Bank of the Universe

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Even The Celestial God Is Indebted To Me

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“Once you are a slave, everyone within three generations will all be slaves!”

“Your grandfather is a slave, your dad is a slave and you’ll be a slave your entire life too. So what if I nearly kill you? You’ll have to take it!”

“Li Xiandao, you’re quite ambitious for wanting to cultivate. Why don’t you take a good look at yourself?”

“You don’t have any talent, I would even be better off training a dog. Even a dog knows to show humility in front of its owner. Are you even capable of that?”

“Li Xiandao. How dare you try and learn the martial arts of the Zhou family! You won’t live to see another day!”

Li Xiandao opened his eyes and tried to stand up, knowing that he wasn’t in a good situation.

He was a transmigrator, who arrived three months ago and ended up being a slave for the Zhou family, and was abused day in and day out. Of course, Li Xiandao wasn’t happy with what happened and he tried to learn martial arts in secret. But he was discovered and the young master of the family hired a group to beat him to death, and discarded the body at an unmarked burial ground!

Upon opening his eyes, Li Xiandao couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

It wasn’t an unmarked burial ground!

It was a lavish palace, and Li Xiandao was laying in a room inside that very palace!

“Master, are you awake?” said a feminine soft-spoken voice, triggering him to open his eyes.

“Who are you?” asked Li Xiandao.

“I am the housekeeper for the Bank of the Universe, Seven!” the voice replied.

“The Bank of the Universe?” Li Xiandao scowled and investigated his surroundings, including Seven.

A beauty!

An otherworldly beauty!

Li Xiandao swore that no woman from his previous life, with the help of any sort of makeup, photoshop, or filters even came close to Seven!

Seven’s looks were too good to be true!

She was like an HD photo. One could only look at it as touching it would completely destroy its beauty.

“The Bank of the Universe, the most mysterious bank in the entire universe. Master, in the process of you coming here, you’ve been elected to become the ninth owner of the bank!” said Seven.

“Ninth owner? What happened to the previous eight?” Li Xiandao managed to ask the really important question, not being overwhelmed by what he saw before him.

“They died!” Seven said regretfully.

“How did they die?” Li Xiandao asked without hesitation.

“I don’t know. Seven is just a guiding spirit. I can’t go anywhere other than the Bank of the Universe. I don’t know anything about what the previous eight owners did outside the bank!” replied Seven.

“You’re a spirit?” Li Xiandao was a bit disappointed. How could someone so beautiful be a spirit?

“Yes, I’m a spirit. Born in the Bank of the Universe. As long as the bank lives on, I will never die!” Seven replied with a nod.

“Then, what does this Bank of Universe do?” asked Li Xiandao.

“It’s a bank, and obviously banks do business! We trade everything that exists in the universe, it’s just a matter of what price!” Seven answered.

“Anything can be traded?” Li Xiandao’s eyes glistened with hope.

“Yes! There have been countless transactions since the birth of the bank, nobody gets cheated, everything is written down in black and white. Contracts are in effect as soon as they are signed!” Seven said proudly.

“Doing business requires capital, so what does the bank have so far?” asked Li Xiandao.

Seven’s smile was immediately turned upside down, replying with her head hung low, “Because the previous owners haven’t been doing their job so well, the bank is currently empty. Many facilities and areas are now closed off. The only thing that’s in service is this very palace.”

“Didn’t do their job well?” Li Xiandao scowled.

“Many debts were not paid, resulting in a broken contract. The Master gets punished whenever a contract is broken. I presume that the previous deaths have to do with that!” answered Seven.

“What types of debts were they? And the debtors too, paying back debts are perfectly reasonable,” Li Xiandao stood up, full of righteousness.

“Here are the contracts,” Seven summoned a bunch of contracts in front of Li Xiandao with a wave of her hand.

Li Xiandao was dumbfounded when he grabbed one and looked at it in detail.

“The Eternal Celestial King, loaned supreme celestial equipment, paying back two pieces after 3,000 years. The debtor pays one additional piece for every 1,000 years after the expiry date.”

“The Eternal Celestial King is the unmatched celestial king whose name is known across all the lands. The same king forces a change of leaders to every world he visits using the borrowed Eternal Celestial Sword?” Li Xiandao said with a trembling voice.

“Yeah, and also someone who doesn’t pay back their debts!” Seven agreed.

“He’s the Eternal Celestial King, the one who raided the Celestial world from the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. He was even more insurmountable with the sword, and you still dare to call him out on owing debts?”

He has been through many worlds, from the highest of Celestial worlds to the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. He owned many territories, had many followers, and his way of training was recognized everywhere. Everybody wanted to get into the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, and enter the celestial world through that.

Li Xiandao was in a corner of the ‘Dali Land’ in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands.

And now, Seven told him that the Eternal Celestial King, who was praised by countless people in the celestial world, owed him a huge sum?

That was ridiculous!

How could he get it back?

Seven corrected Li Xiandao, “Master, the Eternal Celestial Sword doesn’t belong to the Eternal Celestial King, but is the property of the Bank of Universe. And now that you’re the owner of the Bank of the Universe, that also means that the Eternal Celestial Sword is yours!”

“It’s mine?” Li Xiandao said full of glee.

“That’s right, the Eternal Celestial King is aware of the contract, but he’s refusing to honor it. According to the contract, he has to pay another piece of Celestial equipment of equivalent value. That means that the Eternal Celestial King owes you 10 super-strong Celestial Equipment!”

“10 super-strong Celestial Equipment!” Li Xiandao was shocked.

Seven took out two more contracts, saying, “This belongs to the Winter Moon Celestial, and this one belongs to the Time Immemorial Sage. Both of them are known for their debts and defaulting their contracts whenever they’re due. Moreover, Master has the responsibility to chase the debts.”

“Winter Moon Celestial, the most beautiful celestial in the celestial world, with countless admirers?”

“Time Immemorial Sage, one of the elder war gods. These are among the highest profiles in the celestial world!”

But now, there were all people who were debtors to him.

After taking a closer look, Li Xiandao’s eyes lit up once again.

“Moon Celestial, loaned a high-quality face to be returned after 10,000 years. If overdue, it will be paid with one’s life!”

“Time Immemorial Safe loaned 10,000 years in life from the Bank of the Universe in order to break through. When he manages to break through, he will pay back 10,000 years. If late, he must pay back 10 times the amount!”

It turned out that the Moon Celestial bought her looks from the Bank of Universe to become the best looking celestial in the celestial world!

On the other hand, Time Immemorial Sage owed the bank 10,000 years, times 10 because it was overdue, resulting in 100,000 years!

Li Xiandao’s breathing sped up and he became very worked up, “It’s completely reasonable to pay back loans! So what if he’s the Celestial King? So what if she’s the most beautiful celestial? One day, I’ll make them pay!”

“I support Master. I don’t know how many overdue debts there are throughout the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. The previous owners have lent out many many items, and since their death, they have just been abandoned. Now, we need Master to get all these people to pay and make the Bank of the Universe great again!” shouted Seven.

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