Bank of the Universe

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Primordial Divinity

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Li Xiandao wanted to take Zhou Tianyu’s soul, not for other reasons, but to build strength that belonged to him.

Like Seven said, when the Bank of the Universe was at its peak, there were 100,000 envoys spread over the Nine Skies and Ten Lands.

It was built up by the past few masters and didn’t belong to Li Xiandao!

Li Xiandao inherited an empty Bank of the Universe!

Relying on his cultivation, Li Xiandao could continue to trade to grow, but that would just be too slow!

This was why Li Xiandao wanted to recruit helpers to build his own power!

Zhou Tianyu was a really suitable choice!

His whole family was killed, he took revenge, and he had lost his goal in life. If Li Xiandao didn’t save him, then Zhou Tianyu would just die in front of him.

Now, he would reach out and give Zhou Tianyu a push. He would definitely be grateful to Li Xiandao and filled with utmost loyalty.

”Master, Zhou Tianyu doesn’t have talent and will only have this strength forever.” Seven reminded Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao smiled, “Of course, I know.”

”Then, will you still take him?” Seven’s brow rose up as she didn’t understand what Li Xiandao was doing.

Li Xiandao slowly said, “I awakened the all-knowing talent and checked everything within the Bank of the Universe, from inside to outside, and noticed a few things.”

Seven recalled and said, “That was left from the last era and even I don’t know how to use it.”

”It is okay. I only need to take one look and I will know.” Li Xiandao was really confident.

The all-knowing talent was just so strong.

When he was merging with the talent, Li Xiandao was swimming in the river of time including the future, past, and present; he saw many things and remembered many things.

Seven might not have known the use of those few things in the Bank of the Universe, but Li Xiandao saw the past.

Once he found a suitable person for those things, they would be unimaginably strong.

Zhou Tianyu was the best host for one of them.

”Prepare the contract!” Li Xiandao said to Seven.

”Great.” Seven nodded her head in a well-behaved manner.

Li Xiandao waved his sleeves and the scenes changed, from the resting area to the main hall. He sat on the boss chair and looked at Zhou Tianyu.

”I will buy your soul and this will be your compensation!” Li Xiandao said slowly.

Zhou Tianyu asked, “What is it?”

”Primordial Divinity!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

”What is that?” Zhou Tianyu found it weird; he had never heard of such a thing before.

Li Xiandao explained, “You can understand it as a senior’s cultivation and legacy. Once you merge with it, you will slowly inherit all his cultivation. Even if you lose your talent, you can still improve and work for me!”

Zhou Tianyu’s eyes lit up, it wasn’t because he would be able to improve, but because he heard that he could work for Li Xiandao.

To work for the mysterious master of the Bank of the Universe, Zhou Tianyu instantly found the goal for the rest of his life.

”No problem, I will sign!” Zhou Tianyu agreed without any hesitation.

Li Xiandao reminded Zhou Tianyu, “Merging with a Primordial Divinity is really painful, so prepare to bear with it. If you are unable to hold on, you will die. Even if you hold on, but your consciousness is not clear and the owner of the Primordial Divinity tempts you, then he will replace and become you to live in this world!”

Zhou Tianyu smiled confidently, “I don’t know why you have so much confidence in me, but since you’ve told me to try, then I will try my best. I won’t let anyone take advantage of me.”

Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction, as expected from someone born with Prophet Talent. Even without it, he wasn’t a normal person.

”Master, contract!” Seven passed Li Xiandao a contract.

Li Xiandao passed it to Zhou Tianyu and said, “Sign it!”

Zhou Tianyu didn’t hesitate at all. He signed his own name without even looking at the content.

Li Xiandao was really pleased. He trusted him fully and was loyal to him. So, Li Xiandao definitely wouldn’t let him lose out.

Da da da!

Li Xiandao stood up, walked behind Zhou Tianyu, and said softly, “Close your eyes, I will take away your soul now. From now on, your soul will be in my hands. If you dare to betray me, I will shatter it and you will die.”

Zhou Tianyu didn’t say anything and closed his eyes. He wouldn’t betray a kind person who pulled him out from his darkest moments.

Li Xiandao reached out his hand and brushed Zhou Tianyu’s forehead. Very quickly, he grabbed out a sun-like blazing soul.

When seven saw this, she was shocked, “Such a high-quality soul. I have seen the souls of many, even the souls of some Celestials, but they aren’t as pure and bright. The more one thinks and the more cunning one is, the darker the soul will be.”

Li Xiandao placed it into a jade bottle and let Seven keep it. “This is the reason why I have high hopes for him: he is the best body to inherit the Primordial Divinity.”

”We have four Primordial Divinities, are you prepared to give him that one?” Seven asked.

Li Xiandao thought about it and reached out. A pure white stone-like Primordial Divinity flew over.

This Primordial Divinity was just the size of a palm, but inside it were the secrets of the Primordial God Race.

There were various species of God Race; the most noble was the Angel Race and in the last era, a few Archangels swept the heavens and gave judgement. They were invincible but because of the war, they fell and were lost in the annals of time.

Until today, one couldn’t see any sign of the God Race in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands.

Only the four Primordial Divinities left could recover the essence and shine of the God Race.

These four were…

Archangel Gabriel!

Battle Angel Michael!

Fallen Angel Lucifer!

Moon Angel Usuna!

Seven said worryingly, “The reason why the four Primordial Divinities were placed here for so long is because the times have changed. The genes of the God Race are different from us now and no one can perfectly inherit it.”

Li Xiandao kept silent.

”The past owners tried to find someone to merge, but without exception, they failed, so it has been placed here till now!” Seven sighed.

Everyone knew that the Primordial Divinity was really terrifying. Once it was totally raged, one could form four invincible angels!

But, they were unable to merge it.

Li Xiandao’s voice was really thick and filled with rhythm, “Times have changed and the God Race doesn’t have many remaining bloodlines, such that we are unable to adapt to the Primordial Divinity.”


”There will be this small bunch of people in an era, their genes will mutate to become stronger, some will even trace back to their ancestors!”

”I used my all-knowing talent to look at Zhou Tianyu; he was one of them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been born with such a talent that should have disappeared in the river of history!”

Li Xiandao took off his mask and smiled. He looked at Zhou Tianyu like he was looking at a treasure.

”I took away his Prophet Talent, so I will give him an even stronger one!”

”The four God Race Angels are in my hands. The strongest should be the Battle Angel Michael, merge with it!”

”I believe that he will definitely transform!”

Li Xiandao believed in it firmly.

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