Bank of the Universe

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Will Take Revenge

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The other Li Family members looked at Li Xiandao!

  The Zhou Family members looked at Li Xiandao!

  The Zhang Family members looked at Li Xiandao!

No one expected that a slave with a lowly identity like Li Xiandao could actually cause the Li Family Elder to listen to him so respectfully.

  Especially the Zhou Family Young Master!

  His face froze as he looked at Li Xiandao. There were waves surging inside his heart and there was a bitter taste in his mouth!

  Li Xiandao was his family’s slave. His grandfather sold himself to Zhou Family, so for the next three generations, they all had to be their slaves.

  Li Xiandao’s grandfather was killed by him when he was young!

  Li Xiandao’s father was heavily injured by a slap from him when he was angry three years ago. His injuries weren’t treated and he died in the end!

Li Xiandao was trying to learn cultivation techniques in secret. He found out and thus, Li Xiandao was beaten half to death and tossed to the cemetery with dying breaths!

  Zhou Family Young Master didn’t expect that Li Xiandao would actually survive.

  He shivered, “Li Xiandao you were raised by my Zhou Family. Your father and your grandfather were raised by us. Without us, your grandfather would have died long ago. Your father and you wouldn’t have even existed!”

  Li Xiandao laughed coldly, “So I need to thank you?”

  Zhou Family Young Master said right away, “I don’t need you to thank me, I am just asking you not to kill me.”

  He was afraid of dying!

  He was really afraid of dying!

  He lived arrogantly for decades and he didn’t want to die!

  Li Xiandao said solemnly, “You ask me not to kill you, but when you were killing my grandfather, my father and I, why didn’t you think about all this?”

  Zhou Family Young Master’s face turned white and he stammered, “Those were misunderstandings, I have never done that. See! Aren’t you alive and well now!”

  Killing intent appeared in Li Xiandao’s eyes, “If not for a lucky encounter, my soul would be up in the heavens. You want me to let you live?”

  ”Wishful thinking!”

  ”Not only you, today none of the Zhou Family people can live!”

”I will kill you and wipe out the Zhou Family today!”

Li Xiandao said cruelly. His voice wasn’t loud but it was powerful, causing the hearts of all Zhou Family members to jump. They all looked toward him in fear.

Li Family Elder looked at Li Xiandao and his eyes shone brightly. This Zhou Family slave was originally going to be killed by the Zhou Family Young Master.

  But the owner of Bank of the Universe saved him, giving him a new life as an envoy.

  What a huge fortuitous encounter!

  Li Family Elder made up his mind, even if Li Xiandao had no cultivation, he couldn’t offend him!

Zhou Family Young Master shivered as he looked at Li Xiandao, “You really want to force us to a corner and kill us?”

  ”Force you to a corner and kill you?” Li Xiandao laughed coldly and found it funny. He beat him up till he was on his last breath and tossed him at the unmarked burial ground to fend for my own, wasn’t that forcing me to a corner and killing me?

”Li Family Elder, do you have a sword?” Li Xiandao asked coldly.

  ”This is my special sword!” Li Family Elder took out his precious sword and passed it to Li Xiandao.

  Li Xiandao causally took it, slashing down while the Zhou Family Young Master looked at him in terror.

  A head rolled onto the ground.

  Ten years wasn’t long for a gentleman to take revenge!

A despicable person, however, found just one day too long!

Li Xiandao was neither.

  He didn’t have a chance so he beared with the hatred and now when he had a chance to take revenge, he gave a lethal strike. He definitely wouldn’t give him a chance to argue.

As the ninth master of the Bank of the Universe, his future was limitless. Zhou Family Young Master wasn’t worth anything in his eyes.

”Li Family Elder, kill everyone and then pass the Spirit Meridian to me.” After Li Xiandao killed the Zhou Family Young Master, he said lazily.

The person he hated the most was already killed by him. Li Xiandao wasn’t interested in killing the others so he let Li Family Elder do it himself.

  He just wanted to get the Spirit Meridian and head back to Bank of the Universe to study it!

  ”Okay, envoy please wait for a moment. I will be very quick!” Li Family Elder’s words were true.

He really was quick.

The long sword was really sharp and he was also a peak Dao Pursuing Realm expert so no one could fight him!

  This was a massacre!

  It lasted just a minute and everyone from the Zhou and Zhang Families were killed.

They were all dead from one strike. There was not much blood and they died very quickly, stunning people from Li Manor.

  ”Envoy, I have killed them all.” After Li Family Elder killed them, he said respectfully.

  ”Okay, pass the high-quality Spirit Meridian and I will leave. Don’t tell anyone about us.” Li Xiandao said calmly, his attitude was really cold.

It was like he was the peak Dao Pursuing Realm expert and the Li Family Elder had no cultivation.

  Li Family Elder didn’t mind. He had passed the stage of being rash. So what if Li Xiandao was cold?

  He just had to be a little warmer.

”It is in the secret room of the manor and is sealed with a formation. Please follow me over to take it.” Li Family Elder said.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head and followed him into the Li Manor secret room.

  Ten meters deep underground was a wide secret room. On the walls were many lines, forming a formation!

  At the center was the high-quality Spirit Meridian!

  A dragon-like Spirit Meridian was trapped in the secret room by numerous formations.

  Li Family Elder said, “This is a high-quality Spirit Meridian core. With this, if you place it in any mountain region, it would cause the area to be brimming with spiritual energy. If I absorbed it on my own, it would be enough for me for 10 years.”

This was a decent high-quality Spirit Meridian!

  The scale was good too. A less than 100-meter core being able to support a Dao Pursuing Realm expert for 10 years. It could be considered a real treasure.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Then, I will take it?”

  Li Family Elder said respectfully, “I have already traded it away, so you can take it anytime!”

  Li Xiandao was satisfied with his attitude. He waved his hand and the power of Bank of the Universe was activated.


The Spirit Meridian moved flying into a whole that appeared above before disappearing.

All of this was completed under the gaze of the Li Family Elder, but he was unable to notice any cracks or tremours.

  Both the Spirit Meridian and Li Xiandao disappeared.

  Li Xiandao entered Bank of the Universe without Li Family Elder realizing it.

  ”As expected I can’t offend them. Bank of the Universe is really deep and immense!” Li Family Elder shivered as he said.

  Bank of the Universe!

The moment Li Xiandao entered, he saw the huge changes behind the main hall.

  A room appeared!

  Li Xiandao said in confusion, “What is that?”

  Seven said, “Master, that is Time Hall. It is a place to store time.”

  ”A place to store time?” Li Xiandao’s eyes lit up.

  ”Is there a lot of time here?” Li Xiandao asked right away.

  He lacked time. His first trade was done with five years of his lifespan.

  If there was a lot of time here then he didn’t need to sell his lifespan.

  ”In the past, the main hall had billions of years, but now there are only 100!” Seven said helplessly.

  Li Xiandao said happily, “100 years is enough. With this, we have something to trade with.”

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