Bank of the Universe

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Occupying Spirit Illusion Holy Land

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After the injection of energy from burning the God Source in Heaven Emperor Brush, this one attack heavily injured Luo Shui.

All his bones were shattered and he was covered in blood. He was in a really bad state!

”I have locked down the area, so how did you even get energy?” Luo Shui looked toward the Heaven Emperor Brush in rage and shock. He had no idea how the Heaven Emperor Brush got so much strength.

Celestial Artifacts were really strong and required a lot of energy. Even Feng Luo, who injected all his energy into the Heaven Emperor Brush, could only cause it to move slightly.

That little movement was already the limit.

This was why Heaven Emperor Brush was left by Luo Shui in Spirit Illusion Holy Land for 10,000 years.

Celestial Artifacts could absorb energy from heaven and earth to replenish their losses, but their master would have to allow it.

A while ago, after the Bank of the Universe lost its influence, Heaven Emperor Brush was unable to gain permission, so it just remained quietly in Spirit Illusion Holy Land and no one cared about it.

Now that Li Xiandao arrived and activated the Heaven Emperor Brush, it allowed all its power to explode out.

Especially God Source; 100 of them were the equivalent to one high-quality Spirit Meridian.

Such huge energy replenishment allowed it to show off the strength of a Celestial Artifact!

Just one strike from it heavily injured Luo Shui. It then slashed downwards, giving off a cold glow that split open the sealed area.


The area was lit up. Heaven Emperor Brush stood high above and placed pressure on the area around. It was unbeatable.

Luo Shui fell onto the square and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. He looked on in despair.

He had failed!

Everything was over!

Li Xiandao looked at those scenes. His gaze was filled with despair and there was nothing he could say. He was the one who signed that agreement and no one had forced him to do so. After it was done, he actually regretted it!

His gaze turned weak, he had asked for this and deserved to die!

Did he really treat the Bank of the Universe as useless and weak, that anyone could crush them?

”Brush, come!” Li Xiandao reached out and said calmly.

Heaven Emperor Brush instantly shrunk and the phenomenon disappeared. The pressure was reduced and it landed on Li Xiandao’s hand.

Luo Shui looked at those scenes; he was so jealous that his eyes turned red.

In the end, Heaven Emperor Brush still chose the Bank of the Universe!

His 10,000 years of hard work had gone to waste!

”Luo Shui, you went against my Bank of the Universe contract and have sinned greatly. Today, I want to grant you death!” Li Xiandao’s face was cold and he said cruelly.

Luo Shui laughed, “You won but I don’t admit that contract, what can you do to me?”

Luo Shui was going all out!

Li Xiandao laughed coldly and said, “Do you really think the Bank of the Universe’s contracts are so easy to go against?”

He looked around and he saw looks of fear. Li Xiandao opened his mouth and said, “From now on, the 100,000 mountains of Spirit Illusion Holy Land are mine. I give you all a day to leave, otherwise, you will die!”

Luo Shui went against the contract, so Spirit Illusion Holy Land should have been their slaves for 10,000 years. However, Li Xiandao knew that because his cultivation was weak, he couldn’t suppress these tens of thousands of disciples, but since that was the case, then he should have chased them all away.

I just need the 100,000 mountains of Spirit Illusion Holy Land. Li Xiandao would use this place to reshape the Bank of the Universe’s name!

Luo Shui listened to Li Xiandao’s words and burst into laughter, “Wishful thinking, Heaven Emperor Brush was able to defeat me, but that is Heaven Emperor Brush being skilled. But who are you even?”

Feng Luo climbed out from the ruins and gritted his teeth, “You are just trash, relying on the Heaven Emperor Brush to act like you are strong here.”

All Spirit Illusion Holy Land disciples, elders, and deacons were furious when they heard Li Xiandao’s words.

Their Holy Land had been established for 100,000 years and Li Xiandao actually wanted to chase them all away and occupy their 100,000 mountains?


