Bank of the Universe

Chapter 592 - Tian Guangming's Worry!

Chapter 592: Tian Guangming’s Worry!

Unnamed Person used ten True Celestial Laws at once while Li Xiandao looked on. He was totally immersed in it.

He was sensing, observing and comprehending…

The all knowing talent was on full display. Li Xiandao who was now at True Celestial Realm had a really amazing all knowing talent.

Just one look and he would learn something.

So these ten True Celestial Laws weren’t too hard for him. He was able to comprehend them instantly.

Hong long long!

Li Xiandao attacked Unnamed Person with those ten True Celestial Laws.

This time, the two similar laws clashed and gave out huge waves. It also caused an explosion of a really bright light that flashed in the air.

Unnamed Person looked at Li Xiandao in shock. He slowly got more and more excited and he started to believe in Li Xiandao’s terrifying talent.

“Again, I have a total of 18000 True Celestial Laws let’s see how long it will take you to learn them all.” Unnamed Person said excitedly.

He was even more excited than Li Xiandao. That was surprising for Li Xiandao.

“Okay.” Li Xiandao agreed. Why wouldn’t he?

“Look at my move.” Unnamed Person continued to attack. He used all sorts of True Celestial Laws. He didn’t explain how he comprehended them, he just used them for Li Xiandao to look.

Fortunately, Li Xiandao’s talent was really strong. After a look, he learned it right away. Moreover, he could use it instantly.

Just like that, one taught and one learned. They were really busy.

In the Bank of the Universe, everyone was working hard to improve themselves.

Heaven Heart was comprehending the Buddha Demon Body.

Lucifer was comprehending the Light and Darkness Space, to merge with his divinity and improve.

Moon Angel merged totally with the divinity and it was hard to differentiate them from one another…

Blood Dragon and Chaos Dragon Crocodile started to raise their bloodline and break through.

Each person improved themselves, absorbing Celestial Energy. That included the ten thousand Flame Kings who under the leadership of Book of War, occupied a mountain range to improve themselves.

In the Bank of the Universe, even Tian Ya and Li Qing’er started to cultivate.

Probably the only person who didn’t need to cultivate was Seven.

She didn’t head out so cultivation was useless. So she helped Li Xiandao manage the contracts.

There were so many Celestial World contracts that it could be stacked into a mountain. Each one of them was a sum. Seven started to arrange them while all of them were cultivating.

As she did that, she suddenly noticed that there was one about North Nether Region’s Jin Family.

This was one signed 50 thousand years ago. The host was still alive in this world.

He had broken the contract. He could have paid after 50 thousand years but he thought that Bank of the Universe had disappeared so he didn’t pay up.

I borrowed things with my own ability so why do I have to return them?

His reasoning was really direct. He had become much stronger than before and naturally he didn’t need to worry about the Bank of the Universe’s contract.

He signed it 50 thousand years ago, it wasn’t the previous one but the one before that.

This was a lousy debt so Seven didn’t want to take it out but when she saw the surname of the host.


This was North Nether Region, a host with the surname Jin.

There weren’t many with that surname and North Nether Region only had one.

Just because of that, Seven took out that contract.

“This is the contract that Jin Family Jin Ping signed. Once Li Xiandao returns, he can go investigate whether or not this Jin Ping is still around.” Seven took the contract and muttered.

She felt like that name was a little off.

This name had no standard at all.

She placed the contract at the side and waited for Li Xiandao to finish cultivating. He continued to handle the other contracts.

Black Water Island, Tian Guangming recovered once more and was beaten up once again.

Along with his cultivation speeding up, people on Black Water Island started to know about Tian Guangming. He couldn’t be beaten to death, he would recover quickly and after each recovery, he would become slightly stronger.

So he started his self torturing style. Under many people’s help, he improved himself.

Black Water Island which others felt was really dangerous had become a place where Tian Guangming increased his cultivation.

When Black Water Island’s fierce prisoners met Tian Guangming, they started to beat him up. Tian Guangming didn’t fight back at first but slowly after he could. Then he could reach the same standard as them…

A month later, Tian Guangming’s cultivation reached stage nine!

This month was tough for Tian Guangming. He didn’t know how many times he was beaten up. Each time was extremely painful but he recovered. Each improvement was the reason that supported him being beaten up.

So after this month, he improved from stage one to stage nine.

Many people wanted to study his body. Some sliced him open but they didn’t notice anything.

Tian Guangming was unique, others weren’t able to be like that at all.

Another morning. Tian Guangming woke up from his coffin and all his pain had already recovered.

Tian Guangming took in a deep breath, “I am improving quickly but it is too painful and too dangerous.”

He was beaten up to his dying breath each time. Many times he was walking on the edge of death.

Tian Guangming had no way to fight back, if someone chopped his head off, he couldn’t fight back too.

If that happens, Tian Guangming would be dead. He hadn’t reached the stage where he could revive from one drop of blood.

So he sighed. This was too dangerous.

“I am already at stage nine, I am able to preserve myself. I must leave this place and return to Bank of the Universe and then take revenge on Jin Zhengyang.” Tian Guangming thought about it.

He wanted to flee.

He was improving too quickly in Black Water Island and many people were targetting him to try to recruit him.

Tian Guangming wouldn’t agree. He would only have one Master in his life.

“How should I leave?” Tian Guangming started to think.

He thought for a long time but still had no idea. Tian Guangming wanted to ask Master.

Bank of the Universe, Legacy Hall, Li Xiandao spent the month with Unnamed Person.

Unnamed Person had 18000 True Celestial Laws. In this month, Li Xiandao absorbed it all.

Each True Celestial Law was huge nourishment for Li Xiandao and helped him improve.

So Li Xiandao’s improvement was no weaker than Tian Guangming. On the contrary, Li Xiandao had reached the edge of Heaven Celestial.

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