Bank of the Universe

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Trading Soul

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Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao changed into a black robe and sat on the chair.

  He seemed totally different; his aura had changed. With this black traditional robe on him, he seemed really noble.

  Seven even helped Li Xiandao cut his dry hair, slicing it off, making him appear really handsome.

  Seven said with satisfaction, “Now, you look like the owner of the Bank of the Universe, both handsome and skilled with a noble demeanor.”

  ”The few previous owners weren’t like me?” Li Xiandao asked.

  ”No, they didn’t treat me well. After acquiring the Bank of the Universe, they treated me as a personal item and ordered me around. They never asked if I was willing, so I didn’t really like them.” Seven shook her head.

  Although she was an artifact spirit, she had her own personality. She was a complete person, but it was just that she couldn’t leave the Bank of the Universe.

  ”They won’t ask you for your opinion?” Li Xiandao said with a weird expression. Seven knew about everything beneath the world and was extremely loyal to the boss of the Bank of the Universe. They didn’t ask such a person for her opinion?

  ”No, these people were all natives of the Nine Skies and Ten Lands and their thinking was fixed and stubborn. After obtaining the Bank of the Universe, they did things based on their own thoughts. Some were really arrogant, some were lawless, some ran it badly, some…” Seven’s words were filled with helplessness.

  Li Xiandao was deep in thought.

  ”Master, to say something offensive, out of the nine masters, although your cultivation is the lowest and you have no fighting strength at all, and although the situation of the Bank of the Universe is also the worst, you are the best master. You can take advice well.” Seven exclaimed.

  The past few masters did things they wanted to do and they lost a few good opportunities. If they had relied on the Bank of the Universe, how would they have died so easily?

  Li Xiandao smiled, “So, I need to thank the few of them. If not for them doing so, I wouldn’t have become the owner, much less have met such a beautiful Seven.”

  Seven’s eyes shone bright. She was a girl and naturally liked to be praised, especially from the owner of the Bank of the Universe.

  ”Master, you are making me shy.” Seven twisted her body, covering her cheeks and acting like a shy girl.

  Li Xiandao smiled, he and Seven were a good match.

  After smiling, Li Xiandao calmed down, “Now that I have merged with the prophet talent and activated the all-knowing ability, what cultivation techniques can I train?”

  Seven shook her head, “The Bank of the Universe’s Ten Thousand Country Book Depository has been sealed and we don’t have a single technique now unless Master breaks the seal!”

  ”How many books are there in the Ten Thousand Country Book Depository?” Li Xiandao asked.

  ”A lot. Since ancient times, only the top books of the so-called empires had the right to enter. 10,000 empire-level countries have their books here. Think about it, how many books are there?” Seven said seriously.

  ”Ten Thousand Country Book Depository’s books are all there?” Li Xiandao exclaimed.

  ”A portion is there but many have been loaned out, all of which are very rare, and each allowed one to cultivate to the peak. In the future, Master needs to take them back.” Seven shook her head.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head, naturally, he had to take back these things that belonged to him.

  ”What is the price to pay to unlock the Ten Thousand Country Book Depository?” Li Xiandao asked.

  ”A God Spirit Meridian!” Seven said.

  ”God Spirit Meridian?” Li Xiandao frowned. He had never heard of such a thing.

  ”God Spirit Meridian is a rare thing. God Source come from God Spirit Meridian. A God Spirit Meridian can give you five million God Source, so good luck master. I hope you get one and redeem the Ten Thousand Country Book Depository.” Seven raised her fists and cheered for Li Xiandao like an exquisite doll, more beautiful than anything else.

  Li Xiandao smiled, “Great, then I will work hard. But before this, I need to deal with Zhou Tianyu.”

  Li Xiandao sensed Zhou Tianyu was using the Heaven Emperor Brush to contact him.

  Heaven Emperor Brush showed off its might, Tiandao Sect admitted their weakness, and Zhou Tianyu took revenge. Li Xiandao already knew about these things, after all, Heaven Emperor Brush was his and he would be able to gain knowledge of everything right away.

  Now that Zhou Tianyu had successfully taken revenge and contacted him, Li Xiandao put on the mask. He waved his sleeves and Zhou Tianyu appeared in the Bank of the Universe out of nowhere.

  ”You took revenge?” Li Xiandao asked calmly.

  Zhou Tianyu’s expression was numb and one of shock. After hearing Li Xiandao’s words, he nodded, “I have taken revenge, I am here to return the Heaven Emperor Brush!”

  Li Xiandao casually reached out and the Heaven Emperor Brush automatically flew over before disappearing.

  Li Xiandao looked at the numb Zhou Tianyu. He had lost his talent and that energy of his was gone, but he shouldn’t have been so numb.

  ”You took revenge but you feel empty?” Li Xiandao asked.

  Zhou Tianyu laughed bitterly, “Yes, I lost everything; I don’t know how I should continue living.”

  His parents were killed, his brothers and sisters died, and his fiancee was raped; his whole family died!

  This revenge and blood debt supported him, allowing him to live so he could take revenge.

  But now that he had taken revenge, he had killed Mingtu’s whole family, including the Tiandao Sect Sect Leader who stood high above.

  All of a sudden, he had lost his goal.

  For revenge, he sold off his talent. Now, even if he cultivated, he wouldn’t be able to improve much and would be stuck at Dao Pursuing Realm.


  The world was so huge, within the four oceans, he had no relatives and there was no one he missed.

  Zhou Tianyu wanted to die.

  Li Xiandao saw through this. He smiled as his hands were held behind his back, and he came in front of Zhou Tianyu, “Are you willing to trade once more?”

  Zhou Tianyu looked at that gold mask and those eyes that could read one’s heart. For some reason, that willingness to die lessened greatly.

  He opened his mouth and closed it before repeating that action many times. He said softly, “I have nothing to trade.”

  His strongest talent was already traded and now he felt like he had nothing worthy to trade.

  Li Xiandao shook his head and said in a mysterious manner, “This time, we won’t trade something else, but we will trade your soul!”

  ”Soul!” Zhou Tianyu looked at Li Xiandao in a weird manner, his soul?

  Although this was the first time he heard about trading a soul, Zhou Tianyu thought that it would be similar to the slave souls that the demon path cultivators trained in.

  For some reason, he didn’t resist or feel bad about it.

  When one felt so weak to their bones and when they were in a swamp, they would have nothing to lose, and if someone reached out to them, no matter if he was a buddha or a demon, he would be the light at the end of the tunnel.

  Now, Li Xiandao was Zhou Tianyu’s light.

  Zhou Tianyu nodded his head without hesitation, “I will trade my soul!”

  ”No matter what it is for, I will trade it!” Zhou Tianyu said firmly.

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