Bank of the Universe

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Battle Angel Meets His Master


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Although Li Xiandao didn’t currently have any cultivation, his terrifying talent had started to take shape.

From what he was observing, Zhou Tianyu had the greatest chance of merging with Battle Angel Michael.

As long as he was able to block the invasion of Michael’s soul, he would be able to become the new generation Battle Angel.


Li Xiandao casually crushed the Primordial Divinity and a bright light was born. In it, there was a male angel with 12 pairs of wings that opened his eyes.

He saw Li Xiandao!

He saw Seven!

He also saw Zhou Tianyu!

This was the ancient Battle Angel Michael, one of the archangels of the God Race.

He memorized Li Xiandao and Seven’s faces before jumping into Zhou Tianyu’s body.

The saintly light followed and injected into Zhou Tianyu’s body.

Although Michael didn’t have the same level of intelligence he had when he was at full power, he still knew that he had to merge with a human the moment he was released.

Actually, not only did Li Xiandao want to remake the four archangels, they themselves were waiting for someone to merge with them.

How could the pride and glory of the God Race disappear in history? They had to take responsibility, so it could rise again.

This was why Michael quickly merged into Zhou Tianyu’s body.

Li Xiandao looked on, using his invincible strength in the Bank of the Universe to control their merger.

He suppressed Michael’s power and let Zhou Tianyu adapt bit by bit, and then allowed him to fight back.

Li Xiandao thought that it would be a long process, maybe not a few years, but it would definitely take a few months.

But he didn’t know that the moment they touched, Zhou Tianyu would explode out like a beast that had been starved for decades, and he swallowed Michael’s powers. He didn’t care about whether or not it was too much for him, he just continued to eat.

When Li Xiandao saw those scenes, he released Michael.


Battle Angel Michael saw Zhou Tianyu swallow his power just like that, so he just injected all of it over.

If you have the ability, then swallow it all!

  But if you fail or are tempted by me, then I will swallow you.

This was a battle that would lead to death if one wasn’t careful. This battle silently raged on in Zhou Tianyu’s body.

Li Xiandao saw those scenes and took two steps back. This wasn’t something that he could control and both Zhou Tianyu and Michael would rely on their own abilities.

”I took away his Prophet talent, so his body is empty and needs something to fill it. That is why he is suitable to be the perfect spokesperson for the God Race in this era!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

He saw clearly that Zhou Tianyu and Michael were on the same level.

That was a huge win for Zhou Tianyu.

This was because he was just a human kid while Michael was the Battle Angel.

To be even was a loss for Michael.

Michael couldn’t do anything either; he tried everything to tempt him and get him to let down his guard.

But Zhou Tianyu only had one thing on his mind.

”To become the Battle Angel to serve his Master!”

Michael couldn’t help but think that the Master should have been the person who let him out.

Time passed, minute after minute, second after second. For those three days, Li Xiandao and Seven looked on quietly. They guarded Zhou Tianyu and didn’t say a word at all.

Within Zhou Tianyu’s body, Michael had disappeared.

In the depths of the consciousness, Zhou Tianyu and Michael merged together fully; they influenced one another and aided one another.


Suddenly, a huge power exploded from within his body and spread out.

A barrier appeared in front of Li Xiandao which blocked it.


The wind blew and lightning rumbled. A saint light shone brightly and captured one’s eyes.

Li Xiandao squinted as he waited quietly.

Zeng zeng zeng!

Crisp footsteps sounded as a really handsome and cool-looking guy, wearing silver armor, walked out from the light. He had long and smooth hair, and there was a wind that blew around him.

Zhou Tianyu!

Maybe it was more accurate to call him Battle Angel!

Zhou Tianyu held a long halberd and behind his back were two pairs of illusionary wings that trembled slightly before disappearing. A terrifying aura spread out as he walked in front of Li Xiandao.

”Battle Angel Michael greets Master!” Zhou Tianyu knelt down on one knee, and the halberd was placed straight up, shining a bright silver light.

”Are you Michael or Zhou Tianyu?” Li Xiandao asked. He didn’t understand who the leading personality was.

”From today on, there is only Battle Angel Michael who belongs to Master. Zhou Tianyu is dead; he died after he took revenge!” Battle Angel Michael said coldly.

Li Xiandao looked at the strong Battle Angel and smiled.

”Rise. From today on, you will be the first God Race Angel under me!”

”You will be the head of the four horsemen, the Battle Angel. I hope that you can live up to that name!”

Battle Angel Michael held the World Destroying Halberd and said, “Yes, my Master!”

Seven looked on at the side, shock appeared in her eyes, and then she said with joy, “Congratulations Master, you have obtained a horseman with utmost potential. Moreover, after finding this perfect choice, the other three won’t be a problem.”

Li Xiandao said with satisfaction, “From today on, I will let the Nine Skies and Ten Lands remember the strength of the four horseman under me.”

”I will kill all enemies of Master!” Battle Angel Michael said coldly.

Li Xiandao said with satisfaction, “Go adjust to your new strength and learn all the skills of the God Race. Then, I will send you to battle!”

Battle Angel Michael backed down respectfully.

Seven praised, “When did Master get Zhou Tianyu to yield?”

”When you reach out to someone who is in despair, then you will be his savior.” Li Xiandao smiled.

”Right Master, White Emperor is finding you!” Seven suddenly said.

Li Xiandao said with a weird expression, “Didn’t he go to break through?”

White Emperor Tian Guangming was a really arrogant person!

His pride made Li Xiandao feel a little unhappy; he even felt like he was too arrogant!

This was why Li Xiandao allowed him to go back to break through to test him, to see whether he would return or hide for 14 years!

But Li Xiandao didn’t expect that he would come back so quickly.

Zhou Tianyu just took his revenge and Tian Guangming came, which meant that his attitude had changed.

”Maybe, he realized the true strength of the Bank of the Universe and then changed his thoughts.” Seven guessed.

”Unfortunately, he is not a good choice. If I could, I would be willing to give him a chance to be one of my four horsemen, but his talent is too weak.” Li Xiandao said regretfully.

He only had Tian Guangming and Battle Angel Michael under him, which was Zhou Tianyu in the past.

He shouldn’t have let the good stuff go to other people apart from those under him, so Li Xiandao considered Tian Guangming. But in the end, he gave up.

Tian Guangming would definitely not be able to take it.

”I will head out to see him and see what his thoughts are!” Li Xiandao stepped out and appeared in Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

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