with the Heaven Emperor Brush, True Qi surged into the Heaven Emperor Brush, but it was like a dirt cow entering the ocean; there was no movement at all.

Feng Luo’s heart slowly turned cold and sank. He realized that the Heaven Emperor Brush wasn’t easy to bind to. Even if he injected all his True Qi in, he couldn’t see any movement at all.


In the next moment, Heaven Emperor Brush moved. It gave off an eye-catching light that shone brightly all around, lighting up half the sky. An invincible god spirit appeared. One couldn’t see its looks but it held onto the brush, not moving at all and a deterring aura started to cover the entire area.

Everyone at the Spirit Illusion Assembly looked on in shock. Who knew that the new Sect Leader of Spirit Illusion Holy Land could actually activate Heaven Emperor Brush?

Feng Luo himself was stunned. When he injected True Qi into the Heaven Emperor Brush, it was like a dirt cow entering an ocean; they were nowhere to be seen. So, how could he even manage to activate the Heaven Emperor Brush?

He, himself, was unsure about what was going on!

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