Bank of the Universe

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Striking At Four Locations

No matter what, Li Xiandao wouldn’t give the Dali Dynasty Elder that God Spirit Meridian!

He couldn’t!

Li Xiandao looked towards Seven and said, “Let’s not worry about the person in the Celestial World first. But as for the Dali Dynasty Elder, we have to deal with him.”

Seven nodded. The Bank of the Universe had just started developing and they had little to nothing, so they definitely weren’t able to take out a God Spirit Meridian.

Even if they had, Li Xiandao couldn’t bear to give it to an outsider!

“But we can’t attack directly.” Seven said softly.

Li Xiandao nodded, “I know that. It is written in the rules that we can’t attack, but if someone wants to take revenge on the elder and wants to kill him, then it has nothing to do with us.”

Seven thought about it, “How should we go about this?”

Seven thought about it and said, “Let the watch find a strong person but a short lifespan. Don’t we have 500 years with us, let’s exchange it for the death of the Dali Dynasty Elder!”

Seven immediately gave the order while Li Xiandao waited quietly!

Dali Land, a small island in the ocean!

The ocean was borderless and there were many islands all around. The islands were all different sizes and had different numbers of people on it. Some had large populations and were like island empires!

Some islands only had a few hundred people while some only had a few families!

On the islands, the resources were all different, which resulted in a spread of power. Although there were many experts, it was tough for them to grow up and cause problems with those on land.

Archangel Gabriel came to such a small island!

The wings on his back flapped as he flew forwards and landed on an island.

Gabriel didn’t hide his aura. He was really strong and steely and immediately threatened the whole island.


The island wasn’t large but there were many people, around 10,000 of them.

This was a family, a family that was secluded in the ocean!

This family’s Elder signed a contract through the Bank of the Universe but he went against it!

Archangel Gabriel’s Saint aura spread 3,000 miles around. This island was smaller than 1,000, so the hidden Elder sensed it right away.

“Senior, why did you come to my Fallen Water Island?” A person appeared in front of Archangel Gabriel, cupping his fists and asking respectfully. His face was filled with nervousness.

He was just at Heaven Essence Realm and although he was at the later stages of it, he was still far from becoming a Saint.

Facing Archangel Gabriel, he had no confidence at all.

Gabriel took out a red watch and said coldly, “Ji Tianqian, do you recognize this?”

Ji Tianqian looked at the red watch and was stunned. His thoughts were instantly pulled to 10,000 years ago.

That weak teen!

That mysterious bank!

The contract that was filled with words!

That compensation condition that he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life.

His body shuddered and his first thought was to run!

That was because he went against the contract!

Based on the agreement, he had to pay 10 times the amount. But he couldn’t!

But how could he run from a Saint?

The moment he thought about that, everything in front of him turned black.


Archangel Gabriel flicked his fingers and a moon-like True Qi struck him.


Ji Tianqian spat out blood and felt like his organs had shattered. He looked on in astonishment.

“Didn’t you all disappear?”

“10,000 years, I went against the contract so long ago. All of you didn’t come then, so why now?”

Ji Tianqian trembled as he spoke.

Archangel Gabriel said coldly, “You think that just because we disappeared you have the right to go against the contract? Do you think you can take the benefits from us and enjoy such a leisurely life? What wishful thinking!”

Ji Tianqian’s face turned white.

“You borrowed so many resources and the compensation price is 10 times. You had 10,000 years to accumulate, so now the price is 100 times!” Archangel Gabriel read the contract.

Ji Tianqian said bitterly, “I don’t have that much.”

“It is okay, we know you don’t. You are so timid; you took so many resources and didn’t dare to expose yourself, so you hid on an unknown island. You actually even started a family. But after these 10,000 years, you consumed all of the resources and your cultivation stopped improving. You started to not care about cultivation at all, what a waste!” Archangel Gabriel said with disdain; what he looked down on the most was this kind of person.

Ji Tianqian didn’t think about paying back from the start!

He took the resources, hid, and went about his own way!

Such a person wasn’t worthy of trading with the Bank of the Universe!

Thinking about it, Gabriel didn’t hesitate to press down with the Primitive Staff.


Half the island collapsed and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. At the bottom, there was also a corpse.

Archangel Gabriel flapped his wings and flew high above in another direction.

“There are also many people, waiting for me to clear them, one by one. I will kill those who can’t pay!” Gabriel thought to himself.

On the other side, Long Haishou brought Battle Angel Michael and White Emperor Tian Guangming, as well as his granddaughter, Long Xun, to head towards the Heaven and Earth Battlefield.

“I’ve heard of this place before but have never entered. Heaven and Earth Battlefield is a dangerous place and I heard that you need to buy tickets to enter.” White Emperor Tian Guangming asked.

Battle Angel Michael hadn’t entered before and didn’t know.

Long Xun also didn’t know. She wanted to enter but her grandfather didn’t let her.

Long Haishou said, “One needs to buy tickets but the price isn’t normal money!”

“God Source?” Tian Guangming said.

Long Haishou shook his head, “Lifespan!”

“What?” Tian Guangming looked at Long Haishou in shock.

Even Long Xun looked at her grandfather in shock!

She had never heard of this; one had to pay lifespan to enter the Heaven and Earth Battlefield?

“Anyone can enter if they want to, even if they have no cultivation at all. A mortal just needs to pay 20 years and they can enter.” Long Haishou explained.

“Then, who will the lifespan be given to?” Battle Angel Michael asked the question on everyone’s mind.

How many people paid to enter each year?


Just one Dali Land had millions!

This was also a conservative figure. Dali Land had a small population and although it was the weakest in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands, in truth, it was able to be a part of the Nine Skies and Ten Lands for a reason.

The other worlds would probably send 10 times that of Dali Land!

Each person had to pay 20 years of lifespan; how huge was this amount of resource?

Who would get it?

Long Haishou laughed bitterly, “I don’t have the ability to know that. I have remained in Dali Land and apart from heading in to investigate news I don’t know about anything else!”

Battle Angel Michael also knew what Long Haishou said was correct.

Heaven and Earth Battlefield’s huge profits meant that the person behind it had to be immense and it wasn’t something they could investigate.

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