Bank of the Universe

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Rubbish Contract

Li Xiandao bathed, changed, and dressed up really well.

He wore a purple coat and tied up his short hair that reached his shoulder, leaving a little bun. He wore his gold mask and walked to the main hall.

Battle Angel Michael and White Emperor Tian Guangming were waiting quietly inside.

Seven also dressed up really nicely, stunning Li Xiandao.

Seven’s beauty made one feel really comfortable; even after hanging with her for a long period of time, Li Xiandao was still amazed by her looks.

Her well-proportioned body was in a long skirt, and not only was she beautiful, but she was really sexy.

Li Xiandao quickly cast his gaze elsewhere and didn’t dare to look at her any longer.

White Emperor Tian Guangming and Battle Angel Michael all knew their place and didn’t dare to glance. They didn’t have the desire to glance at all!

Li Xiandao sat on the chair and said, “Let them in!”

Seven clapped and instantly two people entered the Bank of the Universe.

One old and one young; one guy and one girl.

The old man seemed really energetic and was brimming with life. The aura he gave off was like that of a fierce tiger.

The girl was really beautiful and she followed the old man.

After they entered, they looked around in shock.

The girl was shocked but the old man was really calm.

He entered 10,000 years ago and this time he felt more emotional than shocked.

“The Bank of the Universe seems to have changed. 10,000 years ago, this place was filled with luxurious items, shining golden, and seemed really rich.” Long Haishou exclaimed.

Li Xiandao looked at Seven. Was the main hall so luxurious 10,000 years ago?

Seven said awkwardly, “The last Master was just like that, he loved gold and shining things.”

Li Xiandao looked at Long Haishou and said, “Times have changed, it is not bad to change the style too.”

Li Xiandao also knew that the old man was here to abide by the contract.

As for the old man bringing an extra person, if this was before, Li Xiandao definitely wouldn’t agree.

The Bank of the Universe didn’t allow random people to enter, apart from the guests themselves.

But seeing that the old man was here to follow the contract, Li Xiandao forgave him.

Li Xiandao was much more magnanimous towards someone who proactively followed the contract.

Long Haishou’s granddaughter looked on from the side and said softly to her grandfather, “What is this place, why does it feel like we are still at the Cliff of Heaven!”

Long Haishou told his granddaughter to calm down, “Be silent, this time I am letting you see how there are always stronger people than you think. You will understand later.”

The girl could only look on silently.

She turned towards White Emperor Tian Guangming!

Too weak, she was uninterested!

White Emperor Tian Guangming looked at the gaze of disdain in her eyes; he was so furious his brow rose up.

He is Heaven Essence Realm, Holy Lord level of strength and you actually looked down on me?

If Master wasn’t here, I would let you witness my fist.

White Emperor Tian Guangming was expressionless but he dissed in his heart.

The girl looked towards Battle Angel Michael and her eyes lit up. He was so handsome, he had such a unique aura, and the key was that he was really strong!

During these few days that Li Xiandao was in seclusion, Battle Angel Michael was doing things too.

He was merging with the God Race Battle Angel, to raise his strength. He was now much stronger than White Emperor Tian Guangming, entering the mid to late stages of God Essence Realm. He was not far away from Saint Realm.

She was not much different from the girl which was why she was shocked!

But she didn’t continue to stare at Michael and instead looked towards Li Xiandao.

At first glance, it was so mysterious!

On second glance, it seemed weird!

On third glance, she couldn’t see through him.

On the fourth glanceā€¦ there was no more as Li Xiandao realized she was staring at him. His eyes flashed and a sword domain appeared.


A sword clanged in her consciousness and then she was pulled into a sword domain.


There were swords everywhere!

The sword domain was filled with endless Sword Intent!

Endless small people holding swords were practicing!

Then, 100,000 swords came toward her like rain.

She was shocked and retreated.

Her body shuddered and she came to her senses. Her back was covered in a cold sweat and she panted and looked at Li Xiandao in terror.

“Little Girl, your foundations are too unstable.” Li Xiandao said calmly.

Through the sword domain, he could sense that although her cultivation was decent, her foundations were still weak.

Her cultivation wasn’t gained from cultivating but by using outer strength.

But what did she rely on?

Li Xiandao didn’t know.

She gulped and knew that Li Xiandao was really strong. She stood behind her grandfather and didn’t say a word.

“This is my granddaughter. I brought her here to open her knowledge of the world. Owner, please don’t worry, I know the rules and will instruct her not to mention this.” Long Haishou sighed. How wouldn’t he know that his granddaughter’s foundations were unstable, that if she tried to enter Saint Realm she would most probably die?

Li Xiandao nodded. He didn’t care about her and looked at Long Haishou, saying solemnly, “10,000 years is up, you are here to complete the contract?”

Long Haishou nodded his head solemnly too. He took out a contract and said, “This was what I signed 10,000 years ago. I kept one and there is one with you. It is stated clearly on it, so Bank Owner please take a look.”

Long Haishou knew that the Owner changed and Li Xiandao wasn’t the one he came into contact with. Their auras were totally different.

Li Xiandao’s one was like a deep abyss while the one 10,000 years ago was like bright lightning!

The clearest sign was that the person 10,000 years ago didn’t wear a mask but Li Xiandao did.

Li Xiandao didn’t mind and said to Seven, “Where is the contract?”

Seven passed it to Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao took a look at the 10 lines and numerous words entered his field of sight.


Li Xiandao raised his head and said in shock, “You actually exchanged for the Ancient Bloodline 10,000 years ago!”

10,000 years ago, Long Haishou was just a normal exiled person who was exiled by his family to Dali Land. He paid a huge price for the Bank of the Universe to improve his bloodline to the Ancient Bloodline.

The price he had to pay was to bring people from the Bank of the Universe into the Ancient Family’s Holy Land to take away a treasure that the Ancient God Spirit left.

Li Xiandao looked at the contract and he was totally shocked.

That damn last master, how preposterous!!!

Helped others to improve his bloodline and gave him 10,000 years to develop. 10,000 years later, the price was only to take a treasure!


That was just too preposterous!!!

Just from this contract, Li Xiandao could see what the last owner was like.

He was arrogant and didn’t consider the outcome. He felt like just because he was the owner of the Bank of the Universe, he could do whatever he wanted; what trade, what contract, what interests, did it matter?


As long as he was happy, so what if he gave away things for nothing?

Anyway, I didn’t accumulate it, so I can just give it away!

The last owner was stupid, wasting all the accumulated assets and leaving Li Xiandao a huge mess.

Li Xiandao had to help clean up his mess to prove that the Bank of the Universe was trustworthy.

This contract was a pile of shit; Li Xiandao felt disgusted by it.

But he had to finish it.

No matter how disgusting it was!


Li Xiandao’s ocean-like sword energy couldn’t be suppressed. If the last owner was here, he wouldn’t hesitate to pull out a sword and slash him.

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