Bank of the Universe

Chapter 594 - Tian Guangming Gets Out Of Trouble!

Chapter 594: Tian Guangming Gets Out Of Trouble!

Heaven Heart, Lucifer, Moon Angel, Old priest, Blood Dragon, Chaos Dragon Crocodile, Northern Region Lord… etc all went out.

All of Li Xiandao’s subordinates who could go out all went including Tian Guangming’s disciple Li Wuya. He carried the Overlord Blade that Li Xiandao gave him out to train.

Bank of the Universe became much quieter. Li Xiandao only had Mo Qian beside him. He was Li Xiandao’s shadow and followed Li Xiandao.

Standing in the ice cold and large hall, Li Xiandao asked, “Why didn’t you head out?”

Mo Qian shook his head, “I shall just follow Master, Master is my good luck.”

“I told you to choose a technique in Ten Thousand Country Book Depository, did you choose one?” Li Xiandao asked.

“I am cultivating an ancient technique, the Hidden Shadow Assassination Technique!” Mo Qian replied.

“The techniques you choose are all the same, do you really want to be my shadow for the rest of your life?” Li Xiandao asked.

“That would be my honor, I will treat you as my faith for the rest of my life.” Mo Qian replied.

Li Xiandao was satisfied, “Since that is the case then it is up to you. I am learning True Celestial Laws so you can come with me too.”

“My learning speed isn’t as quick as Master but I will remember everything and slowly comprehend.” Mo Qian replied.

Li Xiandao stopped asking. Mo Qian was in his shadow and no one would know that Li Xiandao had a top expert. It was okay if he didn’t attack, if he did it would cause a huge roar.

He walked to the Legacy Hall and found a new tomb. In this was a monk.

A thin monk with a gentle aura. His cultivation was really strong and even with a bit of his soul left, Li Xiandao was terrified.


“Grandmaster, I would like to learn True Celestial Laws.” Li Xiandao said out his request.

“Bank Master, I have 18000 True Celestial Laws. I will use them one by one and how much you learn is up to you.” The thin monk said.

“I love what you just said.” Li Xiandao’s eyes lit up and he discussed the dao with the monk.

The thin monk spoke on and on and many streaks of True Celestial Laws spat out and suppressed all around Li Xiandao. They were really strong and spread out in many directions.

Li Xiandao was surrounded by all the True Celestial Laws. A large portion of them were similar to what Unnamed Person comprehended so Li Xiandao didn’t need to repeat again. He passed the basic ones and started to comprehend those deeper ones.

When Li Xiandao was comprehending the True Celestial Laws, True Celestial Laws had undergone huge change in Black Water Island.

He had been laying in the coffin and he didn’t want to head out.

He had been beaten up too much during the month so no one came to disturb him. At least he didn’t need to worry about being knocked unconcious and dissected.

“Why hasn’t there been any news from Master.’ Tian Guangming thought about it.

His cultivation had reached True Celestial Stage Nine and with his cultivation speed, in a short time he had a chance of reaching Heaven Celestial.

But he didn’t dare to continue like that.

In Celestial World, others worked hard to improve. They challenged themselves day after day, month after month and waited to break through.

To become stronger like Tian Guangming by being beaten up was unheard off. It was barely acceptable at True Celestial Realm but if Tian Guangming used this method to break through to Heaven Celestial Realm, it would shock everyone and incur their jealousy.

Humans were ill natured, even celestials were the same.

So Tian Guangming didn’t want to do anything and waited for Master to save him.

But he didn’t get Master, what he got was Black Water Island’s leader.

Heaven Spirit Celestial.

The actual in charge of Black Water Island. Although he was under Emperor Beiqiu but he didn’t listen to him and acted alone.

He came to find Tian Guangming.

Dong dong dong!

Heaven Spirit Celestial knocked Tian Guangming’s coffin and it gave out a crisp sound.

“Who are you?” Tian Guangming pushed the lid open. He shouldn’t be asked to be a troop trainer now.

“I am Heaven Spirit.” Heaven Spirit Celestial said solemnly.

Tian Guangming climbed out and looked at Heaven Spirit Celestial. He blinked, “The person in charge of Black Water Island, Heaven Spirit Celestial?”

He had spent a month in Black Water Island and heard many bits of information like the highest leader here was Heaven Celestial who was stage nine of Heaven Celestial Realm. Some said that he had broken through but no one knew the truth.

But it was undoubted that Heaven Spirit Celestial was strong.

So Tian Guangming was curious why Heaven Spirit Celestial came to find him?

“Are you going to dissect me?” Tian Guangming suddenly had a terrifying thought.

But Heaven Spirit Celestial didn’t have the time nor effort to let him think nonsensical thoughts. He saw Tian Guangming come out and ordered, “Follow me.”

Tian Guangming was shocked, what did he mean?

“I will bring you out?” Heaven Spirit Celestial’s words made Tian Guangming delighted. His worries disappeared.

“You came to save me?” Tian Guangming followed and asked curiously.

“Someone asked me to, it is someone I am close to.” Heaven Spirit Celestial said.

Tian Guangming immediately thought about Master.

Only Master could save him. As expected Master loved him the most and contacted the in charge of Black Water Island to bring him out.

Heaven Spirit Celestial brought him unopposed and Tian Guangming finally left Black Water Island.

On Black Water Island, Tian Guangming lived a scared life. Now that he was out, he was like a fish in the ocean, he was totally free.

Heaven Spirit Celestial brought him quickly to Yun Manor.

In Yun Manor, Yun Manor Lord was waiting long ago. When he saw Heaven Spirit Celestial, he immediately invited him in to chat.

As for Tian Guangming, Yun Tianxia took him in.

Tian Guangming was confused, didn’t Master come to save him?

Why did he end up in such a place?

He followed Yun Tianxia to the guest room and asked, “Who are you? Why did you save me?”

“Master told me to.” Yun Tianxia smiled.

“Master!” Tian Guangming’s eyes lit up. he was really careful before but now he felt extremely close to Yun Tianxia.

“You are Master’s subordinate?” Tian Guangming asked.

“Right I am. You are considered my senior so you can stay here.” Yun Tianxia smiled.

“Where is Master?” Tian Guangming asked curiously.

“He is in secluded meditation.” Yun Tianxia said.

“Then I shall disturb you.” Tian Guangming finally relaxed. He was free of Black Water Island so no one would dissect him now right?

“Right, didn’t you want to take revenge on Jin Zhengyang?” Yun Tianxia asked.

Tian Guangming’s eyes lit up and he said emotionally, “You have information about that bastard?”

Because of Jin Zhengyang, Tian Guangming was sent to Black Water Island and lived a terrifying life.

Tian Guangming swore to kill that guy.

“Master instructed me to investigate him. I found a lot of information.” Yun Tianxia said.

“Great.” Tian Guangming said excitedly.

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