Bank of the Universe

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Thing Ended

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No matter how Mingtu resisted, he couldn’t go against the will of those higher-ups.

  His father was killed and his Master also died at the hands of the Heaven Emperor Brush. There was no one who could help him at all.

  The people who Mingtu bullied before all wanted revenge. If not for Zhou Tianyu being aggressive and having a Celestial Artifact, it wouldn’t have been his turn.

  Mingtu cried out as he was dragged out. Along with the entire Ming Family, everyone related by blood was captured.

  180 people were tossed into the Tiandao Sect square.

  Numerous people cried out, begged, filled with despair and hatred…

  The Tiandao Sect Elders, disciples, and Grand Elder all didn’t move. Their faces were ice cold and they didn’t say a single word!

  Mingtu saw this and his heart went totally cold.

  ”My father is the Tiandao Sect Sect Leader. Although he didn’t do anything amazing for Tiandao Sect, he tried his best and worked hard and contributed a lot.” Mingtu looked around in rage. He knelt on the ground and tears flowed.

  He really regretted things.

  ”I don’t beg for everyone to save me, I just ask how the sect can leave a descendant for Ming Family, leaving a root!” Mingtu cried.

  Within Tiandao Sect, it was extremely silent. No one dared to say a word in front of the Heaven Emperor Brush.

  ”Whatever you say won’t change anything today.” Zhou Tianyu laughed coldly. He wasn’t in a rush to kill Mingtu; he wanted to torture him.

  ”I don’t want to change the outcome as I know that I will definitely die today. In the past, I relied on the power of my father and Master to act arrogantly and I did many wrong things, so I deserve to die.” Mingtu cried out and spoke of his regrets aloud.

  ”This is really the case of one seeing things through when one is about to die.” Zhou Tianyu couldn’t help but mock.

  ”Mingtu, who was arrogant, overbearing, and preposterous his whole life, knew that at the final moments, he could say such words aloud. If he knew that this day would come, why would he do all those things? If you comprehended this long ago, your family members wouldn’t die too.” Zhou Tianyu’s gaze was like a blade that wanted to slice Mingtu into pieces.

  Mingtu cried out in pain and begged, “I know that I have to die and I deserve it. The people who follow me deserve it too, but my family is innocent. Please let them go.”

  Zhou Tianyu grabbed Mingtu and raised him up as he hollered, “Your family is innocent but what about my family?”

  ”Just because my fiancee was born beautiful you were tempted!”

  ”My father didn’t agree to break the marriage, so you killed him!”

  ”There were 149 people in my family who died at your hands!”

  ”Now, you ask me to let your family go and you say they are innocent?”

  ”Let me tell you, even if the King of the Heavens comes, your family still has to die!!!”

  Zhou Tianyu grabbed Mingtu and hollered. His voice reverberated through the mountains.

  Tiandao Sect’s hundreds of thousands of disciples, elders, deacons, all kept silent.

  They couldn’t interfere in this grievance.

  Of course, if this was announced, it would be a blemish to Tiandao Sect. If they could, Tiandao Sect naturally wouldn’t want this matter to spread out.

  They didn’t even want this thing to happen!

  They would rather kill Mingtu themselves than have someone target them and force them to hand over Mingtu!

  But they had no choice. They weren’t able to block a Celestial Artifact with its Celestial Seal opened.

  Without a Holy Lord level person, one wouldn’t be able to open the seal.

  This was why they could only keep silent.

  After Zhou Tianyu hollered in rage, he raised his hand and the Heaven Emperor Brush moved.

  ”Turn their bones to dust!” Zhou Tianyu hollered; he didn’t hide his killing intent at all.

  At that moment, he would fight whoever tried to stop him to death.

  The Grand Elder of Tiandao Sect took several steps back and expressed his attitude.

  He wouldn’t care about this!

  Tian Guangming also turned around. His face was really cold. His grievances with Mingtu’s father were really deep. It was transparent; everyone in Tiandao Sect knew, so he definitely wouldn’t interfere and save him.


  Heaven Emperor Brush moved, easily giving off a terrifying aura. Like lightning clouds, it covered the area.

  Peng peng peng peng!

  The members of the Ming Family instantly turned into many corpses, destroyed by this aura.

  Even Mingtu’s father, who had Holy Lord level of strength, couldn’t defeat the Heaven, much less these normal people.

  Mingtu watched as the Ming Family members died one after another.

  Mingtu was so furious that his eyes were about to pop out, and he gritted his teeth in hatred. He spat out blood, but he wasn’t able to change anything.

  Zhou Tianyu left Mingtu and said cruelly, “I want you to experience the pain and hardship that I went through, to personally see your family members die one after another.”

  Mingtu spat out blood in pain and fell to the ground. He looked towards the sky in despair.

  He had no more strength to argue.

  His final choice was to destroy his heart meridian and kill himself.

  ”Father, mother, Mingtu is unfilial and I have wasted my life. I hurt myself and hurt you. Now, I will go and find you all. Don’t walk too fast on the path to hell, wait for me.” Mingtu looked at the blue sky restlessly.

  Zhou Tianyu looked at Mingtu in rage. He didn’t expect him to actually commit suicide.

  ”You are lucky that you didn’t die in pain. Otherwise, I would have definitely tortured you.” Zhou Tianyu cursed and after scolding him, he felt empty in his heart.

  He took revenge for his family!

  He gave away his talent!

  Zhou Tianyu didn’t think about how to walk the future path.

  ”Maybe, leaving this world to find my parents, to find Little Ai, that is my goal.” Litte Ai was Zhou Tianyu’s lover since he young.


  Zhou Tianyu died and this whole storm stirred up the entire Tiandao Sect.

  Grand Elder came out to manage Tiandao Sect, killing those rude and arrogant disciples. He was vicious and no one could stop him.

  Of course, these things happened afterward.

  White Emperor Tian Guangming rejected the choice to become Sect Leader. In the past, maybe he craved it but after all this, he realized that he had no interest at all.

  White Emperor left.

  He didn’t return to White Emperor City, but he left it to someone else and disappeared.

  Zhou Tianyu disappeared too. He brought the Celestial Artifact Heaven and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

  Li Xiandao woke up in the Bank of the Universe.

  While he was changing his talent, Li Xiandao had been adapting and he felt like he took a really long time.

  From past till now, from now till the future, he walked through time.

  Li Xiandao opened his eyes and he still saw the Bank of the Universe and the beautiful Seven.

  At that moment, he had totally transformed. He wasn’t that normal mortal like before.

  Li Xiandao merged with the Prophet Talent and activated it, becoming a person with the ability to predict time.

  During that period, Seven played a really important role.

  Li Xiandao stood up and his entire aura changed. In the past, he was really average, but now one was unable to read him. He became much more handsome, his high and cold aura was befitting of his identity as the owner of the Bank of the Universe.

  Now, he finally had the right to be the new owner of the Bank of the Universe.

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