Bank of the Universe

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: To Take Or Not To Take

Seven looked over everything with Li Xiandao; she looked at the contract, her brow rose up, and her heart was filled with dissatisfaction.

“The former Master neglected me at the final period of time and signed some preposterous contracts. This is one of them!” Seven explained.

At that time, she didn’t know the contents of the contracts, otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t have agreed.

One contract didn’t have a suitable amount of interest, so the Bank of the Universe wasn’t willing for it to be signed.

The contracts that Li Xiandao signed all had huge benefits.

With the recent contract as an example, Li Xiandao earned 1,000 from Wu Tianyu’s 3,000 years of lifespan.

This was Li Xiandao being kind; if he was really merciless, he would have asked for 2,000 and Wu Tianyu would still agree.

Li Xiandao wouldn’t be so silly to sign such a dumb contract!

Right, he now had a name for this contract.

Dumb contract!

“Only someone whose brain was filled with sh*t could sign this contract.” Li Xiandao’s voice was filled with rage.

But on the surface, he was expressionless and placed the contract down.

Seven sighed helplessly and was very speechless towards the last owner.

Seven didn’t understand how the Bank of the Universe would choose such a person as its owner!

Li Xiandao calmed himself down and said, “10,000 years ago, the Bank of the Universe helped you repair your bloodline such that its thickness reached Ancient Bloodline.”

Long Haishou nodded, “During these 10,000 years, I have remembered how the Bank of the Universe helped. Ancient Bloodlines are just too rare, and you helping me also helped my granddaughter. It was inherited after skipping generations and she inherited my bloodline.”

Long Haishou’s granddaughter looked at him in shock. Their bloodline wasn’t from their ancestors?

How did this happen?

This mysterious Bank of the Universe Master was the one who helped to strengthen their bloodline!

Beneath Li Xiandao’s mask was an expressionless face.

He was really expressionless!

His heart was totally speechless!

No wonder this person could follow the contract; this was because the last Master was really friendly towards him, using large amounts of resources to help him improve his bloodline.

Ancient Bloodline!

This was the bloodline of an expert during the Ancient Era.

To strengthen such a bloodline, how many resources did one have to spend?

What did they get in exchange?

One Ancient Treasure!

He even had to send people to take it and Long Haishou would only provide some clues!

It was the same as him wasting so many resources in exchange for some intel!

When Li Xiandao thought about this, he looked at his empty Bank of the Universe, and his heart was dripping blood!

Disregarding everything else, it was good that the last owner was dead!

“Master, then what about this contract?” Seven asked Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao sighed. No matter what, the last owner had signed it; even if that person was stupid, he had to treat it seriously.

“Okay, I have seen the contract and there is nothing wrong with it. What are you planning now?” Li Xiandao asked Long Haishou.

He said right away, “Send someone to enter the Ancient Secret Lands to take away an Ancient Treasure. I have investigated and no one took that treasure out yet.”

Li Xiandao asked, “Who is this Ancient Family? Where are they?”

“Ancient Dragon Tomb, they are from the Ancient Dragon Race, not the weak dragons flying about now. The invincible Ancient Dragon Race, one of them is in the Heaven and Earth Battlefield!” Long Haishou said solemnly.

Over these 10,000 years, to complete the contract, he investigated carefully and obtained accurate infomation.

Ancient Dragon Race!

This was a huge ancient family, even if it was a branch, it was not much weaker than the main family.

A treasure left by the Ancient Dragon Race was in the Heaven and Earth Battlefield.

What was the Heaven and Earth Battlefield?

Li Xiandao looked at Seven in confusion. He came to the world for such a short time and didn’t understand many things. He needed Seven to introduce.

Seven transmitted her voice into his ear, “Heaven and Earth Battlefield is a wide battlefield built by the Nine Skies and Ten Lands. No matter who you are, if you buy tickets, you can go to train there. There are a range of people and there are many experts there. Moreover, the Ancient Continent that the Heaven and Earth Battlefield is in is an ancient old land; there are many treasures there and this has attracted many treasure hunters.”

Li Xiandao immediately thought to Archangel Gabriel!

Before this when he was still Bei Heng, he entered the Heaven and Earth Battlefield and obtained his Celestial Sword there.

This was why he was a suitable person to head to the Heaven and Earth Battlefield!

But… Archangel Gabriel was sent by Li Xiandao to clear the bad debts.

“Master, Michael is willing to head to the Heaven and Earth Battlefield to help Master bring back the Ancient Treasure!” Battle Angel Michael, who was listening silently, knelt down and said firmly.

White Emperor Tian Guangming knelt down too, “Master, Tian Guangming is willing to head over!”

Li Xiandao looked at them and nodded before waving his hands.



A sword energy proceeded forwards. It was Li Xiandao’s Big River Sword Energy and he gave each of them one.

“After all, the Heaven and Earth Battlefield is really dangerous. Be careful, especially in this Ancient Dragon Tomb, which is even more dangerous. This is my Sword Energy, each one of you take one. At a crucial moment, I can help you crush an enemy!” Li Xiandao said.

This was a sword technique he had comprehended.

Soul Sword!

Within the two sword energies, each contained a bit of Li Xiandao’s soul. Once activated, they could summon Li Xiandao to cross space and kill the enemy.

Li Xiandao was doing so just in case. The Bank of the Universe was still really strong and couldn’t sustain heavy losses.

He didn’t want to come into contact with people from the other worlds too soon. He wanted to carefully develop in Dali Land first.

He wanted to cunningly develop!

Once he accumulated enough, he would head to other worlds to collect debts!

But this contract made it necessary for Li Xiandao to send men to the Heaven and Earth Battlefield.

If he didn’t send anyone, he would be going against the contract!

Li Xiandao was the one following contracts and now it was the other way around. Li Xiandao was going to go against the contract while he represented the Bank of the Universe?

He couldn’t do so.

So he had to go, he gave them sword energy, so that they would have a bit of confidence.

When Tian Guangming heard this, he happily collected it. This was the mysterious Master’s sword energy, so wouldn’t it be a huge killing artifact?

Battle Angel Michael’s expression was a little off!

He knew who Li Xiandao was!

Li Xiandao left five days ago to save that pregnant lady and then he had to use him as a mount to fly over!

Li Xiandao, five days ago, was a mortal!

A mortal with no cultivation at all!!!

Five days later, he took out a sword energy for them and said that this was going to give them confidence!

“Take it and when you fight others, if you can’t win, then activate it!”

“I will help you!”

Battle Angel Michael panicked for that reason!

He was loyal to Li Xiandao but it didn’t mean that he could treat Li Xiandao, who had no cultivation at all, as a strong expert?

Should he have taken it?

That was a problem!

Michael was in deep thought!

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