Bank of the Universe

Chapter 593 - Heading Out To Train!

Chapter 593: Heading Out To Train!

Yun Tianxia was a handsome middle aged man. He was a roamer when he was young and went true all sorts of wild flowers. But after he met Yun Tianxia’s mother, he was taken down and he ended up living here.

Yun Tianxia heard the servants talk about this but he had never heard his parents mention anything about it.

Yun Tianxia didn’t fear his father because his father was a reasonable person. He wouldn’t beat him or scold him for no reason. Instead he would just silently support him.

So he directly came to find his father.

“Father, do you know how to save someone from Black Water Island?” Yun Tianxia asked.

Yun Manor Lord looked at his son and said, “Why are you asking this question?”

“A friend of mine got captured and he became a troop trainer. I want to save him.” Yun Tianxia said.

“If your cultivation increases by 100 times, maybe you can save him.” Yun Manor Lord said calmly and saw through Yun Tianxia’s cultivation right away.

True Celestial Stage Nine!

This was the level of a genius. For one to reach this realm at 30, in other factions he was a genius.

But for it to appear on Yun Tianxia’s body, that was weird.

A month ago he was still trash. He was looked down on by his fiancee who personally came to cancel the marriage.

A month later he turned into a genius and reached True Celestial Stage Nine.

This cultivation speed shocked Yun Manor Lord. He knew his own son. His rubbish talent was really worthless and it was impossible for any miracles to happen.

How did such changes occur?

Yun Tianxia really wanted to know but Yun Tianxia didn’t tell him so he wouldn’t ask either. That was because this was Yun Tianxia’s privacy.

As long as Yun Tianxia’s aura wasn’t evil and he didn’t behave arrogantly, he could accept everything.

Yun Tianxia was an adultand he could decide his own matters.

Yun Tianxia was troubled, “I don’t have enough time to do so.”

Yun Tianxia looked at Yun Tianxia and asked, “You are in a rush?”

“Yes, I really want to save my friend.” Yun Tianxia said firmly.

This was what Li Xiandao asked him to do. As his subordinate, Yun Tianxia wanted to express his loyalty and let Li Xiandao remember him.

“Then go and save him.” Yun Manor Lord didn’t care.

“Isn’t my cultivation low?” Yun Tianxia said.

“Then why did you come and find me?” Yun Manor Lord looked at his own son and said calmly.

“Father aren’t you really strong, can you help me save him?” Yun Tianxia said.

“I can help you because you are my son. But I don’t want to save others.” Yun Manor Lord shook his head.

“Father, tell me what I must do so that you go.” Yun Tianxia asked.

“One news in exchange for me helping.” Yun Manor Lord raised one finger.

“Ask, I will see whether or not I can tell you about it.” Yun Tianxia thought about it and said.

If it was something he couldn’t tell his father then he wouldn’t be able to do so.

“What happened to your talent?” Yun Manor Lord asked curiously.

He was really curious. He knew about his son’s talent. It was already fixed and he wouldn’t be able to reach Celestial Realm in his life.

But now within a month Yun Tianxia not only entered True Celestial Realm, he even reached stage nine. That shocked him.

Yun Manor Lord didn’t use his status as his father to force Yun Tianxia as that was his own secret.

He asked it in the form of a trade. If you reply me then I will help you save him.

Yun Tianxia was naturally willing to reply, “I met an expert who helped me change my talent. It came from a supreme god from the god race, called Ocean God.”

“God Race, last eon, Ocean God…” Yun Manor Lord was in deep thought.

“Right, Ocean God’s primordial divinity, it includes everything of the Ocean God apart from its memory. I merged with everything else. So I have the same talent as the Ocean God and aren’t that piece of trash anymore.” Yun Tianxia said.

Yun Manor Lord was happy, “I am happy to see you like that. Okay I asked you something, you replied me and I shall help you solve a problem.”

Yun Tianxia was surprised, “You are helping me to save that person from Black Water Island?”

Yun Manor Lord asked, “Do I need to go there to save someone?”

“Then if not how will you do so?” Yun Tianxia didn’t understand.

“Celestial Dynasty’s North Nether Region in charge is Emperor Beiqiu but the one in charge of Black Water Island is Heaven Spirit Celestial. I am close to him so I can get him to send the person over.” Yun Manor Lord said.

“So simple?” Yun Tianxia was stunned. Something he felt was so difficult was just a single sentence to his father.

Maybe it was because of his status.

“Once your strength rises you will notice that many things will become much easier.” Yun Manor Lord smiled.

“I will remmember that.” Yun Tianxia nodded and listened intently.

“Who do you want to save?” Yun Manor Lord asked.

“Tian Guangming, a troop trainer sent to Black Water Island a month ago.” Yun Tianxia said right away.

“Understood, I will bring this person to you.” Yun Manor Lord promised.

“Thank you father.” Yun Tianxia said emotionally.

“Kid, the person that changed your talent has to be strong. I can’t do that but you actually had such good luck. I won’t ask you anything more. You are old already so you can consider your own matters.” Yun Manor Lord said seriously.

Yun Tianxia was touched. When he was trash, his father didn’t abandon him and pushed all sorts of resources to him. Now that he had such a good chance, father didn’t ask him and instead let him make his own decisions.

“Father, I will make mother and you proud.” Yun Tianxia said with certainty.

Yun Manor Lord smiled and said, “I believe you.”

In Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao saw all of it. The huge stone in his heart landed. Yun Manor Lord agreed to save Tian Guangming which meant that he didn’t need to take the risk.

“I am still too weak and need to improve myself.” Li Xiandao shook his head. He felt a huge sense of urgency.

True Celestial was too weak. He had to reach Heaven Celestial to barely gain a footing.

Li Xiandao got up. He wanted to head to Legacy Hall to find people to cultivate.

But at this time, Heaven Heart, Lucifer, Moon Angel and old priest all found him.

They all wanted to head out to train and get stronger. Remaining in Bank of the Universe didn’t give them a large room of improvement.

Li Xiandao agreed. Anyway, the Bank of the Universe didn’t have much to do so he just let them head out to improve. Whether or not they could get their own lucky break depended on themselves. This was also a good choice.

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