Bank of the Universe

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Li Xiandao Appears

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Li Family Elder was at Grade Nine of Dao Pursuing Realm and had nearly broken through to the next realm!

If not for his vital energy weakening and having no energy to support himself, he wouldn’t have become older and died!

Now that he bought five years of lifespan from Li Xiandao, although he was unable to break through, he would maintain this level of strength for five years. The Li Family Elder would still be able to use his cultivation to suppress the Zhou Family and Zhang Family Elders.

”Stop being so arrogant. I don’t believe that you still have your past strength, even if you didn’t break through?” Zhang Family Elder didn’t believe that Li Family Elder could go against the natural laws of the world.

Dao Pursuing Realm, be it Grade One or Grade Nine, would allow one to live for 300 years!

The 300-year limit was something that even people from the ancient lands or top experts couldn’t escape.

Unless one broke through into the next realm!

But the Li Family Elder didn’t and he was 300 years old this year!

He would definitely die!

He must have been faking it. He used some stimulants to temporarily raise his state to scare them off!

Zhou Family Elder and Zhang Family Elder thought the same thing.

Li Family Elder was definitely faking it!

”Age abusing old damn thing, no matter what you say or do today, Li Family will be wiped out!” Zhou Family Elder gave a cruel and vicious smile.

”Why bother talking nonsense with him? No matter what, he won’t be able to change the 300-year limit and he will definitely die today!” Zhang Family Elder said coldly.

Li Family Elder said respectfully, “Right, I can’t change that. There are many things in the world that I can’t change, but some other people can!”

Li Family Elder thought back to the Bank of the Universe, about Li Xiandao, and also about that contract!

He signed it and he had five more years to live!

During those five years, he would maintain at this peak. That was just unbelievable!

This simple contract changed things that the ancient lands couldn’t change.

Just thinking about all of this, the Li Family Elder felt even more respect toward the Bank of the Universe!

He definitely couldn’t offend them!

”Since all of you won’t accept death until you see it happen, then I will grant your wishes!” Energy surged in Li Family Elder’s body. The long lost but familiar power returned as he used the technique that made him famous.

Yellow Sand Hundred Battles!


A punch covered the area in front of him. At that moment, yellow sand spread out and his fighting spirit rose to its peak!

That fist was really powerful. It was the peak punch from a Grade Nine Dao Pursuing Realm expert!

The area in front of the Li Family Manor became a desert that covered all the Zhang and Zhou Family members present.

This fist made it hard for anyone who was weak to breathe!

The expressions of the two elders changed. They realized that they were wrong.

The Li Family Elder wasn’t faking it!

He had really recovered to his peak!

This Yellow Sant Hundred Battle fist technique was something they had heard about but had never seen. Now that they saw it, it was really worthy of its fame!




Li Family Elder’s vital energy was like a blazing flame. How did he even look like an old man who was coming to the end of his life?

”Heaven Secret Sword!” Zhou Family Elder pulled out his precious shining long sword, and used a sword technique to block that fist.

Zhang Family Elder did too. His body was fast like lightning as he flew over and attacked. He used a fierce Heart Piercing Fist!

He still didn’t believe what was happening and he wanted to kill the Li Family Elder!


But at the next moment, the Li Family Elder grabbed the air in front of him. His dry palm was like cold iron, clutching Zhang Family Elder’s fist before twisting it.


Zhang Family Elder’s arm instantly cracked, making him cry out in pain!

The Li Family Elder’s strike destroyed his whole arm!

As for the Zhou Family Elder, he took the Yellow Sand Hundred Battle head-on and was crushed instantly. He got beaten up so badly that he lost his sense of direction.

He spat out mouthfuls of blood and his sword also fell to the ground.

The area around was totally silent!

The people from Zhou and Zhang Families looked on in shock!

Their Elders were both injured, one was screaming while the other was spitting out blood. They all couldn’t bear to watch!

As for Li Family Elder, he stood in the middle. His legs didn’t even shift a single bit.

As he said, the two other elders didn’t have the right to show off in front of him!

”Tell me, how should I deal with all of you?” Li Family Elder said coldly.

Zhou Family Elder and Zhang Family Elder were both defeated, their hearts were in despair!

Would begging work?

The Li Family Elder was decisive and would definitely wipe out their families!

”You know that begging is useless, so you aren’t going to beg right?” Li Family Elder laughed.

The Zhang Family Elder said with his ashen white face, “We lost today. All of us are vicious people and we know that in the end, your Li Family will be the biggest in this Taicang City.”

”The only thing I don’t understand is who can allow you to go against the laws of the world?” Zhou Family Elder asked with a defeated tone.

Without that person, the Li Family Elder would be dead and they would be able to successfully split the spoils.

The Li Family Elder said solemnly, “It is best if all of you don’t know about that mysterious place!”

”Now, all of you will die!” Li Family Elder said coldly.

”Slow down, let me kill him!” Suddenly, a voice spread over, stunning everyone.

Li Family Elder frowned and looked at the person who came.

Everyone looked at him and without exception, they all frowned.

Zhou Family Young Master said weirdly, “Li Xiandao, didn’t I kill you?”

Zhou Family Elder looked at Li Xiandao in disdain, directly ignoring him. He was a servant for them in the past.

Li Family Elder wanted to scold him. A slave without cultivation dared to butt in?

But at the next moment, Li Xiandao took out something which caused Li Family Elder’s eyes to jump.

A watch!

A watch that beeped!

A red watch!

Li Family Elder was smart. The disdain disappeared right away and he ran to Li Xiandao. saying respectfully, “You are the envoy?”

These scenes stunned everyone!

Li Family members exchanged glances with one another, what was going on?

Their elder!

Their invincible elder!

Was actually so respectful to a slave without cultivation?

Zhou Family Young Master was stunned!

In his eyes, Li Xiandao was a slave who could be casually beaten up and killed.

Li Family Elder was a Dao Pursuing Realm expert that was high and mighty. There was totally no connection between the two!

One was up above in the heavens!

One was on earth!

But now, this heaven was behaving so respectfully to the earth, not daring to go against him at all.

Were his eyes playing tricks on him or was something wrong with the world?

Both the Zhou Family Elder and Zhang Family Elder were stunned as they looked at the scenes in front of them!

What was going on?

Li Xiandao was calm and kept the watch, “Did you prepare the Spirit Meridian?”

Li Family Elder said respectfully, “Yes, it is inside the Li Family Manor!”

Li Xiandao nodded and then he looked toward the Zhou Family people coldly.

This Zhou Family Young Master was the one who killed him!

Without the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao would be gone already!

”Can I kill them?” Li Xiandao asked Li Family Elder.

”Of course, go ahead. I will help you suppress them. I will kill whoever dares to resist right away!” Li Family Elder said without hesitation.

He didn’t dare to offend Li Xiandao!

Li Xiandao didn’t have cultivation!

But behind him was the mysterious Bank of the Universe!

That owner with the gold mask was definitely a peak expert!

Li Xiandao was his envoy and even if he didn’t have cultivation, Li Family Elder had to serve him well

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