Bank of the Universe

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Person Who Abides By The Contract

Li Xiandao really wanted to ask Seven how the last owner messed up so badly.

But out of respect, Li Xiandao didn’t ask that.

Seven could see what Li Xiandao was thinking and said helplessly, “Out of the nine owners, he was the most arrogant and loved to enjoy. The previous owners contributed a lot, like building the Time Hall, establishing the Ten Thousand Country Book Depository, the Hundred Thousand Disciplinary Squad, these were all done by the past Masters.”

“Only him, he didn’t listen to me and was really stubborn, signing contracts based on his likes and wants and lent all the Bank of the Universe’s good stuff. In tens of thousands of years, he wasted all the funds that the last Masters accumulated and even ran their names into the ground!” Seven was furious; she really hated the last Master.

No wonder after Li Xiandao took over, as long as Li Xiandao was willing to listen to advice, Seven was really patient. She didn’t look down on him because he had no cultivation at all.

After going through the last owner, she was thankful that she now had a normal Master.

“Since he was so useless, then how did he become the Bank of the Universe Master?” Li Xiandao didn’t understand.

“Just like how you had no cultivation at first and had no talent at all, beaten to your last breath and nearly dead, how would I know how the Bank of the Universe chooses its Master?” Seven shook her head.

“Maybe because the Bank of the Universe is interested in people who are trash and mortals!” Seven guessed.

Li Xiandao was speechless!

If not for the fact that he had transmigrated, his previous self and the last owner were really similar!

Then, the Bank of the Universe would definitely fall; two consecutive owners being so useless would definitely make Seven depressed.

“Master was trash before but you aren’t now. With the Prophet talent, you will become the strongest in the world.” Seven said firmly.

“The Bank of the Universe will rise once more in your hands!” Seven giggled.

Li Xiandao accepted the praise and sat in the chair, stabilizing his cultivation.

On the other side, the 10 watches that Li Xiandao tossed out started to look for guests.

Li Xiandao was probably going to be busy.

Dali Land, Cliff of Heaven!

The so-called Cliff of Heaven was a cliff near the ocean where the scenery was really nice and when one stood above, one would see everything. The earth and the sky, the ocean, and the clouds were all within one’s view.

This extremely beautiful view was deemed by people the Cliff of Heaven!

Now, one person sat above the Cliff of Heaven!

There was an old man and behind him was a beautiful girl.

She was really beautiful, like a blooming flower, the snow-white skin was like something sculpted out of sheep fat.

“Grandfather, you have the Ancient God’s bloodline, so why don’t you head to other worlds, and why are you staying in such a poor world like Dali Land?” The girl moved forwards with her long and beautiful legs.

Although the old man’s hair was half white, he was still really energetic and sat on the chair, “That’s because I need to complete an agreement and I can’t leave Dali Land.”

The girl didn’t understand. “Grandfather, you are the top person in Dali Land. What agreement do you need to complete?”

The old man waved his hands, “You can’t say that. There are definitely people stronger. How am I the top person, you are my granddaughter, when did you become so arrogant?”

The girl said unhappily, “I want to leave Dali Land, this place is so boring. The highest cultivation is only Heaven Essence Realm and there aren’t even many Saints. How can I improve myself?”

“You are only able to touch the cusp of Saints because you have inherited the bloodline of the Ancient Gods. That is the credit of the bloodline but you haven’t used your own talent at all.” The old man’s face was cold as he chided.

The girl wasn’t angry at all but she was unable to retort her grandfather.

“Grandfather, I want to leave Dali Land to other worlds to train. There are definitely many experts there and it would be much more exciting.” The girl gritted her teeth and spoke her own thoughts.

The old man sighed, “Since you insist, then I won’t keep you but before that, you need to follow me to a place!”

The girl said with a weird tone, “What place?”

“A mysterious bank, I need to return something.” The old man stood up and patted the dust off his body. He took out a red watch and his eyes were filled with many thoughts.

Time slowly turned back 10,000 years, to when he was still a young man, who was really poor and had yet to achieve anything.

After a chance encounter, he entered the Bank of the Universe, forming an agreement and signing a contract.

The deadline for the contract was today. For these 10,000 years, the old man had reached the Saint Realm, the dream of many in Dali Land. He even cultivated at that realm for a long time, reaching a really deep level of strength.

But he didn’t leave Dali Land and he didn’t head to the other worlds which had many experts.

He waited for the 10,000-year deadline to arrive!

He wanted to complete the contract that he had signed!

Long Haishou wasn’t someone who went against his own words!

This was why he remained in the Cliff of Heaven. His son had a granddaughter and after he passed, Long Haishou raised her alone until now.

His granddaughter reached the cusp of Saint Realm and she wanted to head to other worlds to improve herself.

Long Haishou still firmly wanted to abide by the contract!

In front of the girl’s confused eyes, he smashed the red watch that he kept on him for 10,000 years.


The watch broke!

In the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao was nurturing the Sword Energy in his body.

Although his combat strength was strong, it came from the Big River Sword Energy. He didn’t cultivate other techniques, just totally focusing on the Big River Sword Energy.

Now, the Sword Energy in his body was like a huge ocean, deep like an abyss.

“Master, there is a guest!” Seven said softly.

Li Xiandao opened his eyes and asked, “Who, what is he trading?”

Seven’s expression was a little weird, “He is not here to trade.”

Li Xiandao found it weird, “If he is not here to trade, then why is he here?”

“He is here to follow the contract!” Seven said with a weird expression.

Li Xiandao’s expression turned to one of surprise.

After seeing the mountain-like bunch of bad debts and personally having to deal with a few, Li Xiandao had little hope for the untrustworthy people of the world!

None of them followed the contracts!

This was what Li Xiandao said before.

Who knew that it would come to slap him in the face?

There was actually someone who came personally to return what they owed!

That was unbelievable, right?

Even Seven didn’t expect it!

Someone came over to do so?

Li Xiandao stood up and said excitedly, “Quick, welcome him. Let Tian Guangming and Michael come over too. I will change and give him my absolute respect.”

It was really difficult!

Li Xiandao was so emotional that he wanted to cry.

To meet someone with such a spirit was just so rare, moreover, the contract length was 10,000 years!

Li Xiandao had to give this person his utmost respect!

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