Bank of the Universe

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Not Willing To Admit

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Luo Shui, who was a person at the Holy Lord level of his generation, was in total despair when he saw the blood-red watch.

Feng Luo frowned and asked, “Sect Leader, what is that?”

The other disciples, elders, and deacons all frowned.

Just one red watch terrified Sect Leader Luo Shui so badly?

One must know that Sect Leader Luo Shui was the person who was able to stop the rebellion, going against the heavens and changing fate, someone who reshaped heaven and earth.

Now, his legs actually went soft for a mortal?

Feng Luo was really unhappy about this!

Luo Shui didn’t reply to Feng Luo, instead, he said bitterly, “Didn’t you all disappear?”

Li Xiandao laughed coldly and said, “You thought we disappeared, so you went against the contract you signed personally 10,000 years ago and treated this thing as non-existent. Do you remember the price to pay for going against the contract?”

Before Luo Shui even said anything, Feng Luo shouted in rage.

”How dare you, a mortal, act so arrogantly in front of my Sect Leader. Kneel!”

Li Xiandao’s eyes were cold and he said casually, “You want me to kneel?”

”I don’t care who you are, but you don’t even have basic cultivation and dare to behave so arrogantly here, you are just too bold.” Feng Luo was really furious now; he wanted to cut Li Xiandao into eight pieces. That was because Li Xiandao had messed up his progression to Sect Leader.

Luo Shui was in a muddle. He knew that Li Xiandao had no cultivation and he didn’t have to fear him.

But the key was that Li Xiandao had brought the red watch over.

Li Xiandao represented the Bank of the Universe!

This was a place that Luo Shui was terrified of!

Luo Shui was scared but definitely not of Feng Luo. He attacked and rage messed up his rational mind. The only thing he thought about now was to kill Li Xiandao.


Feng Luo’s cultivation was similar to nearly all of the Sect Leaders in Dali Land. This was the Sect Leader level combat strength, representing the average combat strength of a Sect Leader.

When he attacked a mortal with no cultivation at all, he could wipe him out with one flick of the finger.

A cold glow shot out into the skies. It was extremely quick, but at the next moment, it was in front of Li Xiandao’s face. It turned into a sharp weapon that wanted to claim Li Xiandao’s life.

Luo Shui looked at those scenes but he didn’t stop him. He made up his mind.

Since I have already gone against the contract, then I will go all out!

This was why he would look on as Li Xiandao was killed!

At that moment, all of Spirit Illusion Holy Land looked on and they wanted Li Xiandao to die.

Li Xiandao paid attention to those scenes. He didn’t react at all and he wasn’t surprised by Luo Shui’s reaction.

Naturally, he had something to rely on, for him to dare come to Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

This confidence came from the Heaven Emperor Brush that floated above their heads!

This Celestial Artifact belonged to the Bank of the Universe!

The Bank of the Universe was now his!

This meant that the Heaven Emperor Brush was his too!

Facing the cold glow, Li Xiandao laughed coldly. He feared nothing and said, “It is okay that you went against the contract, but now you actually want to kill me… Today, Spirit Illusion Holy Land will face a calamity!”

Luo Shui said coldly, “Since I have already done it, then I won’t change. You have no cultivation and can still become an envoy, which shows how much that person has weakened. Just like that and you want me to stick to the contract?”

”Go and die!” Feng Luo hollered in rage and slapped forward, wanting to smash Li Xiandao into meat paste.

He didn’t want to kill Li Xiandao; he wanted to smash Li Xiandao’s body to pieces.

Li Xiandao said calmly, “Since you are asking to die, then don’t blame me.”

He reached out with his hand!

The Heaven Emperor Brush that was floating in mid-air suddenly moved.

It slashed forward!

A bright light landed. It was like sword energy which slew everything. It negated Feng Luo’s attacks and then smashed forward.


An extremely deep hole appeared in the Spirit Illusion Holy Land square.

