Bank of the Universe

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: New Guest

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Li Xiandao was a person who repaid his debts and returned favors!

He would take revenge when he had grievances and would also repay favors to people who helped him.

The Zhou Family Young Master had tried to kill him, so Li Xiandao killed him and the entire Zhou Family was wiped out.

Luo Shui and Spirit Illusion Holy Land broke the contract, so Li Xiandao killed Luo Shui and disbanded Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

Now that Ah Qing helped him, Li Xiandao gave her a watch and granted her a free trade.

This was the way Li Xiandao did things!

He would take revenge when needed and repay favors when needed. He didn’t owe people anything and he didn’t let people off either!

Ah Qing didn’t reject it as it was something great. Her life was indeed saved by this watch!

”You have the right to give it to me?” Ah Qing looked at Li Xiandao and tried to probe at his identity.

Unless one had a certain status in the Bank of the Universe, one wouldn’t be able to give this watch to others!

Before this, she thought that Li Xiandao had no cultivation at all, so Ah Qing underestimated him, but now Li Xiandao was extremely important in her heart.

”Since I took it out, that means that I have the ability to give it to you. The Bank of the Universe is omnipotent, and in the future, you will slowly find out!” Li Xiandao smiled, he was calm and confident.

Ah Qing didn’t ask anything and kept the watch. She looked around and said, “Spirit Illusion Holy Land is a great place with 100,000 large mountains under it. There were at least 100,000 Spirit Meridians and it was run by 10 generations of Sect Leaders. Now, it belongs to you, so what are you planning to do with it?”

Li Xiandao looked around; the area was vast, the mountains and rivers looked really good, and he was really energized and pumped up, “The Bank of the Universe will reannounce its appearance in the world with this place as our base, to expand throughout the Nine Skies and Ten Lands.”

”Who are you exactly in the Bank of the Universe?” Ah Qing couldn’t hide her curiosity and asked.

”I am the Bank of the Universe representative and I manage everything in the mortal world.” Li Xiandao smiled and said.

He gave himself the identity of representative of the Bank of the Universe, to deal with mortal matters.

In the dark, he was the one wearing the mask, who traded with people and dealt with all matters.

This double identity could ensure Li Xiandao’s safety and he could also expand the Bank of the Universe’s sense of mystery!

Lady Ah Qing nodded her head and chose to believe Li Xiandao. She was unable to link Li Xiandao, who had no cultivation at all, and the Bank of the Universe owner, who wore a gold mask and had immense cultivation, together.

One was up in the heavens and one was low on the earth; one wouldn’t think of the two of them together at all.

”Then, I will leave first. Thank you for your watch. Originally, there was something I didn’t dare to do, but with your watch, I can go all out. I will come and thank you again the next time we meet.” Lady Ah Qing smiled.

Li Xiandao nodded his head and said, “I hope that the next time we meet, you can surprise me!”

Li Xiandao’s so-called surprise was Lady Ah Qing breaking through and becoming a Celestial!

Ah Qing’s lips curled up. She was extremely beautiful, a beauty of her generation!

”Okay, I will work hard to give you a surprise!” Ah Qing nodded her head. She got up and flew away, disappearing into the horizon.

Li Xiandao looked on silently and deep down he anticipated a day where he would roam the lands freely.

  Now, with a base, a million God Source, and the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush back, it is time to open new trades to expand the Bank of the Universe. Li Xiandao was deep in thought.

”Master, you have no more watches.” Seven reminded.

He traded two of the three watches and gave Ah Qing one. So, he had no more watches left.

”How do I get watches?” Li Xiandao asked. He knew that Seven definitely knew.

”Exchange it for God Source. One God Source for one watch!” Seven giggled.

Li Xiandao immediately said, “Give me 100!”

”Master, you haven’t opened the Bank of the Universe in the other regions, so you can only exchange for 10!” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

”Why only 10?” Li Xiandao frowned and said.

”10 is not a few. At the start, there were only three. But you opened the Time Hall, so there was an increase.” Seven said.

”So, 10 then. It doesn’t matter.” Li Xiandao turned around and disappeared from the area, entering the Bank of the Universe.

Seven immediately took out the 10 watches and passed them to Li Xiandao.

He exchanged 10 God Sources for it.

Li Xiandao had a million God Source now and wasn’t afraid to consume them; he didn’t feel troubled at all.

He looked at the 10 blood red watches. He thought about it and tossed them all out at once.

”Go find your suitable owners and bring them to the Bank of the Universe. I will make the Bank of the Universe big, I will make it strong!” Li Xiandao muttered.

Seven motivated, “Good luck Master, let the Bank of the Universe’s name spread through Nine Skies and Ten Lands, and let the people who went against the contracts pay the price!”

The world was vast, everything had hope!

White Emperor City was a huge city managed by Tiandao Sect!

In White Emperor City, there was an invincible king; he was the Elder of Tiandao Sect and also the manager of White Emperor City.

White Emperor, Tian Guangming!

But Tian Guangming and Tiandao Sect’s Sect Leader relationship wasn’t good and they didn’t see eye to eye. This was why he remained in White Emperor City and didn’t go anywhere at all.

Recently, Tian Guangming faced some problems in cultivation. He needed a large number of God Sources to reach the next realm, at least 500,000 of them.

Tiandao Sect’s Sect Leader rejected him right away. They had few God Source and there wasn’t enough for everyone. To give him 500,000 was just a pipedream.

Unless you yield to me!

Tian Guangming rejected it without hesitation, which was why he was stuck in this realm, unable to improve at all.

The 5,000-year-old Tian Guangming was already at the tail end of his life. He went all around to gather God Source, but it was useless and didn’t help much.

This made him really anxious!

If this dragged on, his best chance of breaking through would disappear and the chances of failure would increase. That was something that he couldn’t accept.

On that day at White Emperor City’s City Lord Residence, Tian Guangming frowned and sat on the throne. He was in a bad mood.

God Source was really hard to find!

”Damn Sect Leader, to target me, you actually told others not to sell God Source to me. Damn it!” Tian Guangming was filled with hatred as he gritted his teeth.

His grievances with Tiandao Sect had nearly reached the open stage.

”Without God Source what should I do?” Tian Guangming was filled with worry.

If he didn’t break through now, this good state would retreat and there was basically no chance of him adjusting to such a good state.

Along with his limit arriving, he would only weaken and he would be unable to maintain his current peak.


Just at that moment, a blood-red watch appeared in the main hall.

Tian Guangming’s eyes focused on it and he was immediately attracted.

He saw a limitless future!

Although he was usually careful, he stared at it for 15 minutes, and then he stood up and grabbed it.


Tian Guangming disappeared from the City Lord Manor; he was totally uncontrolled and entered the Bank of the Universe.

“Master, the first guest is here.” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao tidied himself, changing into a dark shirt and put on the gold mask to meet the guest!

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