Many people hated him to the bone and wanted to cut him into pieces to vent the rage in their hearts.

Li Xiandao smiled and said, “Heaven Emperor Brush isn’t yours; it belongs to us. For it to be left in your Spirit Illusion Holy Land for 10,000 years, it is probably tired to death. Today, I will show all of you Heaven Emperor Brush’s true powers.”

In everyone’s eyes, Li Xiandao didn’t move. He picked up the Heaven Emperor Brush and wrote a word in mid-air.


The moment this word appeared, Feng Luo cried out. Death energy entered his body and his head and body were separated.

As a Celestial Artifact, the strongest power of Heaven Emperor Brush was the ability to change destiny!

If I say that you die, then you will have to die!

Luo Shui was stunned!

The people from Spirit Illusion Holy Land were stunned!

It was like waves appeared in the hearts of the experts who came from all around; they all didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

Even Lady Ah Qing squinted her eyes and looked at the Heaven Emperor Brush in envy.

What a terrifying Celestial Artifact!

At that moment, everyone knew what a Celestial Artifact was!

The power of gods, this invincible ability, this was the power of a Celestial Artifact!

Li Xiandao looked at Luo Shui with a calm gaze, “You are next!”

Luo Shui was shocked. He didn’t want to die too, which was why he utilized all the remaining True Qi to fly away.

He fled!

Luo Shui actually left Spirit Illusion Holy Land and fled on his own!

”You can escape?” Li Xiandao laughed in disdain. He raised his brush and wrote a big ‘kill’ word.

In the sky, along with the word appearing, a sword rain appeared. Each sword was filled with terrifying power and instantly suppressed Luo Shui.


Luo Shui cried out and tried to fight back but it was useless!

In just a short moment, Luo Shui was diced into pieces. Even his corpse was wiped out, not even a single drop was left.

The whole area suddenly became silent.

People from Spirit Illusion Holy Land all vented the despair in their hearts!

One of them had the combat strength of a Sect Leader while one had the combat strength of a Holy Lord!

Both of them actually died!

They died at the hands of someone with no cultivation at all!

This was too terrifying!

The people who came to observe all came to a conclusion, that they couldn’t offend Li Xiandao. The power that stood behind Li Xiandao couldn’t be offended either!

”I will give you all a day to leave Spirit Illusion Holy Land. This place doesn’t belong to you and whoever doesn’t leave in a day will die!” Li Xiandao looked around and spoke.

This wasn’t a discussion, this was an order!

The order of death!

Under Heaven Emperor Brush’s threat, the people from Spirit Illusion Holy Land all felt really bitter. No matter how unwilling they were, they knew that the situation wasn’t good for them.

All of a sudden, a lot of people were packing up and taking away everything that they could.

On the golden square on the highest peak, the space around shook and everyone fled with their tails between their legs.

Only Li Xiandao and Ah Qing were left.

Li Xiandao kept the Heaven Emperor Brush and placed the Heaven Emperor Brush within the Bank of the Universe. He placed his arms behind his back and looked out at the 100,000 mountains.

In the future, he would be the owner of this place.

After transmigrating for three months, Li Xiandao finally felt a sense of belonging.

”One day, I will make the Bank of the Universe famous, I will let it return to its peak and recreate its past honor. Those things that they owe me, I will get them back one after another.” Li Xiandao swore in his heart.

Ah Qing looked at Li Xiandao; her beautiful face was deep in thought.

What kind of power did the Bank of the Universe possess?

Mysterious and hard to read!

Able to change the laws of the universe, allowing a person without cultivation to wipe out a Holy Land.


Li Xiandao turned around and expressed thanks to Lady Ah Qing.

”Thank you Lady Ah Qing for saving me, take this watch. In the future, if you face danger or problems, you can choose to call on the Bank of the Universe to do one thing as repayment!” Li Xiandao passed the last watch to Lady Ah Qing and said solemnly.

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