Bank of the Universe

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Do You Recognize That Thing?

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The phenomenon that the Heaven Emperor Brush caused shocked everyone else in Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

  In the main hall, everyone looked on with uncertainty. They all felt the threat of the Heaven Emperor Brush and their faces were filled with shock.

  Was this a Celestial Artifact?

  As expected, it was really strong; just a bit of suppression made them feel like their bodies were about to crack and fall apart.

  If it showed off its might, allowing laws to descend, then would it be able to smash everything apart?

  Some people who looked down on Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s strength instantly retracted their thoughts. As expected, a thin camel that was about to die was still bigger than a horse. As long as Spirit Illusion Holy Land could activate this Celestial Artifact, no one would be able to take away its name as a Holy Land.

  Feng Luo, who was the protagonist, was totally confused.

  He injected a large portion of his True Qi, but the Heaven Emperor Brush didn’t move at all. When he was in despair, the Heaven Emperor Brush moved on its own.

  Heaven Emperor Brush continued to absorb his True Qi!

  Even if his strength reached the level of the various Sect Leaders in Dali Land, he couldn’t support the consumption of a Celestial Artifact.

  In just a short time, Feng Luo was unable to support it anymore. He cried out, shocking everyone around.

  ”Sect Leader, save me!”

  Feng Luo hollered, stunning everyone around.

  Weren’t you the one who activated Heaven Emperor Brush?

  You are a victim and the Heaven Emperor Brush sucked so much that you were about to die!

  Then, who was the one who activated the Heaven Emperor Brush?

  Everyone looked at Luo Shui who walked out of the main hall.

  The savior of Spirit Illusion Holy Land was the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush, who he brought back during the rebellion to suppress those who rebelled. He managed to clear out the rebels and helped to make Spirit Illusion Holy Land famous once more.

  Luo Shui’s prestige in Spirit Illusion Holy Land was not something that anyone could compare to.

  Everyone felt that Heaven Emperor Brush belonged to Luo Shui. Now that Heaven Emperor Brush was absorbing Feng Luo’s True Qi, Luo Shui would definitely be able to solve it!

  But in truth, Luo Shui looked at those scenes and he had no solution at all.

  Heaven Emperor Brush wasn’t controlled by anyone. 10,000 years ago when he brought it back, he was able to control it for 50 years. Right after the 50 years passed, Heaven Emperor Brush was not under his control anymore, and it just quietly remained in Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

  Only the Bank of the Universe people could control the Heaven Emperor Brush. Feng Luo wanted to bind it; only by binding it could one control it.

  What if…

  Luo Shui thought about a terrifying thing, and his face turned ashen white. Was the thing that he was most worried about in his heart about to happen?

  ”Sect Leader, save me!” Feng Luo shouted. His handsome face was twisted and he looked really tragic.

  Luo Shui saw the situation and slapped forward. His rumbling True Qi was like flames, forming a dragon in the air which bit at the Heaven Emperor Brush. He forced aside the Heaven Emperor Brush and broke off its connection with Feng Luo.

  Heaven Emperor Brush shook slightly in the air.


  Flames shot out, causing the giant dragon that Luo Shui formed to disappear instantly. It turned into a mist that spread out in the sky, forming a large shockwave that swept out in all directions.

  Like a tornado, it swept across dozens of mountains. Numerous trees were uprooted and random pieces of stone shot around.

  This was just a simple blow from a Celestial Artifact.

  Feng Luo was saved and he asked with uncertainty, “Sect Leader, what is going on? Wasn’t the Heaven Emperor Brush not activated?”

  Luo Shui’s expression was solemn, “Someone who can activate it has come!”

  ”What?” Feng Luo looked at Luo Shui in confusion; his mind was filled with question marks.

  The other elders of Spirit Illusion Holy Land were totally confused too, they didn’t understand what Luo Shui was talking about.

  Those people who came to spectate all asked curiously.

  ”Sect Leader Luo Shui, what is going on?”

  ”Sect Leader Luo Shui, isn’t the Heaven Emperor Brush activated by people from Spirit Illusion Holy Land?”