The square was instantly split into two.

Li Xiandao stood on one side, perfectly unharmed and he looked forward with a cold expression.

Luo Shui and Feng Luo were on the other, their mouths agape as they looked on.

Feng Luo’s cultivation wasn’t weak, he had Sect Leader level strength, otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the Spirit Illusion Holy Land Sect Leader.

But Li Xiando actually negated his furious strike.

At that moment, everyone couldn’t help but look toward the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush that was floating in mid-air.

Feng Luo said in rage and shock, “How can you control my Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s Heaven Emperor Brush?”

If Heaven Emperor Brush hadn’t saved Li Xiandao, then that strike would have been enough to kill Li Xiandao and smash his body to pieces.

So, how did Li Xiandao make Heaven Emperor Brush launch that attack?

The answer to this question was something that not only Feng Luo wanted to know, but something that everyone watching wanted to know.

Didn’t Heaven Emperor Brush belong to Spirit Illusion Holy Land?

How did an outsider, someone without cultivation, control it?

Li Xiandao laughed coldly and said, “Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s Heaven Emperor Brush?”

”Of course, Heaven Emperor Brush belongs to our Spirit Illusion Holy Land.” Feng Luo said without any hesitation.

”Joke!” Li Xiandao burst out laughing with disdain, “Ask Luo Shui how he got the Heaven Emperor Brush?”

Feng Luo immediately turned toward Luo Shui, his eyes filled with doubt.

Luo Shui didn’t say a word. He clenched his fists in rage, but at the same time, he was very powerless.

How could he reveal the background of Heaven Emperor Brush?

If he said it out loud, then Spirit Illusion Holy Land’s name would be non-existent.

Seeing Luo Shui so silent, Feng Luo’s heart sunk.

Not only him, but the entire Spirit Illusion Holy Land was also stunned.

Heaven Emperor Brush’s ownership was a problem!!!

This was a fatal blow to Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

Li Xiandao mocked, “Since you don’t dare to reveal it, then I will do so for you.”

”Heaven Emperor Brush was borrowed from the power backing me 10,000 years ago. At the start, it was really clear that he would borrow it for 50 years and after that, he would return it. At the same time, Spirit Illusion Holy Land would be our slaves for 1,000 years!” Li Xiandao’s voice was soft but the effects it caused were no weaker than a storm.

Everyone in Spirit Illusion Holy Land looked towards Luo Shui in disbelief.

How could that happen?

Luo Shui gritted his teeth and his eyes were red as he stared at Li Xiandao. He wanted to smash him into pieces so that he couldn’t continue speaking.

But could he stop Li Xiandao?

Li Xiandao continued to laugh coldly, “Unfortunately, Luo Shui has gone against the contract. 50 years passed and he actually continued to own Heaven Emperor Brush but wasn’t willing to be a slave. Based on the rules of the contract, the punishment would be 10 times the amount. So today, I am here to collect the Heaven Emperor Brush, and also to collect the interest.”

”Spirit Illusion Holy Land will be my slave for 10,000 years!”

”Don’t blame me for being rude if you don’t follow.”

Li Xiandao said coldly.

His words infuriated everyone from Spirit Illusion Holy Land and all of them looked on furiously.

Feng Luo hollered, “My Spirit Illusion Holy Land is an Ancient Holy Land, how can you insult us? Today, you will definitely die.”

Luo Shui’s eyes were filled with killing intent and he said coldly, “Do you think that just because you can control Heaven Emperor Brush, you can do anything you want?”

”Feng Luo, go kill him. I will block the Heaven Emperor Brush. I want to see who dares to make slaves of my Spirit Illusion Holy Land today!” Luo Shui was totally mad. He had no respect at all; he just wanted to kill Li Xiandao and snatch the Heaven Emperor Brush.

As for the contract, it was just a bunch of rubbish paper.

He did sign it but what could they do if he didn’t admit it?

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