Bank of the Universe

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Hellfire Dragon

Heaven Heart definitely wouldn’t talk nonsense with others!

Wanting him to find the Dali Dynasty Elder and then act out what Li Xiandao said, to take revenge for his lover, that would be even more unbearing than killing him!


He just slapped down and wiped out Dali Dynasty right away.

Old Ancestor, Emperor, Empress, Crow Prince, etc…

All of them were killed!

None of them survived at all.

It was cleanly done!

None of them were able to survive Heaven Heart’s attack!

After killing them, Heaven Heart thought about it and didn’t return to the Bank of the Universe!

He still remembered Li Xiandao’s instructions.

This story couldn’t end with one slap; he had to spread the story that Li Xiandao crafted so that people would believe that Dali Dynasty was wiped out because of revenge. All of this was because of a beautiful woman!

Heaven Heart sighed. To let a monk do such a thing was quite tough for him.

He also knew that Dali Dynasty’s Elder offended Li Xiandao, but Li Xiandao couldn’t butt in, so he asked him to help.

“This is so tough for me!” Heaven Heart sighed and slowly walked over.

In the next month, Heaven Heart went around. He found writers, storytellers, scholars, and book depositories.

He added excitement to Li Xiandao’s words, adding a lot of sadness, revenge, and love elements to it.

Heaven Heart firmly believed that when the story formed, Li Xiandao definitely wouldn’t link it to the story that he had told.

It was just too exciting!

Such that once it was broadcasted, it spread across Dali Dynasty, enlightening many of the people who didn’t understand why the Imperial Family was wiped out.

So someone was here to take revenge!

Even if some people didn’t believe it, it didn’t matter as most people did.

After 20 years, all kids would believe in it!

After hundreds of years, it would become an interesting story that people would bring up!

Heaven Heart completed Li Xiandao’s task and nodded his head in satisfaction, heading toward the Bank of the Universe!

Li Xiandao and Seven were admiring Heaven Heart’s experience from the Bank of the Universe throughout.

Especially when they saw Heaven Heart wipe out Dali Dynasty and the Elder in one slap, Li Xiandao slapped himself.

“Didn’t I tell him a story?”

“Say the story out, if you kill him like that, wouldn’t it be no different from if I did it myself?”

“I want everyone to think that Dali Dynasty’s Elder died from a deep grievance!”

Li Xiandao looked on speechlessly and grumbled, “I knew that monks were not reliable.”

Seven consoled, “Heaven Heart is smart; he wouldn’t end things like this!”

As expected, Heaven Heart started to spread the story. Li Xiandao was shocked, “This Heaven Heart is not bad, he knew how to expand the storyline and write books. He even asked scholars to spread it, not bad, not bad!”

Li Xiandao smiled, “I knew that monks were the most reliable!”

Seven rolled his eyes, which were filled with helplessness; he said everything good or bad.

In the end, when Heaven Heart completed this matter, Li Xiandao and Seven both heaved a sigh of relief.

“The problem has been cleared. This damn ex-Master left such a preposterous contract and wanted me to clear up the loose ends.” When Li Xiandao thought about this he was extremely furious.

“Fetch Heaven Heart back. Also, is Gabriel about to return?” Li Xiandao asked.

During this period of time, he was concerned about Michael and Heaven Heart and didn’t bother much with Archangel Gabriel.

This was also because he was at ease.

Gabriel was at the Saint Realm; it was simple for him to clear some bad debts. It was just a more arduous journey.

Seven nodded, “That’s right, Gabriel is about to return. He cleared the nine debts and completed the mission!”

Li Xiandao said in satisfaction, “Not bad, let him rest when he is back. Although we didn’t have many gains, these people did go against the contract of the Bank of the Universe.

What a dream for them to want to live so arrogantly in this world!”

Seven exclaimed, “Not long ago, I was worried that the Bank of the Universe would totally disappear. Now, everything has gotten much better.”

Li Xiandao looked towards Seven’s beautiful face and asked, “The Bank of the Universe will disappear?”

“Of course, if it doesn’t have a Master for long. The Bank of the Universe can go bankrupt and sell its own property, so why can’t it disappear?” Seven explained it like it made real sense.

The Bank of the Universe disappeared, Seven would also disappear along with it, which worried her.

Li Xiandao touched Seven’s forehead and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you disappear!”

Seven looked at Li Xiandao and said, “Master, don’t you know that you shouldn’t touch girls?”

“I am your Master, is there a problem that I am touching you?” Li Xiandao said firmly.

Seven rolled her eyes at Li Xiandao and didn’t say anything.

In the Heaven and Earth Battlefield, Battle Angel Michael, White Emperor Tian Guangming, Long Haishou, and Long Xun all rushed for a month and finally got close to their destination.

During this month, all they did was rush.

Although they faced many dangers, they solved most of these problems.

They bore with it, didn’t cause trouble, and didn’t attack if their bottom line wasn’t touched.

Such a method saved them loads of time, but when one thought about it, one felt really wronged and frustrated.

In a month, only Michael attacked once. He activated the World Destroying Halberd and directly killed a pillaging squad.

He was too arrogant and kept chasing them. They killed people and robbed them like it was something really common.

Battle Angel Michael was the battle maniac in the God Race, he bore with it but in the end, he was still forced to attack.

In just a moment, the strength of the World Destroying Halberd wiped them all out.

Then, they didn’t face any more problems!

It wasn’t that others feared them but the closer they got to the tomb, there weren’t any normal people around.

The mountains snaked and split, the ground was covered in cracks, some were so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom. It was like a valley with Heaven and Earth flames burning about.

Once one touched it, one would be burned right away.

Even strong cultivators found it hard to block!

The four of them entered the place and looked on at the border.

“The Ancient Dragon Tomb is here?” Tian Guangming was shocked.

The world around was like hell, if one got close, one would definitely die.

This place was too dangerous and one didn’t see any tomb?

Long Haishou said, “The Ancient Dragon Tomb is below these burning flames. This place buries one of the Hellfire Dragon Race, the Race Leader who was at Ancient God Realm, which is the current Celestial Realm. His treasure is buried here!”

Battle Angel Michael frowned, “We won’t be going!”

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