Bank of the Universe

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Clear Off With One Slap

Witnessing Heaven Heart sign the contract, Li Xiandao smiled with satisfaction.

He knew that Heaven Heart would definitely sign it!

If he could face death, he wouldn’t have shattered the watch and entered the Bank of the Universe.

After Heaven Heart signed his name, Li Xiandao stood up and walked behind him.

Seven held a jade box and in it was 500 years of lifespan.

500 years of lifespan in exchange for a strong expert was a huge win.

“Monk Heaven Heart, close your eyes, and enjoy. What age do you want the 500 years of lifespan to recover you to?” Li Xiandao asked.

Heaven Heart was too old now, so he definitely couldn’t accept that.

After injecting 500 years, he could become young once again and regain his youth.

Which age would Heaven Heart choose?

Heaven Heart didn’t reply; he just silently felt the lifespan that Li Xiandao injected in.

It was like land that had been dried up for hundreds of years enjoying a few months of endless rain!

Like separated lovers meeting after 50 years, they had no words, only tears!

Heaven Heart’s emotions were really complicated!

When Li Xiandao gave the lifespan to him, he took a few steps back and saw that Heaven Heart’s body had changed.

A young man walked out and the old body transformed.

The strong Heaven Heart gave up his own skin, using the Demon Sect’s Transformation Technique to become young once more.

Energetic like jade, white and clean face, distinct lines, handsome face filled with determination!

This was a young monk who could charm all girls!

He wore a white robe, placed his palms together, and said, “Greetings Master!”

Li Xiandao said calmly, “Call me Sir!”

Heaven Heart was a monk, so Li Xiandao naturally wouldn’t force him to call him Master, and he also couldn’t allow him to call him directly by name. ‘Sir’ was a good choice.

Now Li Xiandao was upright and a little thin, he looked really outstanding and he gave off an exceptional aura.

Li Xiandao liked that he called him Sir.

Heaven Heart nodded his head, “Sir!”

“Heaven Heart, from now on you have obtained new life. You can walk about the Bank of the Universe and I won’t stop you. I also won’t ask you to do things you don’t want to do.” Li Xiandao stared at Heaven Heart.

Since he was his man, Li Xiandao stopped addressing him so formally.

Heaven Heart nodded his head, his eyes were so bright that it could see through one’s heart. He knew that Li Xiandao had something to say to him.

Li Xiandao’s face turned cold and killing intent flashed across, “Let me tell you a story!”

“Wash your ears and listen up!” Heaven Heart knew that Li Xiandao had something for him to do.

“A long time ago, you were a small monk and you had a beautiful girl you grew up with. You liked one another and you wanted to return to laity and marry her.” Li Xiandao said slowly.

This was a story, one that Li Xiandao made up.

Heaven Heart knew but he didn’t say anything, just continuing to listen.

“But as you were returning, the girl was seen by the Dali Dynasty Emperor, and he forcefully took her as a concubine. She was unwilling and killed herself!” When Li Xiandao said these words, his eyes were cold.

Heaven Heart frowned and felt uncomfortable. This story was fake but fake stories could kill real people!

Li Xiandao said this story for no reason at all, but his reason was apparent!

He wanted him to take revenge for this non-existent girl.

The person he was taking revenge on was the person who founded Dali Dynasty, the Dali Dynasty Elder.

“Heaven Heart, finish your grievances, and then come serve me. I can’t stop you from taking revenge, but you must come back in a month.” After Li Xiandao said this, he waved his sleeves and chased Heaven Heart out of the Bank of the Universe.

Seven looked on quietly and dissed, “Master, the story you made up is so old-fashioned.”

Li Xiandao stared and her, “So what if it is old-fashioned? If it spreads, many people will still believe it and many will feel for him. The monk loved her and held it in for so many years before taking revenge. If this was done years later, it might have become a story every family knew.”

What was the point of new ideas?

Letting him kill that guy was enough!

If he killed him, then Li Xiandao could accept all old-fashioned stories!

Seven thought about it and clapped, “As expected from the new Master, your vision is very far and wide.”

Li Xiandao smiled gleefully and said, “This has nothing to do with us. Heaven Heart wanted to take revenge, I just gave him a month before he has to come back. If the Dali Dynasty Elder can survive for this month, then I respect him.”

Could the Dali Dynasty Elder survive for this month?

Of course not!

It depended on when Heaven Heart wanted to attack.

After being teleported out, Heaven Heart looked at the cave he was in and exhaled a deep breath.

It felt like a dream!

It didn’t seem real at all.

But looking at his white hands and touching his frownless face, he felt like his whole body was filled with energy and he could use his strength to its fullest.

This was real!

This was not a dream!

He had traded with the devil!

Heaven Heart laughed, “Sir is not a devil, the devil is my own heart, my own desires. As long as there are living beings, there is intelligence, there is joy and rage. If there is something people want, then the demon exists!”

Demons existed in everyone’s hearts!

Heaven Heart walked out firmly. No one guarded the caves in the back mountain of Xuankong Temple.

Heaven Heart didn’t inform them. In the last life, he dedicated it to the Buddha, but now he wanted to serve the demon.

“If one day I can walk a path that merges both, that is my own path!” Heaven Heart had his own goal.

He wanted both Buddha and the demon to exist in him.

This was why he silently headed out of Xuankong Temple and headed to Dali Dynasty!

He was going to take revenge for his nonexistent lover!

Although he had never had such a lover, he loved her so much; whoever killed her had to pay a price.

That person was the Dali Dynasty’s Elder!

Heaven Heart didn’t know why Li Xiandao didn’t attack on his own, but since Li Xiandao told him to do so, he had to agree.

“It seems like I have to kill him within a month.” Heaven Heart thought silently to himself.

He was very fast, jumping through space and disappearing right away!

Xuankong Temple would take many years to get to Dali Dynasty’s Capital.

Heaven Heart only took a day!

He came to the peak that Li Xiandao fought on previously!

Within the capital, the dynasty had many hired helpers. The palace was cold and quiet and everyone was on guard.

Dali Dynasty’s Emperor was here.

Their Elder was here too!

Heaven Heart raised his hands, he looked at his jade-like hands and smiled.

The first time he killed someone in his life was actually under such circumstances.

“My strength is invincible on Dali Land!” Heaven Heart said confidently.

His invincibility didn’t count in Li Xiandao as the Bank of the Universe wasn’t in Dali Land.


The moment he said this, he slapped forwards.

A portion of the people felt the sky turn black. They looked up and their legs turned to jelly.

A huge palm smacked down onto the palace!


The giant palace instantly vanished and everyone inside died!

Li Xiandao gave Heaven Heart a month but he only took a day!

This was the strength of Dali Land’s top expert.

One slap wiped out a dynasty!

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