Bank of the Universe

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Ah Qing’s Story


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Ah Qing knew that even Celestials were really afraid of the five curses.

  Ah Qing once witnessed a Celestial falling from the Celestial World because of it. In the process, his five organs were burned and he died a terrible death.

  But now, the five curses, which even the Celestials were afraid of, were so easily resolved by the Bank of the Universe’s owner.

  How strong was the mysterious golden-masked man?

  Ah Qing didn’t dare to imagine it!

  She only knew that she had obtained 100 years of lifespan and could try to enter the Celestial Realm once more.

  That was enough!

  The price to pay was a million God Source, which Ah Qing didn’t have, but other people did.

  Since Ah Qing’s enemies had God Source, if she took it and passed it to the Bank of the Universe, that wouldn’t be considered going against the contract.


  In truth, Li Xiandao wasn’t strong at all.

  He didn’t even take his first steps in cultivating.

  However, all of this didn’t matter as he was a god in the Bank of the Universe!

  The only god!

  After transferring the remaining 100 years of lifespan from the Time Hall to Ah Qing, Li Xiandao stopped.

  ”From now onwards, you will have an additional 100 years to live. After which, the five curses will still descend on you.” Li Xiandao said calmly.

  Li Xiandao gave Ah Qing the 100 years of lifespan.

  Ah Qing didn’t make Li Xiandao remove the five curses which was why 100 years later, it would still fall upon her.

  Ah Qing smiled and her white hair disappeared. She was a quiet lady and one wouldn’t be able to imagine that she was someone who had touched the cusp of Celestial Realm.

  ”100 years is enough. In these 100 years, I will step into Celestial Realm and then counter the five curses.”

  Li Xiandao was really impressed by Ah Qing’s confidence.

  Such a beautiful girl with a heart filled with ambition and a willingness to fight and work hard. No matter how one looked at it, she was a really charming girl.

  ”After I get a million God Source, how will I find you?” Ah Qing asked Li Xiandao.

  ”Go and find my envoy.” Li Xiandao thought about it and said.

  ”Your envoy?” Ah Qing frowned and said, “Where?”

  ”I am sending him to Spirit Illusion Holy Land to collect debts. Just find him and pass the God Source to him.” Li Xiandao said calmly.

  He was prepared to create a sub-personality to be the owner of the Bank of the Universe while his main one would be the envoy, running about on the outside.

  ”Spirit Illusion Holy Land?”

  ”I heard that they are holding a Spirit Illusion Assembly, inviting everyone from all areas to witness the birth of a new Sect Leader.” Ah Qing thought about it and said.

  ”Spirit Illusion Assembly?” Li Xiandao’s brow rose up.

  ”Spirit Illusion Holy Land is a Holy Land in Dali Land. It is a first-grade sect and every 10,000 years, they hold a Spirit Illusion Assembly to choose a new Sect Leader, who will inherit the main hall and lead Spirit Illusion Holy Land for the next 10,000 years.” Ah Qing spoke continuously.

  Li Xiandao understood and didn’t say anything. Spirit Illusion Holy Land holding the Spirit Illusion Assembly had nothing to do with him at all.

  ”I also heard that the new Sect Leader from Spirit Illusion Holy Land would be binding with the Heaven Emperor Brush.” Ah Qing said.

  Li Xiandao’s brow rose and he said, “Binding with the Heaven Emperor Brush?”

  Heaven Emperor Brush was the Celestial Artifact that the Bank of the Universe loaned to Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

  ”Yes. The Sect Leader of this generation got the Heaven Emperor Brush from an ancient ruin, and he used its strong powers to suppress everyone who tried to revolt 10,000 years ago. For it to be passed on to the next Sect Leader makes sense.” Lady Ah Qing nodded her head.

  ”Makes sense?” Li Xiandao laughed coldly.

  ”Is there something wrong?” Ah Qing found it weird and asked.

  ”Heaven Emperor Brush was something the Sect Leader of this generation borrowed from my Bank of the Universe. He broke the contract and didn’t return it. This time I am sending my envoy to take it back and also demand he pay the price for breaking the contract!” Li Xiandao said coldly.

  Ah Qing was shocked, “So the Heaven Emperor Brush was borrowed from the Bank of the Universe? I was wondering how the Spirit Illusion Holy Land Sect Leader was so lucky to get such a strong Celestial Artifact.”

  Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and said coldly, “Since they went against the contract, naturally, the Bank of the Universe has to punish them. Now that you have acquired your 100 years of lifespan, I hope that you won’t break the agreement!”

  Ah Qing raised her hand and said, “I am a trustworthy person and I will do what I have said I would. Now, I will go and get your million God Source right away.”

  Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction. He waved his sleeves, causing her body to become paler and paler before she slowly disappeared.


  In the cave in Dali Land that was brimming with spiritual energy, Ah Qing appeared and looked at herself in shock.

  ”All my injuries have healed. This is just so unbelievable; it feels like a technique of the gods!” Lady Ah Qing touched her body as she exclaimed.

  She squinted and thought back to Li Xiandao’s gold mask and that terrifying aura that was as deep as the ocean. A consciousness rose from the depths of her heart, telling her that she couldn’t go against him.

  ”I need to gather the million God Source. The place with the most is Tiandao Sect.” Ah Qing smiled. It was evident that she had targetted Tiandao Sect.

  ”Tiandao Sect acts arrogantly and does whatever they want. They abuse the fact that they have a Celestial backing them and they behave in an overbearing manner. Numerous people hate them to the bone, so I am just robbing the rich and helping the poor.” Ah Qing consoled herself. With a flash, her body broke through the sky.

  She was going to steal a million God Sources from Tiandao Sect!


  In the Bank of the Universe, after Ah Qing left, Li Xiandao took off his mask.

  ”Spirit Illusion Holy Land actually wants to hold a Spirit Illusion Assembly to choose a new Sect Leader and they also want to bind the Heaven Emperor Brush. That is so preposterous!” Li Xiandao said coldly.

Seven nodded her head and said furiously, “We have to punish them. It seems like they thought that since Bank of the Universe wasn’t asking them to pay their debts, they would just treat the Heaven Emperor Brush as their own.”

  ”Going against the contract and not paying back debts. Now, they even want to bind to my Heaven Emperor Brush. This time, I will make them pay the price!” Li Xiandao laughed coldly.

  Although he had no cultivation!

  Although Spirit Illusion Holy Land was high above!

  Li Xiandao had the Bank of the Universe, which was nobler than anyone else!

  ”Master, here is 1,000 God Source. You can use the teleportation formation to head to Spirit Illusion Holy Land!” Seven said.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head and his real body exited the Bank of the Universe, heading toward the nearest teleportation formation.

  Teleporting 10,000 miles would use one high-quality source stone. The number of God Source that Li Xiandao took out was enough for him to teleport over to Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

  When he heard that Li Xiandao was about to head to Spirit Illusion Holy Land, the manager of the teleportation formation smiled, “Kid, you want to go there to find a Master, right? Unfortunately, you are a little old.”

Li Xiandao smiled, “I am not going there to find a Master, I am going there to collect a slave!”

  The manager was totally confused, collecting a slave?

  Li Xiandao smiled and didn’t explain. If he told him that he was going to make a Holy Land, which had lasted for 100,000 years, become his slave, others would think that he had gone crazy.

  Only after this matter was completed would people believe him.

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