Bank of the Universe

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Lady Ah Qing


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Spirit Illusion Holy Land was an ancient battlefield to the east of Dali Land. It took decades to travel there from Li Xiandao’s area.

Taicang City was so small that it couldn’t get any smaller. But Spirit Illusion Holy Land was different. There were billions of people under them and they were a really strong power.

Li Xiandao had no cultivation and couldn’t fly at all. Taicang City was also really secluded and extremely far away from Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

”Master, you can use the teleportation formation. Each land has a teleportation formation and it is much better than you rushing over there alone.” Seven told Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao frowned and said, “But I have no spiritual source to pay.”

One needed a spiritual source to make a teleportation formation. Spiritual source was the basic currency in Nine Skies and Ten Earths. Cultivators used it to cultivate while normal people used it to trade.

Li Xiandao had no money at all!

The only high-quality Spirit Meridian he had was used to recover the Time Hall.

”I have two more watches, so let’s use one to trade.” Li Xiandao thought about it and took out a red watch. He used it to record what he wanted to trade and tossed it out.


The watch disappeared from the air and Li Xiandao silently paid attention to it.

Seven said, “As long as Master collects the debt from Spirit Illusion Holy Land, you would be able to solve the current predicament.”


In less than three seconds, news spread from the watch. He had found a new trade target.

Dali Land, in a cave that was rich in spiritual energy. A white-haired beauty looked at the setting sun which gave off a blood color.

”I have stunned the worlds for years!”

”I have been invincible for 3,000 years!”

”I have the heart of a fairy, but I have been tainted by humanity!”

”I was trying to break through to become a celestial, but due to the dirt in my soul, it caused me to suffer from a backlash!”

”I don’t have long to live!!!”

The white hair beauty was unwilling to die!

Her eyes were filled with pride. Although she was a woman, she had never felt that she was weaker than anyone else.

She was a genius 3,000 years ago. Then, all top talents and primordial monsters were trampled beneath her feet.

She was invincible in the world.

She had many suitors, but she wasn’t attracted to any of them.

”My only desire in the world is to ascend the heavens and cross into the Celestial World, to become the top female!”

The white-haired woman coughed up blood. Even though she was heavily injured, the flames in her heart weren’t extinguished.

She defeated numerous enemies to reach such a stage, so how would she be willing to die here?

”If I can survive this, I will complete all my desires before heading for the Celestial Path. I will let the Celestials above the Nine Skies know how terrifying I am!” The white-haired female was still really proud.

But she really didn’t have any time left.

She failed to break through and the five curses of humanity fell on her, causing her hair to instantly turn white.

Her lifeforce was swiftly running out!

The five curses of humanity swallowed her lifeforce bit by bit!

Her vision slowly became a blur!

”In the future, will the people still remember this era when a girl named Ah Qing shocked the world?” The white-haired Ah Qing slowly closed her eyes.

The moment her life was about to end, she saw a red glow.

The red light was covering an exquisite watch!

For some reason, Ah Qing gained a bit of strength to grab that watch. She pressed it.

She had a feeling in her heart that grabbing this watch was like grabbing onto hope!


But in the next moment, under the impact of the five curses, she closed her eyes.

Ah Qing opened her eyes and to her shock, realized that she didn’t die!

There was a table in front of her and there was a guy sitting upright behind the table.

He gave off an aura that was as deep as an ocean, he was extremely hard to read and wore a gold mask.

One couldn’t see his looks clearly.

Beside the guy was an extremely beautiful girl.

Ah Qing was a girl and even she had to admit that this girl was really beautiful.

She was like a girl who had personally been shaped by the heavens. Everything in the world that was beautiful was shown on her body.

Ah Qing exclaimed and asked, “Where is this place?”

”The Bank of the Universe!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

”The Bank of the Universe and what do you do?” Ah Qing frowned. She had never heard of such a place.

”Everything in the world can be traded here at the Bank of the Universe. What do you want to trade?” Li Xiandao asked.

Ah Qing’s eyes lit up and said, “I want to trade lifespan. Can I do that?”

Ah Qing really lacked lifespan.

If not for the watch from Bank of the Universe, under the effects of the five curses, she would have already died.

”Yes, but what price can you pay?” Li Xiandao asked.

Ah Qing was stunned, what could she pay?

”What do you need?” Ah Qing asked Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao said calmly, “Spiritual source, how much will you give for 100 years of lifespan?”

Ah Qing lowered her head and thought about it, “I will give you a million God Sources!”

Li Xiandao’s face twitched and he cursed in his heart.

The lowest source was low-quality source stone, then medium quality, then high quality, then top quality.

Then, was Saint Source and God Source!

One God Source was as good as one low-quality Spirit Meridian!

A million God Sources, what scale was that?

100 God Source was worth one high-quality Spirit Meridian.

A million, that was just a huge sum!

Li Xiandao kept silent for three seconds and nodded, “Okay!”

Seven took out the contract and said, “If you confirm that there is nothing wrong, then please sign!”

Ah Qing looked carefully; the contract was really simple.

A million God Sources in exchange for 100 years of lifespan!

After Ah Qing looked at it, she said, “But I don’t have a million on me right now!”

Li Xiandao wasn’t furious, but he just looked at Ah Qing silently.

”But give me a day, I will bring a million over!” Ah Qing was firm.

Li Xiandao thought about it and said, “Okay, but you need to pay some deposit!”

”I only have 1,000 God Source on me, just treat this as the deposit!” Ah Qing passed a storage bracelet to Li Xiandao.

Seven took it and checked it, before nodding to Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao said with satisfaction, “Sign it. After signing, I will give you 100 years of lifespan!”

Ah Qing signed without hesitation.

Li Xiandao admired her decisiveness. He stood up and walked to her. He placed his long fingernail on the top of her head.

The white-haired Ah Qing, who was extremely beautiful and had top cultivation, suddenly became nervous.

She felt like all of this was not real. However, since she was on the verge of death, she chose to accept it and to believe it was true!

But even at this moment, she still felt a little nervous.

If this was fake and she was being lied to, then she was really going to die!

But the moment Li Xiandao started to inject 100 years into her, she felt her condition improving.

Li Xiandao was really chasing away the five curses.

Her white hair was recovering, being replaced with black hair!

A top beauty was recovering her past luster.

Ah Qing was stunned as she looked at all this.

Was this Bank of the Universe owner a Celestial?

He could actually force away the five curses!

That was so unbelievable!

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