Bank of the Universe

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Ah Qing’s Helping Hand


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  Since Luo Shui had already made his mind up, then he wouldn’t hesitate. He attacked right away. Sect Leader Level strength allowed him to fly into the air and he exploded his might toward the Heaven Emperor Brush!

  Peng peng peng!

  True Qi was like thunder and fire as it surrounded the Heaven Emperor Brush.

  Luo Shui knew that the Heaven Emperor Brush had a spirit as it was a Celestial Artifact and not a normal weapon.

  ”Heaven Emperor Brush, you are a noble Celestial Artifact. In our Spirit Illusion Holy Land, you are supreme and numerous people respect and worship you. Why do you go to that place to be ordered around and controlled?” Luo Shui tried to persuade the Heaven Emperor Brush yield to the Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

  But he was welcomed with a cruel and cold strike!


  This strike was really fierce and after it exploded, it was like 10,000 strikes of lightning that wiped out Luo Shui’s Thunder Flame True Qi.

  Heaven Emperor Brush was really mysterious; a supreme image appeared behind it. This was the artifact spirit, coldly staring at Luo Shui.

  ”A foolish person just being the head of Spirit Illusion Holy Land, you are just a frog at the bottom of a well and you have no chance at all of improving.” Heaven Emperor Brush treated Luo Shui’s suggestion with disdain and he didn’t care at all. It was totally devoted to the Bank of the Universe!

  Luo Shui’s face turned dark and his gaze was fierce and vicious, “Since you insist, then don’t blame me for attacking you. I am nice enough to have taken care of you for 10,000 years. I worshipped you day and night, and spread your reputation around, allowing you to be high and mighty. I loved you but you didn’t care about me, I didn’t care as I knew that sooner or later you would be touched.”

  ”But, your ex came and even if he had no cultivation at all, but you still opened your heart to him. That is just preposterous.” Luo Shui was so jealous that his eyes turned red and he gritted his teeth.

  ”You forcefully kept me for 10,000 years and it wasn’t on my own terms. All this was just you acting on your own accord, I will never be yours and will never belong to Spirit Illusion Holy Land!” Heaven Emperor Brush said directly.

  ”I don’t care. Since I can’t get your soul, then I will keep your body here. I will definitely kill your ex.” Luo Shui went totally mad. He jumped up like a demon and opened his arms.

  ”Heaven and Earth Seal!”

  This was a shocking cultivation technique, and at that moment, 300 miles all around was cut off.

  He wanted to cut off Heaven Emperor Brush’s connection with Li Xiandao so that Heaven Emperor Brush would lose its Master and would be unable to act independently.

  At the same time, Luo Shui said cruelly, “Feng Luo, kill that trash mortal. Anyone who dares to fight with Spirit Illusion Holy Land for the Heaven Emperor Brush is asking to die!”

  Feng Luo’s eyes lit up and smiled viciously, “This time, you will definitely die, no one would be able to save you!”

  Li Xiandao frowned when he saw this. He tried to sense the Heaven Emperor Brush but he actually failed to do so.

  ”Master, Heaven Emperor Brush, and your connection have been cut off. You should have kept it in the Bank of the Universe or grabbed it just now.” Seven said solemnly.

  Li Xiandao’s brow rose up and he knew that he was too careless or that his experience was not enough. He asked, “Is there no other method?”

  ”Hide in the Bank of the Universe and avoid his attacks. Wait for Heaven Emperor Brush to break the seal and then come out.” Seven thought of an idea.

  Li Xiandao had no cultivation and didn’t have the Heaven Emperor Brush, so he couldn’t block Feng Luo’s strike at all.

  As for Feng Luo’s aggressive attacks, Li Xiandao would be injured or even die from that.

  Li Xiandao frowned. He was extremely unwilling to hide. He announced that he was here to get a slave, but now that the slave resisted, he was going to hide?

  Feng Luo didn’t give Li Xiandao time to think. He hated Li Xiandao to the core. It was because of him that the biggest ceremony in his life was destroyed. Feng Luo even desired to rip out Li Xiandao’s heart alive.

  ”Go die!” Feng Luo shot forward and was right in front of Li Xiandao in an instance. He opened his fingers and tossed out red flames. The temperature was really high and would be able to burn Li Xiandao’s body into dust right away.

  Li Xiandao stared at him.

He really didn’t want to hide in the Bank of the Universe.

  But if he didn’t, then how could he block it?

  ”Master, hide in the Bank of the Universe.” Seven persuaded.

  Li Xiandao wanted to agree but the next second, a sharp green light landed from above. Instantly, it sliced Feng Luo’s hand.

  Ah ah ah!!

  Feng Luo cried out in pain and was directly forced back by this power. It was too tough to watch as he smashed into the giant hall and destroyed it.

  A person slowly landed, attracting the gaze of everyone present.

  ”Who is that person?”

  ”She is too strong, heavily injuring Feng Luo with one strike such that he couldn’t react at all.”

  ”This woman is just too horrifying.”

  ”This woman definitely isn’t ordinary.”

  The people around were in hot discussion, and all of them exclaimed at how strong Li Xiandao’s backer was.

  Li Xiandao looked seriously at the girl in front of him.

  Ah Qing!

  She had just signed a contract with the Bank of the Universe, taking 100 years of lifespan.

  She touched Celestial Realm and for her to defeat Feng Luo was just too simple as there was no difficulty at all.

  Ah Qing twisted her head. She was absolutely beautiful; her face was tender and soft like a young teen. She looked totally different from before when she had white-haired and she looked like she was on the verge of dying.

  ”You are the Bank of the Universe’s envoy?” Ah Qing asked.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head and his gaze was really pure, “I am the newest envoy!”

  ”Very good, here is a million God Source, keep it.” Ah Qing looked at Li and tossed him a storage treasure.

  Li Xiandao took it and let Seven check it. After she confirmed there was nothing wrong, she kept it in the Bank of the Universe.

  ”Okay, from now on, our contract is complete.” Li Xiandao smiled and said.

  These million God Source helped to solve Li Xiandao’s problem; he had real confidence now.

  Ah Qing looked towards the sky, at the 300 miles that Luo Shui sealed. There was a white glow above that normal people couldn’t see at all, but Ah Qing was so strong. After analyzing it, she smiled, “Do you need me to help you?”

  Seeing that Li Xiandao had no cultivation at all, she wanted to sell Li Xiandao a favor.

  Li Xiandao shook his head, “No need, they don’t know how terrifying the Bank of the Universe is. They are so ignorant and aren’t worthy of a single strike.”

  Ah Qing looked on in interest and wanted to see how Li Xiandao could defeat Luo Shui and take back the bad debt.

  ”Master, you can burn God Source and activate the power of the Bank of the Universe!” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

  ”Burn!” Li Xiandao said without any hesitation.

  He already had a million God Source and he could burn it without caring at all.

  Seven instantly burned 100 God Source, and the explosive power from it was transmitted to the Heaven Emperor Brush!


  Since Heaven Emperor Brush only absorbed a bit of Feng Luo’s energy, it was unable to maintain too strong of an attack and tangled with Luo Shui within the 300 miles of sealed space.

  In the next second, power was transmitted to it through the air such that Heaven Emperor Brush’s strength greatly increased. With this power, Celestial Artifact’s actual power was completely unbelievable.


  Just one attack and Luo Shui felt like his body was about to shatter. His face was filled with shock and disbelief.

  Just now, there were decent rallies between them, but why in the next second, did it feel like he had taken drugs?

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