Bank of the Universe

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Trade Success

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After the Li Family Elder weighed the pros and cons, he decided to trade with the Li family!

He could live for five more years, which meant that he could protect the Li family for another five years. He could ensure that the Li family would produce a Dao Pursuing Realm expert in five years before he moved on.

If he died now, the Li Family would not have a single Dao Pursuing Realm expert and their entire family would die!

If the Li Family was wiped out, then what was the point of a Spirit Meridian?

Rather than letting Zhou Family and Zhang Family benefit, trading with it was a better choice!

After signing his name on the contract, the Li Family Elder looked at Li Xiandao.

Seven took the contract and nodded her head in satisfaction.

Li Xiandao knew that the matter was settled. He stood up and walked by the Li Family Elder’s side.

Before this, Seven had already taught Li Xiandao that, in the bank, he was the god!

The only god!

He just needed to think about what he wanted to do and no one would be able to be his match in the bank.

They wouldn’t even be able to get close to Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao reached out, grabbing five years of his lifespan and then shot it into the Li Family Elder’s body.

At that moment, the white-haired Li Family Elder, who was on the brink of death, became much younger.

He was still old but he looked different from before. Before this, he looked like he already had one foot in the grave.

The Li Family Elder now had five years. For those five years, he would remain like this.

The moment those five years passed, he would die right away!

The Li Family Elder looked at his own body in disbelief.

Before this, he couldn’t even stand up!

Now, he could walk freely!

Before this, he found it tough to even breathe.

Now, he felt like his body was filled with energy!

Before this, he felt as though his entire body had been sucked dry and empty!

Now, he felt like his body was filled with energy!

He was alive once more.

He had five more years of lifespan!

He used one high-quality Spirit Meridian in exchange for it!

The Li Family Elder looked at Li Xiandao in shock. He looked at the gold mask as if he was looking at a god!

Such abilities were never heard of before, and so it sent fear and terror into his heart!

Li Xiandao said calmly, “I have given you five years of lifespan and I will immediately send someone to your manor to obtain the Spirit Meridian. I hope you don’t go against the contract!”

After he talked about going against the contract, Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and a strong wind swept the Li Family Elder away.

He had no way to resist at all!


After the world around him spun and turned on its head, the Li Family Elder opened his eyes and looked around.

He was back in his room!

”Such a terrifying power. As expected, I shouldn’t offend him!” Li Family Elder’s heart was filled with terror as he shouted right away.


His children and grandchildren, outside the room, pushed the door open and entered. They all saw a different person.

”Father, you…” The eldest son and also the one with the most hope of entering Dao Pursuing Realm looked at his father in shock.

His father, who was on his last breath!

His father, who could only lay on the bed!

His father, who would die at any moment!

He stood up!

The color of his face, the aura, it was so strong that he couldn’t read it!

This… How was this possible?

Everyone in Li Family looked on in disbelief.

The Li Family Elder’s face sunk and said, “I have embraced death and through that gained life, the heavens have granted me youth. All of you don’t have to worry anymore!”

Everyone became excited. They all cheered and danced happily. With the Elder here, Li Family would survive. If the Elder died, then there was a high chance that the Li Family would die too.

Just at that moment, a manservant ran over in terror and shouted, “Not good, people from Zhang Family and Zhou Family are here. They say that they are here to send Elder on his way!”

The Li Family members looked on in rage, they were infuriated.

Li Family Elder laughed coldly, “Send me on my way, I want to see whether or not they have the ability to do so!”

Using one Spirit Meridian to exchange for five years of lifespan gave Li Family Elder much confidence. He feared nothing and strolled out confidently.

The other Li Family members followed him out.

Li Manor!


Many people gathered and they split into two groups. They were led by two old men and they focused on the Li Manor entrance.

”That old damn thing from Li Family is probably dead!” The Zhou Family Elder said coldly.

”A Dao Pursuing Realm person can, at most, live for 300 years. He is Grade Nine of Dao Pursuing Realm, so he can barely live to 290 years. This year is his limit!” The Zhang Family Elder laughed in disdain.

”In the past, Li Family always suppressed our two families, now it’s time for revenge!” Zhou Family Elder said coldly.

”Grandfather, the oldest daughter of Li Family is really beautiful, I want her!” Zhou Family Young Master’s eyes filled with greed and he said excitedly.

Zhou Family Elder didn’t care at all, “She is just a girl. If you want her, then just take her and play!”

Zhou Family Young Master nodded excitedly and said, “When the time comes, I want to have a good taste of her. I will teach her a lesson for looking down on me every day! ”

”Let’s break it down and enter. The people are all hiding behind and didn’t dare to come out. They are all turtles!” Zhang Family Young Master said calmly.

”Right, with both our families working together, unless Li Family Elder recovers, the Li Family will lose today!” Zhou Family Elder said confidently.

”Recovers?” Zhang Family Elder laughed with disdain and said, “Unless he breaks through Dao Pursuing Realm and reaches higher levels, with his dried-up body, it will be extremely difficult!”

”Break the entrance and enter!” Zhou Family Young Master hollered. He was the first to charge forward. He raised his leg and was about to kick the gate.


But a terrifying power exploded out, causing him to fly backward. His blood rose to his throat as he spat it out. He said in disbelief, “What terrifying power is that?”

Zhou Family Elder and Zhang Family Elder’s expressions changed and they looked on in disbelief.

That was the power of Dao Pursuing Realm!

This was the aura of Dao Pursuing Realm!

It was the Li Family Elder?

”Impossible, Li Family Elder’s vital energy was so weak!” Zhou Family Elder frowned.

”Right, it definitely can’t be him. Who is playing tricks?” Zhang Family Elder hollered coldly, his voice was really loud and reverberated around.

”You two juniors, I haven’t died yet and you dare to provoke us at our home, are you asking to die?” Li Family Elder said coldly. He walked out of the manor and a cold glow shot out of his eyes.

Zhang Family and Zhou Family Elder’s faces sunk as they looked at Li Family Elder, who was brimming with life. They exchanged glances with one another in disbelief.

“Impossible, his lifespan limit has been reached. When I saw him last year, his vital energy was dropping and weakening, he wasn’t like this!” Zhang Family Elder’s eyebrows locked and he didn’t dare to believe it.

”Stop priding yourself on being older than us, we are all Dao Pursuing Realm, so you scolding us like we are your juniors is just too preposterous!” Zhou Family Elder said coldly and unhappily.

The Li Family Elder laughed with disdain, and his eyes were filled with mockery, “We are all Dao Pursuing Realm, but does that mean we are all on the same level?”

”If I hadn’t reached the limit, would you dare to fight me?”

”Is Grade Nine the same as the initial and middle stages?”

”If I wanted to kill you, do all of you think you can run?”

Li Family Elder’s gaze became violent all of a sudden.

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