  ”Sect Leader Luo Shui, you are a senior, so can you tell us juniors what is happening?”

  Many questions rose up at once. Everyone wanted to know how a ceremony could end up like this?

  Heaven Emperor Brush started to become restless and was uncontrolled. What did Sect Leader Luo Shui mean?

  Did… Was Heaven Emperor Brush not Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s?

  Luo Shui didn’t answer a single question, he had no energy to care about anything else.

  Sect Leader Luo Shui’s eyes stared at the steps in front of the main hall. There were 99 steps that snaked upward.

  At that moment, footsteps spread out from the stairs!

  Dong! Dong! Dong!

  The footsteps were really light, at least in the eyes of others; it was the sound that someone with no cultivation at all would make.

  But to Sect Leader Luo Shui’s ears, it was like thunder on a summer day.

  His face twitched and the bad feeling in his heart became increasingly intense.

  In his heart, a voice told him that what had to come would come in the end.

  But Sect Leader Luo Shui wasn’t willing to admit it or believe it.

  He didn’t blink as he stared at the stone steps. He clenched his fists and he was extremely nervous.

  Sect Leader Luo Shui, who was a top expert 10,000 years ago, was actually so nervous now. Everyone couldn’t help but look too.

  It was still the same stone steps.

  The only difference was that the footsteps got closer and closer.

  Dong! Dong! Dong!

  The footsteps landed on the ground and everyone could hear them really clearly.

  Each of them had a different expression. Seeing how Sect Leader Luoshui was so serious and nervous, even afraid, no one spoke.

  Heaven Emperor Brush floated in mid-air and absorbed most of Feng Luo’s power. It could barely allow its artifact spirit to recover and wait for its new master to arrive.

  Feng Luo sat on the ground; he was devoid of energy as he panted profusely. He recovered the energy he had lost and frowned as he looked on.

  He wanted to see who was causing problems, disturbing his most important day.

  The inner sect disciples, few hundred elders, and deacons, all frowned as they looked. Their hearts were filled with rage.

  A Spirit Illusion Assembly was destroyed just like that; that was simply preposterous.

  Dong! Dong! Dong!

  The owner of the footsteps didn’t care at all. He maintained his original speed. Finally, under everyone’s anticipation, he came to the middle of the square.

  When Li Xiandao stepped into the square, numerous gazes landed on his body.




  Li Xiandao could sense all sorts of emotions.

  Luo Shui stood right in front of Li Xiandao amongst all these people.

  He was a white-haired middle-aged man, who looked quite handsome. He was slightly thin and the aura he gave off was extraordinary.

  After Luo Shui saw Li Xiandao, for some reason, he heaved a sigh of relief. Especially when he saw that he had no cultivation, the worry from before disappeared.

  ”Who are you?” Luo Shui asked solemnly. His eyes became calm once more, he totally disregarded Li Xiandao.

  A mortal with no cultivation at all, why did he have to fear him?

  Li Xiandao looked at him calmly, and Seven’s voice appeared in his mind.

  ”Master, it is him. 10,000 years ago, he was the one who borrowed the Heaven Emperor Brush from me!”

  Li Xiandao smiled as he looked at Luo Shui and said, “I am someone who knows you from 10,000 years ago!”

  Luo Shui burst out laughing, “Nonsense. You are a mortal and only have 100 years of lifespan. How would you dare say that you met me 10,000 years ago?”

  The people around looked at Li Xiandao with mocking expressions.

  Li Xiandao disregarded these looks as he spread out his arms and said, “It is okay if you don’t recognize me, but do you recognize this?”


  A red watch appeared in his palm and gave off a devilish light, attracting many gazes.

  Among which, Luo Shui’s expression was the worst.

  After he saw Li Xiandao’s watch, his body turned soft. His thoughts instantly exploded. All those scenes from 10,000 years ago appeared in his mind like a bursting dam and he nearly fell to the ground.

  ”No, this disappeared long ago, so how would you have it?” Luo Shui was in despair. He knew that he was finished.

  On this day, the punishment that was 10,000 years late had finally come.

  His joy from before was only numbing him now.

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