Bank of the Universe

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Dali Dynasty’s Contract

After thinking about it, Michael still took the Sword Energy and merged it into his body!

He just treated it as him making the Master happy!

Anyway, whether or not he used it would depend on himself!

Michael consoled himself and then stood up.

Li Xiandao looked at Long Haishou and said, “We will follow you to get that Ancient Treasure!”

Long Haishou nodded his head, “Although you two are not Saints, if we are careful, it should be okay!”

The girl muttered, “Michael’s cultivation is not bad, but Tian Guangming is too weak!”

When they introduced themselves, the girl heard their names.

Tian Guangming’s face turned black. What was that supposed to mean?

She looked down on him?

Right, he was weak, he was the weakest here!

But it didn’t mean he couldn’t help!

Tian Guangming explained himself and said proudly, “I have Sword Energy that Master gave me!”

That was enough!

He didn’t need anything else. Tian Guangming looked at her proudly and then at Long Haishou!

This was Master’s Sword Energy!

Long Haishou nodded, “The Bank’s Master’s Sword Energy is a really strong card, but don’t use it until you have no choice.”

The girl didn’t say anything. She could look down on Tian Guangming but not Li Xiandao.

Tian Guangming felt really proud at that moment!

Although my cultivation is low, I had a Master!

My Master is the most secretive, the strongest, and most invincible person!

Battle Angel Michael looked at his expression and was speechless!

He was thinking about whether or not to tell him not to look forward to the sword energy!

This was because Li Xiandao was a mortal!

But thinking about it, it was best that only he knew about that secret. He shouldn’t have spread it out or it would be bad for Li Xiandao’s reputation!

“Remind him at a suitable moment not to treat it as a trump card, otherwise, it will be a huge problem!” Battle Angel Michael sighed in his heart.

Li Xiandao waved his hands and said, “All of you leave. Discuss how to get there and how to enter the Ancient Dragon Tomb and get the treasure back!”

“Yes, Master!” Battle Angel Michael and Tian Guangming cupped their fists and followed the old man, disappearing from the Bank of the Universe Main Hall.

When they left, Li Xiandao took off his mask right away. His face was ice cold and his brows furrowed.

“Investigate, check the contracts, all of them. See whether or not there are other dumb ones.” Li Xiandao said furiously.

Was this a win or a loss?

Of course, it was a loss!

No matter whether or not they brought back an Ancient Treasure!

In truth, the Bank of the Universe had lost so badly in this deal!

That was because the investment that the Bank of the Universe gave to Long Haishou was real!

He was able to complete the bloodline transformation all because of the resources that the Bank of the Universe gave them!

This resource was something that Li Xiandao craved!

However, it was given to an outsider!

In exchange, he only received some news and a promise to head to the Heaven and Earth Battlefield!

But this was 10,000 years later!

Thinking about it, Li Xiandao was so furious that his organs started to hurt!

He took over a broken Bank of the Universe because of the last master!

Seven knew that Li Xiandao was really angry. She kept silent and went to check out the contracts.

After Li Xiandao calmed down, he closed his eyes and activated his talent!

He was checking the contracts too!

He checked with Seven and finally cleared out all of them.

In the ocean of contracts, he had found the few worst ones!

Seven took them all and there were five of them.

Out of all of them, without an exception, they were all huge losses!

The losses were so big that Li Xiandao felt his head hurt!

Li Xiandao sighed, “Are the people who signed these still alive?”

Seven used her own ability to investigate those few people!

“Master, in these five contracts, three of them are dead.” Seven replied quickly.

Don’t be too happy!

Since the contract was signed, if the person was still alive and they followed the contract, then Li Xiandao would take a huge loss. Even if he went against it, Li Xiandao would still lose.

This was because it was written in the contract!

This was why Seven said it so lightly!

Li Xiandao wasn’t happy at all and said, “Three of them are dead, but what about the other two?”

Seven bit her lips, “One is in Dali Land. Investigated that he is still alive and the contract will expire in three months.”

“Another is not in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands; he entered the Celestial World. The Bank of the Universe doesn’t have the facilities now, so I can’t check into Celestial World and I don’t know if he is still dead or alive!” Seven said regretfully.

“Tear up the contracts of the three dead people. As for that one still alive in Dali Land, I will let him die. I won’t let him live to take advantage of the Bank of the Universe.” Li Xiandao said coldly.

He already took one loss, so how would he want to take another?

Moreover, Long Haishou’s one was acceptable but this one that was still alive, his contract was a bloodsucker, sucking the blood from the Bank of the Universe!

Li Xiandao needed him to die!

But he couldn’t do it himself!

As the Master of the Bank, no matter how unhappy he was, he couldn’t attack directly!

“I need to find a strong person to trade.” Li Xiandao muttered.

Seven said, “This person is the Elder of Dali Dynasty, his contract states that he borrowed a God Meridian and the price is that he will build a temple for the former Master!”

Li Xiandao asked curiously, “Why did that person want a temple?”

Seven shook her head, “I am not sure but he has a weird personality and loved others praising him. Maybe building the temple was something he really liked!”

Li Xiandao was speechless!

“Master, it is also written that 10,000 years later, if the temples reached 10,000 that you have to give him another God Spirit Meridian to end the contract!” Seven was speechless as she looked at the contract!

Li Xiandao spat out a mouthful, and the killing intent in his eyes grew!

“This Dali Dynasty Elder has to die!”

Li Xiandao definitely wouldn’t give him a chance to enter the Bank of the Universe and ask for this God Spirit Meridian!

One God Spirit Meridian would give one 5 million God Source!

10,000 God Source could help to activate the Heaven Emperor Brush and open the Celestial Seal to use explosive ability!

Moreover, would the God Spirit Meridian that the Bank of the Universe give him be low-quality?

He was feeling troubled thinking about how to redeem the Ten Thousand Country Book Depository, and the old Master directly gave someone a God Spirit Meridian for his own glory. And 10,000 years later, he had to give another one!

Li Xiandao’s heart was ice-cold like there was snow all around!

He wanted to kill someone!

Li Xiandao really wanted to kill someone today!

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