Bank of the Universe

Chapter 595 - North River!

Chapter 595: North River!

Jin Zhengyang definitely didn’t expect for Tian Guangming to break free like that.

Maybe he had forgotten Tian Guangming but Tian Guangming definitely didn’t forget about him.

They were not enemies and when they met for the first time, he sent him to Black Water Island. Tian Guangming wouldn’t forget this thing for his entire life.

He said that he would definitely take revenge on Jin Zhengyang.

Ten years isn’t too late for a gentleman to take revenge!

For Tian Guangming, even a day was too late!

He was out of Black Water Island and his cultivation was far above Jin Zhengyang. When he heard Yun Tianxia talk about Jin Zhengyang, his thoughts started to run wild.

Jin Zhengyang was at stage seven and Tian Guangming had passed him.

Now Tian Guangming was confident in killing him so he had to understand everything.

Yun Tianxia said, “After Master ordered me, I sent people to investigate everything about Jin Zhengyang.”

Tian Guangming was all ears.

“Jin Zhengyang is Jin Family’s direct descended. His cultivation is decent and is considered a basic child there.”

“Jin Zhengyang has entered the Celestial Dynasty Guards Army and is a captain. He has ten men and seems like he has a good life.” Yun Tianxia said.

“Where is he now?” Tian Guangming asked. He didn’t ask anything else.

He shall know where he is and directly charge at him.

“He is at North River, not far away from us.” Yun Tianxia said.

“North River is a river?” Tian Guangming asked.

“North River is a branch of the milky way, although it wasn’t so vast and beautiful, but in North Nether Region, it is a nice scenary.” Yun Tianxia said.

“Since that is the case then let’s go there to kill him now.” Tian Guangming was excited.

“Jin Zhengyang is with the Jin Family now.” Yun Tianxia reminded Tian Guangming.

“What experts do Jin Family have?” Tian Guangming asked.

“Jin Yu, she is the genius of Jin Family in this generation. Jin Zhengyang has been close to Jin Yu recently and it seems like he wants her to take care of him.” Yun Tianxia said.

“Let’s not find trouble with this Jin Yu, we will kill Jin Zhengyang and then flee.” Tian Guangming said.

Yun Tianxia laughed bitterly, “Even if we don’t find trouble with her, she will find trouble with us. Once we appear there.”

“What?” Tian Guangming was confused.

“Jin Yu is my Fiancee…” Yun Tianxia told him about their grievances.

“So that is the case.” Tian Guangming understood. Since that was the case, Jin Yu would definitely attack.

“Since Jin Zhengyang and Jin Yu are together we can’t attack now.” Tian Guangming said regretfully.

He really wanted to kill Jin Zhengyang but since these things couldn’t be rushed, he had to just wait for the next chance.

Yun Tianxia thought about it and said, “You really want to kill Jin Zhengyang?”

“Of course.” Tian Guangming said.

“Since that is the case then let’s make a trip to North River. Go openly. I will distract Jin Yu and you will kill Jin Zhengyang.” Yun Tianxia suggested.

“Won’t you be in danger?” Tian Guangming was worried.

“No worries. On the surface she doesn’t dare to kill me. She is my fiancee and if she kills me it would affect her reputation. of course, even if she doesn’t care about her reputation, she has to care about my father so she wouldn’t dare to kill me.” Yun Tianxia said.

“That’s good. Once we attack, I ensure I will kill him quickly.” Tian Guangming said confidently.

“Eh, then let’s head to North River now.” Yun Tianxia stood up.

“Okay, let’s go.” Tian Guangming was eager/.

The two of them said goodbye to Yun Manor Lord, leaving Yun Manor and heading to North River.

At the same time, in the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao was still discussing the dao with the thin monk.

They chose the perfect time. Li Xiandao was sitting crossed legged and he was surrounded in bright light. It was a beautiful sight.

All of these were the daos that Li Xiandao had to comprehend.

He closed his eyes shut and he had a calm expression. It was as if he had seen true the laws of the world and also like he was looking coldly at all the changes around.

He didn’t open his eyes but he could sense everything. He was seeing even clearer than when he used his eyes.

The buddhist explanations reached his heart.

Li Xiandao had comprehended things.

When the monk was with him, they entered a realm where silence was better than voices being made.

True Celestial was right in front of him. Li Xiandao ‘saw’ it and remembered it before starting to comprehend.

His True Celestial Laws reached a terrifying level.

But Li Xiandao felt like it wasn’t enough.

He could do better.

“I can use a million True Celestial Laws to reach Heaven Celestial Realm.” Li Xiandao set a goal for himself.

To get a million True Celestial Laws before breaking through to Heaven Celestial.

Unnamed Person’s 180 thousand True Celestial Laws, monk’s 180 thousand. Apart from the basic True Celestial Laws, Li Xiandao had comprehended 200 thousand.

Unnamed Person and the monk had many repeating basic laws. Or rather, everyone had to comprehend those laws.

For example drinking water. Everyone had to drink water as that was the basics.

Like eating, everyone had to eat rice to replenish nutrients.

Those were things that everyone needed.

To comprehend other laws on top of these basic True Celestial Laws depended on one’s ability.

As he comprehended more, Li Xiandao’s absorption speed was much quicker than previously.

Many things were stuff he picked up instantly. It spread quickly such that Li Xiandao didn’t need to think too hard.

Right when Li Xiandao was immersed in it all, Tian Guangming and Yun Tianxia came to North River.

North River, a stream from the Milky Way. It ws wide and split the ground into two. The river water was clean and it gave off a dazzling light. This was water from the milky way and it wasn’t normal water.

Tian Guangming looked at it and was in shock, “The Celestial Energy this contains is huge?”

Yun Tianxia said, “It is normal. Think about how wide the Milky Way is and how much Celestial Energy it has. This is just a branch and it is already so beautiful.”

“If I have a chance I must head there to tour.” Tian Guangming swore.

“Milky Way is occupied by Celestial Dynasty and a large half is theirs. You need their permission to enter if not you wouldn’t be able to.” Yun Tianxia said helplessly.

Tian Guangming looked at the celestial artifact ships on the river. There were also people stepping on small boats. There were others who flew using swords, roaming the North River.

This was a beautiful sight, making one reluctant to shift their eyes away.

“North River is most beautiful at night. It is nice now but at night, you can see a portion of Milky Way’s beauty.” Yun Tianxia smiled.

“Then let’s stay here. There place is near North River that we can perfectly see the scenary.” Tian Guangming was looking forwards to it.

“Okay.” Yun Tianxia agreed right away.

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