Bank of the Universe

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: 100,000 Enforcers

500 years of time passed in the blink of an eye!

Li Xiandao started cultivating and forgot all about time, but time didn’t forget about him, leaving some marks on his body.

Li Xiandao didn’t look as young and tender as he was and he was actually over 50 years of age, so naturally, he seemed more mature.

He trained the Big River Sword Energy to Perfection through Mastery before he walked out of the Time Hall.

The Bank of the Universe was the same as before!

Li Xiandao looked at this place; 500 years had passed but only five days passed on the outside.

He stepped out and came to the Trading Hall. He sat on the chair and rotated his cultivation technique. Sword Energy rang out. It was hidden in his body like a volcano that was about to explode.

Seven appeared beside Li Xiandao and asked in anticipation, “Master, what level have you reached after 500 years of cultivation?”

Li Xiandao thought about it and said truthfully, “I don’t know!”

Seven was stunned, “You don’t know?”

Li Xiandao nodded his head and said, “I don’t know what realm I am at now.”

Seven was confused, “Why wouldn’t you know? Each time you break through, you should be able to sense it.”

Li Xiandao was deep in thought. He thought about it but still didn’t tell Seven.

He did sense something when he broke through but it was really shallow!

He broke through too often, such that he was too lazy to count. He only knew that he had become stronger!

As for how strong, Li Xiandao was unsure!

As he didn’t fight yet, he didn’t dare to come to a conclusion.

Seven analyzed, “Since that is the case, then Master’s cultivation will definitely defeat that of White Emperor Tian Guangming and Battle Angel Michael. Will you be able to defeat Archangel Gabriel?”

Li Xiandao thought about it and said, “Yes!”

Archangel Gabriel had so little strength in his body that Li Xiandao would be able to solve with one streak of sword energy.

“Archangel Gabriel is a Saint, even if he is the lowest level among them, he is still really strong. Master is actually able to beat him, the Prophet talent is just so terrifying!” Seven exclaimed.

Li Xiandao looked on and said in his heart, “It is much more terrifying than you think!”

Li Xiandao said mysteriously, “You will know in the future. Now let’s just expand the Bank of the Universe. Are there new guests?”

The topic was changed and Seven shook her head, “No, the other watches haven’t found a suitable guest.”

Li Xiandao suggested, “Let it expand the search range. We now have things we can trade and add them to the consideration.”

Seven nodded her head, “I have already changed the settings, so it should be quick.”

Li Xiandao was deep in thought, “Archangel Gabriel said that he saw many people who broke the contract and were living well. We can’t let this happen.”

Now, Li Xiandao wanted to develop the Bank of the Universe, and at the same time, clear all the bad debts.

Just one Dali Land had many bad debts. One could see that the Nine Skies and Ten Lands including the Celestial World had many more!

Seven’s eyes lit up and said, “I will find their contracts.”

Li Xiandao called Archangel Gabriel over.

In a short while, Gabriel walked over, knelt on one knee, and said, “Master, what are you finding me for?”

Li Xiandao wore the gold mask and asked, “Before this, you said that you saw many who entered and broke the contract, but they still lived a great life?”

Archangel Gabriel nodded and said, “There are such people, like me, who received benefits from the Bank of the Universe, but went against the contract. They are still in Nine Skies and Ten Lands leading their own forces!”

Li Xiandao laughed coldly, “They owe my Bank of the Universe things and still live so arrogantly, they really deserve to die!”

Archangel Gabriel said coldly, “Gabriel is willing to help you clear out your enemies and chase back these debts!”

Li Xiandao said in satisfaction, “I came to find you because of this. Since you know where they are, then everything is simple.”

Seven walked over with the contracts and said, “These are the 13 in Dali Land who owe things.”

“13? So many?” Li Xiandao was surprised.

He thought that there would only be 2-3 of them.

Seven said, “This is considered just a few. Dali Land is the weakest of them all and the most poor, which is why we only have so few debts. If you head to the other areas, what you see will be even more terrifying. The debts would be innumerable.”

Li Xiandao felt like it made sense and looked towards Archangel.

“I will chase these debts, one by one!” Gabriel immediately took the contracts and said firmly.

“Eh, go. If you face trouble that you can’t deal with, I will be with you, so don’t be afraid. If they are willing to compensate and pay the price, then we can let them off. As for the others, kill them all.” Li Xiandao said coldly, not hiding his rage at all.

“Yes, Master!” Archangel Gabriel knelt on one knee and said firmly.

Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and a huge force pushed Archangel out of the Bank of the Universe.

Li Xiandao continued to sit and think.

“If the Bank of the Universe’s Disciplinary Squad is here, then these debts would be simply dealt with.” Seven sighed.

“Disciplinary Squad?” Li Xiandao frowned. He was the Master for so long but he hadn’t heard of it.

Seven explained, “Disciplinary Squad is an invincible army that the Bank of the Universe developed. There are 100,000 of them who are all spirits, a special race in the world called Golems!”

Li Xiandao immediately thought about Emperor Qin’s soldier statues. Weren’t the golems like that!

“Then, where are they now?” Li Xiandao asked.

If the Disciplinary Squad was here, he wouldn’t need to develop his own power and raise them bit by bit.

Seven said regretfully, “The last Master harmed them.”

“What does that mean?” Li Xiandao frowned and asked solemnly.

What did that mean?

Did it refer to the one before him, the one who ran Bank of the Universe to the ground?

Seven said, “There are many mysterious races in the world and our Bank of the Universe is not the only one. We have our enemies too and the Disciplinary Squad of 100,000 is our insurance. We signed a contract and if they go against it, the 100,000 army will charge over and destroy everything.”

“But unfortunately, the last Master was too arrogant, harming the Disciplinary Squad. As for the exact location, I am not sure but afterward, the Bank of the Universe collapsed. Many people went against the contract and without the Disciplinary Squad, the last Master didn’t cultivate and his cultivation was too low and he couldn’t do anything.”

“From then on, the Bank of the Universe was punished by the Heavens and many things were used to pay debts. Many years passed before we met a new Master!” Seven told Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao frowned when he heard this; he sensed that something was hidden deep in.

The 100,000 Disciplinary Squad was lost and many people started to go against their contracts. Seven said that they did so at the same time which meant that they planned it and were waiting for the previous Master to make a mistake.

“Who is targetting my Bank of the Universe?” Li Xiandao’s heart was covered in a dark shadow.

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