Bank of the Universe

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: New Guest

Li Xiandao looked quietly at Michael and the others; he wanted to see what the battlefield was like through their eyes.

Over these 10 days, apart from cultivating, he was looking at them.

But their process was just too boring!

Rush and rush!

They rushed continuously!

One time, they faced an enemy and Li Xiandao even wanted them to start fighting.

But Long Haishou solved the situation and they continued to rush.

After looking for a few days, Li Xiandao gave up. He would occasionally glance but he wouldn’t pay much attention. He would wait until they arrived in the Ancient Dragon Tomb.

“Master, a guest is here!” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao’s expression was one of joy as he wore the mask and entered the hall, waiting silently.

Dali Land, Xuankong Temple, an old monk was in seclusion!

“Ancestor, I have followed you for my life, so why don’t you let me stay by your side?” The old monk was really old, his skin was loose, and his body was dried up with no life at all.

He was chanting!

He was praying!

He feared death!

He followed the path for a life, chanting for his entire life and he felt like he had comprehended Buddhism!

But in the end, he couldn’t accept death!

He craved to remain in this beautiful world and not die!

But, the Buddhist Ancestors didn’t pity him.

“Since the Buddha doesn’t let me, then let the Demons help me.” In his despair, he opened his palm and a blood-colored watch appeared.

Dozens of days ago, he picked up this watch!

The monk was really strong in the Buddhist techniques and when he was rational he was a high monk!

He was a Buddhist Master, famous in Xuankong Temple, and he thought that he comprehended Buddhism.

But today, the Monk felt like his limit was reached.


He couldn’t prevent it at all!

The old monk thought that he could spend another 3-5 years, but who knew that today would be the end?

He prayed, he chanted, he burned incense, he kowtowed…

He prayed to all the Buddhist statues in Xuankong Temple!

No one helped him.

“I stupidly entered the sect, spending half my life for Buddhism, but in the end, I’ve realized the Buddha and the demon is the same!” The old monk muttered. An expression that was a mixture of crying and laughter appeared on his face and then he shattered the watch in his hand.


In the end, he loved himself more, he wasn’t willing to leave the world, and chose the demon.

Just as he said.

Buddhist Ancestor and demon were the same!

Li Xiandao looked at the old monk, who didn’t even look human, and he was a little shocked.

He didn’t expect it to be a monk!

It was even such an old monk!

In his eyes, the old monk only had two hours left. Then, he would leave the world.

But the monk was at a really deep and high realm.

Li Xiandao was shocked; his cultivation was the highest that Li Xiandao had seen so far.

“What is your title?” Li Xiandao asked.

“Heaven Heart!” The old monk said weakly.

Li Xiandao nodded, “You only have two hours left, after which you will die!”

The monk didn’t panic and he said, “I know, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the courage to smash the watch, to break my false self, to see how dirty and terrifying my own heart is.”

Li Xiandao laughed, “There is no one in this world that isn’t ugly or terrifying.”

The old monk was stunned as he looked at Li Xiandao.

“Like the Buddhist Ancestor high above, he didn’t abandon all emotions or all negative feelings; it was just that he was really strong and knew how to control them. He only showed his bright side.” Li Xiandao said.

The old monk nodded, “That is right, be it the emperors, or the top talents, or the Buddhist Gods, all have another side to them. There is no one in the world who is perfect!”

The old monk studied the Buddhist techniques deeply. This time, he was really afraid to die.

He came here and faced his deepest desires.

But this didn’t represent that he would give up everything about the Buddhist Faction.

He just wanted to be his real self, to not suppress the desires in his heart.

“Master Heaven Heart, what do you want to trade?” Li Xiandao asked solemnly.

“Life… I want to live.” Heaven Heart said firmly.

“I can give you life. You only have two hours but I can give you 500 years. What price can you pay?” Li Xiandao asked.

Heaven Heart was stunned. He had hope and he prayed that this place could save him.

But when Li Xiandao said 500 years, the first thought in his mind was what he could pay.

A person was about to die!

500 years of lifespan was invaluable to him.

The thing he traded wouldn’t be of the same value.

If Li Xiandao took out 500 years of lifespan and gave it to someone with 10,000 years, he could only exchange for something small.

But to Heaven Heart, who had 2 hours left, this was the most precious gift in the world.

Heaven Heart had nothing to trade.

“Sign this contract!” Li Xiandao saw that Heaven Heart wasn’t speaking, but he wasn’t angry. He took the contract and passed it to him.

Heaven Heart trembled as he took it. Looking closely, he took in a deep cold breath.

500 years of life in exchange for 500 years of freedom!

“You will give me 500 years of lifespan, which means that for the next 500 years, I will serve you?” Heaven Heart said softly.

He didn’t reject right away but didn’t agree either!

He was considering and weighing the pros and cons!

Li Xiandao wasn’t in a rush and said, “You have served the Buddhist Ancestor for the rest of your life and till death. You need someone like me who sells souls and time to save you. Isn’t that funny?”

Heaven Heart closed his eyes.

“500 years following someone who the Buddhist Sect views as a demon, what will you become?” Li Xiandao said softly, his reply reverberating through in Heaven Heart’s ears.

The words of a demon!

Li Xiandao wanted Heaven Heart to serve him as he was too strong.

If he wasn’t the strongest in Dali Land, then he was in the top three!

Li Xiandao dared to say that!

The reason was that his accumulated cultivation was unbelievable. If he was able to use it and activate it, it would be amazing.

Heaven Heart was a treasure!

“I have a wish.” Heaven Heart closed his eyes and said.

“Please speak!” Li Xiandao said confidently.

“Don’t force me to do things that I don’t want to do!” Heaven Heart agreed.

Since he was already here, he asked himself.

What am I hesitating for?

He already said that he would throw aside his fake side and see into his heart. What was his heart’s answer?

Heaven Heart’s answer was definitely to sign it!

This was why he signed the contract and under Li Xiandao’s gaze, he wrote his own name!

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