Bank of the Universe

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Trade

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After Li Xiandao calmed down, he asked in a serious tone, “What does the Bank of the Universe actually do? Right now, I’m totally garbage and have no abilities, nor do I have any Celestial Weapons!”

Li Xiandao felt depressed when he said this.

It had been three months since he transmigrated, and he wasn’t even able to escape slavery. It was because the boy’s grandfather was a slave, and anyone in the family three generations after would remain a slave.

Therefore, Li Xiandao was born into slavery. How could he accept a transmigration like that?

In those three months, he had been trying to learn the martial arts of the Zhou Family!

But the results weren’t even noticeable!

After all, Li Xiandao was of considerable age and had missed the golden age for cultivation!

There was also the point about his talent, which was the worst of the worst, way below the average joe. Within those three months, he wasn’t even able to get past the first stage of cultivation!

Seven said, “Don’t worry, Master. The Bank of the Universe has the right to buy and sell everything. And you, as the owner, have inherited everything the Bank of the Universe has to offer. Although the Bank of the Universe is currently in a terrible situation, it has limitless potential. Master is worried about talent, but as long as someone is willing to give up their unmatched talent, Master will be able to absorb it.”

Li Xiandao’s eyes lit up, “Everything in the world can be traded?”

“That’s right, as long as someone is willing to offer it, and Master gives the go-ahead, it can all be traded!” Seven assured.

“But there isn’t anything in the Bank of the Universe right now!” Li Xiandao cried.

“This would require some ideas from you, Master!” said Seven.

Li Xiandao closed his eyes to think and said, “Can I trade my life with others?”

Seven nodded with no hesitation, “Of course, you’re the owner of the Bank of the Universe!”

Li Xiandao replied, “What about customers?”

Li Xiandao couldn’t wait to make his first trade and build up the Bank of the Universe, but there wasn’t a single customer in sight.

Seven waved her hand, revealing three blood-red colored watches. Despite being highly detailed, they had hollow interiors.

Seven said, “Master, these are the invitations to the Bank of the Universe. As long as you have a trade in mind, the watches will find a suitable candidate. And if they agree, they will enter the bank to trade with Master.

“Really?” Li Xiandao exclaimed.

“At its peak, there were hundreds of thousands of watches with tens of thousands of messengers all across the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, unmatched by anyone in the Celestial World. But now, there are only three watches left,” Seven said with a depressing tone.

Li Xiandao grabbed a watch and said to Seven, “Don’t worry, I’ll return the Bank of the Universe to its former glory. I will pay these high profile people who aren’t paying back their debts a visit personally, and get them to repay what they owe!”

Seven smiled, “I believe you master, let’s start by picking our first customer.”

Li Xiandao closed his eyes and thought about what he wanted to trade.

His lifespan!

Five years of his life!

Li Xiandao was 18. Although he missed the golden period for training, he was still very young with decades ahead of him. Taking out five years as his capital wasn’t a problem.

When the watch received the message, it slowly faded away in his hands and disappeared.

At the same time, Li Xiandao felt more mature. Losing five years of his life didn’t affect him too much.

Seven said, “Now, the watch will seek out a suitable candidate. Because the Bank of the Universe is in a sorry state, the watch doesn’t have a big range and is probably only able to reach a few thousand miles around Master.”

Li Xiandao nodded, “Hope it’s quick. Tell me more about the Bank of the Universe in the meantime.”

Seven nodded and started going over the information of the bank.

The ‘Dali Land’, a world in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, a wide and huge land.

Taicang, a rural town in the ‘separate continent’. There were three main families in this town: Zhou, Lin, and Zhang.

The three families had control over Taicang, and there would be a Dao Pursuing Realm Elder in each family watching over.

In the cultivation world, one started from Foundation Realm, to Ascension, to Life Wheel before reaching Dao Pursuing Realm.

At Dao Pursuing Realm, one could control the essence energy of heaven and earth, which was why they were really strong. Within Taicang City, there was a Dao Pursuing Elder in each of the three families.

However, there had been some problems recently with the elder in the Li family. The elder was nearing the end of their life and didn’t have much time left.

Everyone in the Li family was panicking. Without the Dao Pursuing Realm elder watching over, the Zhou family and the Zhang family would take over in the blink of an eye!

Various medicinal herbs, countless physicians, and even the best doctor in the town weren’t able to help!

The Li family was panicking!

Completely panicking!

The Zhou and Zhang families were ready to go. They had recalled the best fighters in their family and were awaiting the death of the elder, so they could immediately destroy the Li family!

A huge storm was about to hit Taicang!

And at this moment, at the edge of his life, the elder barely opened his eyes and saw a watch!

A watch that was ticking along!

A blood-red watch!

And through the watch, he could see limitless possibilities.

The elder of the Li family grabbed the watch with his remaining energy.

“If I can continue living on, I’m willing to pay any price!” the elder muttered.

In the Bank of the Universe, Seven said to Li Xiandao suddenly, “Master, there’s a customer.”

Li Xiandao was excited, So soon?

“Clean up, and be ready for business!” Li Xiandao said sternly.

With a wave of her hand, Seven and Li Xiandao were brought to a brightly lit hall. Li Xiandao changed into a black robe and put on a dark gold mask.

Li Xiandao didn’t want to show himself as he was still quite weak!

In the next moment, the elder of the Li family showed up in the hall

Ashen hair!

Full of wrinkles!

On the brink of death!

They were slouched on the chair and couldn’t even stand!

This was an old man who was steps away from death. The elder didn’t have any aura of a Dao Pursuing expert left!

“What is this place?” The elder opened his eyes and looked at Li Xiandao with shock on his face.

He couldn’t read Li Xiandao, and couldn’t see their face either. He could only see a mysterious person with a golden mask.

“This is the Bank of the Universe. You have received our watch, now state what you seek,” said Li Xiandao.

“Life, I want to continue living! I can’t die!” The elder didn’t consider anything else as he hastily stated.

The footsteps of death were near, and the elder could hear them clearly. He didn’t want to die.

It wasn’t just him, the entire Li family wanted him to live on too!

If he died, the Li family would be done for. This was his life’s work!

Therefore, he looked at Li Xiandao, full of hope. He wanted to grab hold of any sliver of hope, no matter how small!

He wanted to live on!!!

Li Xiandao nodded at the hopeful eyes of the elder, “I can give you five more years, but what can you offer?”

The elder exclaimed, “Anything I have, just tell me!”

Seven whispered to Li Xiandao, “Right now, the Bank of Universe lacks Spirit Meridians, and the Li family has one high-quality Spirit Meridian.”

Li Xiandao nodded and said, “One high-quality Spirit Meridian in exchange for five years of lifespan. If you agree, go ahead and sign.”

Seven brought out the contract written in black and white, clear as day!

The elder was completely dumbfounded, he didn’t think Li Xiandao would want the Spirit Meridian!

The Li family only had that one Spirit Meridian!

What a high price to pay!

Even the higher profiles would cast their eyes on a high-quality Spirit Meridian.

A high-quality Spirit Meridian could be exchanged for hundreds of medium quality ones.

It could allow a normal person to reach Dao Pursuing Realm!

The Zhang and Zhou family were also eyeing that very Spirit Meridian!

In exchange for five years?

Was it worth it?

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