Bank of the Universe

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Cultivating Technique!

Bai Hua Cao and Old Fox’s death stunned the people looking. All of them retreated, even people from Hundred Flower Holy Land and Fox Race left in rage and sadness.

They had no choice but to leave!

Their Elders and their senior had died. Relying on just their bit of cultivation, how would they be able to match the three god-like men under Li Xiandao?

At the peak, problems came and went quickly!

Tian Ling’er looked at those scenes and was totally stunned. She didn’t dare to believe that it was true!

This was just too simple?

The Bank of the Universe chased the husband and wife duo for a long way, heavily injuring her and also Wu Tianyu, forcing Wu Tianyu to enter the Bank of the Universe in exchange for a chance to live.

Such a person who they viewed as a demon that was hard to deal with, was as weak as paper in front of Li Xiandao.

She broke to the touch!

Why was she so weak?

Tian Ling’er felt really relaxed. She managed to keep her daughter and fell to the ground, panting heavily.

When Li Xiandao’s men were attacking, she was so nervous that she didn’t dare to breathe. If she lost, then the two of them would be separated for the rest of their lives and were prepared to be tortured.

Luckily, they had won!

Tian Ling’er attributed that to her dead husband. He must have been the one protecting them in the dark, which helped to save them.

Li Xiandao looked at her and said, “The danger is solved and the two of you have 1,000 years more to live. I have completed my promise to your husband and have helped you. Now, it is time for us to separate.”

When Tian Ling’er heard this, she nodded her head. She was a grateful person. He helped her because he was nice and she was lucky; if he didn’t help her, she couldn’t blame him at all.

“Savior, I am unable to repay your kindness, let me kowtow to you.” Tian Ling’er started to kowtow. She used a lot of strength, her wounded forehead was injured once more and blood flowed out.

Li Xiandao pulled her, shook his head, and sighed.

Tian Ling’er was a majestic Goddess, whether knowledge, looks, cultivation, and personality, she was top rate.

Now her face was dirty and blood was flowing from it. She looked really terrifying, totally different from the top beauty that a Goddess should have.

But Tian Ling’er gave Li Xiandao a sense of reality!

She wasn’t a Goddess!

She was someone’s wife!

She was someone’s mother!

She was a person with blood and flesh and not the noble Goddess who looked down on everyone.

Who knew whether or not Tian Ling’er regretted this change?

Li Xiandao looked at her determined gaze like she understood something.

“There is no need to kowtow, you are just injuring yourself. If the kid sees it, she will be afraid!” Li Xiandao touched her forehead and the wound healed. The blood was wiped off and her clean face was revealed once more.

She was really beautiful!

But Li Xiandao didn’t take a second look and left right away.

Battle Angel Michael continued to act as a mount and the bunch of them flew away from Dali Dynasty!

When Tian Ling’er saw this, she also left the peak. In the future, she would hide her identity to raise her kid and allow her to grow!

Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao returned and Seven was counting something.

Li Xiandao looked at Seven and asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

“I am calculating how to spend these 1,000 years.” Seven smiled sweetly and said.

Li Xiandao obtained 1,000 years of lifespan from the Wu Tianyu trade and how to use it was going to be a problem.

“We can use it to trade!” Li Xiandao thought about it and said.

“1,000 years, use it all to trade?” Seven asked.

Li Xiandao shook his head and said, “Save 500 years and burn it for me, I want to cultivate!”

Seven said happily, “Master, you are finally going to cultivate! I want to see how terrifying someone with the Prophet talent is when cultivating!”

Li Xiandao had awakened the Prophet talent.

Omnipotence, when used on cultivation, would be really terrifying.

As he was delayed by things, Li Xiandao didn’t cultivate. Now that he completed this trade, he sensed that it was really awkward, such that he had no cultivation at all.

He had to even use Michael as a mount!

That was his Battle Angel, the one in charge of claiming and exploring lands; he was not supposed to be his mount!

Li Xiandao only thought about cultivating since returning, so that he wouldn’t cause trouble for Battle Angel Michael next time!

“Does Master want to cultivate Big River Sword Energy?” Seven asked.

Li Xiandao nodded his head, “The Bank of the Universe doesn’t have anything else for me to cultivate. The Big River Sword Energy can reach Celestial Realm, it is really suitable for me!”

“Master, Big River Sword Energy is hard to understand, you need to comprehend sword energy!” Seven said worryingly.

If Li Xiandao’s Omnipotent ability was useless, then the problem would be huge.

“It is okay, I have 500 years of time!” Li Xiandao didn’t mind.

The reason he burned 500 years was for this.

In the Time Hall, Li Xiandao could burn time to accelerate it.

He burned 500 years to be used in 5 days.

One year on the outside would be 100 years in the Time Hall!

This was how terrifying the Time Hall was!

It was also the best place for Li Xiandao to cultivate in!

As long as he had time, he would succeed. The Omnipotent ability would undoubtedly allow him to succeed quickly.

“Okay, then I will help Master speed up time. Master, please head to the Time Hall!” Seven took in a deep breath and started to speed up the flow of time.

Li Xiandao stepped forwards and sat at the center of the Time Hall on a piece of mattress.

Four weeks of time passed in a visible manner.

But Li Xiandao didn’t know what changed.

He just felt like he was cultivating normally and time was slowly passing.

Li Xiandao started to read and opened the main copy of Big River Sword Energy to comprehend.

He activated the Omnipotent talent!

Li Xiandao saw the hidden portion of Big River Sword Energy right away.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

On the original copy, numerous sword energies floated out. They wrapped around him, turning into small people and started to dance.

Millions of small people appeared in his eyes and he memorized them all.

Li Xiandao looked around; he was expressionless as he memorized their movement.

Slowly, he started to cultivate.

He started to get the basics of the Sword Path.

Li Xiandao spent a short time going from the basics to full understanding!

He comprehended the entire Big River Sword Energy and his cultivation grew quickly.

Each day flew by like an airplane.

Cultivating was like sailing against the current; if one didn’t improve, one would drop.

But for Li Xiandao, using his talent, it was easy for him to understand anything. There was nothing complicated for him.

Li Xiandao could even do many things at once!

This was why his cultivation was like a rocket!

Slowly, he felt like he accumulated a lot and started to break through.

Foundation, Ascension, Life Wheel, Dao Pursuing!

One realm a day!

He broke through and he felt like he became really strong!

As for how strong he was, he had no idea!

Maybe because of his exploding cultivation, it gave him the illusion that he could crush everyone in the world!

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