Bank of the Universe

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Heaven and Earth Battlefield

The entrance to the Heaven and Earth Battlefield was located in the extreme icy lands of the North Ocean. There were little to no people here and the yearly temperatures were terrifyingly low. Unless one was a cultivator, one wouldn’t be able to survive.

Long Haishou was really familiar as he came here over 10 times and had memorized the route.

To complete the contract, he spent a total of 200 years of lifespan on entrance fees.

With him leading the way, everyone followed as they entered the cold from the north.

The cold air blew onto them. Luckily, their cultivations were high and their body protecting energies blocked the cold.

Looking out, the land was covered in snow. The ground was white and looked extremely beautiful.

Along the way, they pretty much didn’t meet anyone. Long Haishou rushed and headed to the entrance.

Battle Angel Michael and White Emperor followed suit; they weren’t in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

Long Xun was emotional when she saw the beautiful scenes, she was more and more firm in leaving her grandfather to tour the world.

“After this, I will leave and head to the Nine Skies and Ten Lands!” Long Xun was determined.

They flew for three full days in the north and didn’t rest at all. Braving the snow, they arrived at the entrance.

The entrance was a giant teleportation formation built on a snow peak. It was extremely huge and looking closely, the entire peak was a formation.

After everyone stood on the peak and looked at the giant formation, they were all shocked.

That’s right, Tian Guangming and Long Xun were shocked.

Battle Angel Michael wouldn’t be shocked as after merging with the memories and personality, both of them became one, so naturally, he had witnessed things in the past.

This teleportation formation was nothing compared to those of the past.

Michael said, “This place will take us to Heaven and Earth Battlefield?”

Long Haishou nodded, “Let’s go. Once we teleport over, they will automatically deduct 20 years.”

Tian Guangming muttered, “So magical!”

Long Xun said eagerly, “What are we waiting for? Let’s enter!”

Everyone stood on it and looked as Long Haishou activated the formation. They saw the calm formation starting to shake and a strong energy broke the space, bringing them away.

Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao opened his eyes and said, “Michael and Tian Guangming have entered the Heaven and Earth Battlefield!”

Seven said, “The Heaven and Earth Battlefield is a mysterious presence. Actually, not only does Nine Skies and Ten Lands have one, but Celestial World has one too!”

Li Xiandao was shocked, “Celestial World has one?”

“Of course, Celestial World is not a peaceful place; compared to the Nine Skies and Ten Lands it is even more like a battlefield.” Seven said.

Li Xiandao nodded, “There would be fighting in places where people exist, grievances, killing, treasures, and beauties will definitely be around!”

“Master is right. The so-called Celestials are just stronger people. They too will die, they will be angry and embarrassed, and they too will kill to acquire treasures. Their moves would be much more vicious than mortals because they have greater power.” Seven explained his thoughts.

Li Xiandao nodded and agreed with her, “Who knows what would happen in Heaven and Earth Battlefield. I only have three helpers and losing any would make me heartpained.”

If the 100,000 Disciplinary Squad was here, Li Xiandao would feel much better and would do whatever he wanted.

Why would he need to be so careful and nervous?

Seven said, “I believe in their ability. Along with your Sword Energy, they would be fine.”

Li Xiandao sighed, “Let’s hope so.”

“Right, can we develop in the Heaven and Earth Battlefield?” Li Xiandao asked.

“Master, I don’t recommend that because we have too few things. We should just run in Dali Land for a while and accumulate before expanding.” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao accepted the suggestion.

They stopped talking about this topic and he started to cultivate and waited for guests to arrive.

When Battle Angel Michael entered the Heaven and Earth Battlefield, he saw a giant city.

They were in the teleportation formation.

Long Haishou was the first to walk out and he said, “This is the only safe place in the Heaven and Earth Battlefield, the ancient city.”

Michael and the others followed Long Haishou to walk out of the hall and they saw the people of the ancient city.

There were many people with strong cultivations. Some hid it, some didn’t. Some entered with heavy injuries while some were really ambitious…

In this place, not only were there humans, but there were also people from the Monster Race too, demons, hell-beings, and numerous other races!

Nine Skies and Ten Lands had many different races which was why Heaven and Earth Battlefield was pretty much a battle of 10,000 races.

Humans were just one of them!

Tian Guangming saw a giant that was five meters tall and really muscular. He held a door-like giant sword and walked over.

“Good fellow, this person is suitable to guard the door!” Tian Guangming muttered.


The five-meter tall giant had good hearing and he heard this. He swept over coldly and looked really fierce.

Tian Guangming was terrified.

Long Haishou said right away, “This brother just came, so don’t blame him for his words!”

Tian Guangming knew he had offended someone, so he kept silent.

The giant scoffed coldly, “Luckily, we are in the city, or else I would chop you up!”

After saying this, the giant turned around and wanted to leave. He didn’t want to stay at all.

Long Haishou said to Tian Guangming, “People here, unless they have just come, their tempers are flaring. One can’t fight in the ancient city but outside. If they are unhappy with your words or gaze, they might start killing.”

Tian Guangming said meekly, “I am wrong, I won’t do it again.”

Battle Angel Michael said coldly, “If you fail Master because of your mouth, I will definitely kill you!”

Tian Guangming was really depressed but he knew he was wrong.

Long Haishou said, “I know where the Ancient Dragon Tomb is. It is far from here, I will bring you out of the city and over toward there.”

Michael, Tian Guangming, and Long Xun left the ancient city and then headed north.

Four of them flew quickly but in the huge area of Heaven and Earth Battlefield, they flew for 10 days and still hadn’t arrived.

10 days of continuous flying was really exhausting.

They faced problems but Long Haishou spread out his Saint aura and told them that he just wanted to pass.

That night, they were prepared to rest. They stopped in the wilderness and lit a fire. Everyone sat together and chatted.

Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao felt really bored. He sighed, “10 days have passed and they haven’t arrived yet?”

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